Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bath and Body Works SAS

Hello Everyone!

It's that time of year again, the Semi Annual Sale at Bath and Body Works (Well actually the SAS ended Monday lol)! Honestly I wasn't too impressed with this SAS. The deals were ok, but I thought the sale could have better.

1. Dashing Through The Snow 3 Wick Candle

- Bath and Body Works Description:

Breathe in the crisp cool air of a holiday sleigh ride with a blend of green balsam, wintry musk and the jingle of sparkling citrus

- My Thoughts:

Do you remember in one of my candle posts I mentioned that I've been searching for a candle from BABW that smelled of winter musk and everything that reminds me of Winter? Well I finally found it! Dashing Through The Snow is my favorite candle right now! It smells so good and it smells just like I remember a few years ago! There's a light musk scent with hints of citrus. I also smell pine, but it's not an overwhelming scent. This candle is just wonderful! I was a little sad that there weren't many of these candles left! I really hope BABW brings this back during the holiday season!

2. Gentle Foaming Hand Soap Kitchen Lemon 

- Bath and Body Works Description:
  • A fresh blend of zesty lemon, sparkling citrus and Italian bergamot
  • Mango Fruit extract, leaves hands lightly scented, gently cleansed, and conditioned while effectively fighting germs

3. Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Kitchen Lemon 

- Bath and Body Works Description:

Like a 60-second manicure, our Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is specially formulated with skin-renewing microspheres to effectively cleanse and exfoliate, while conditioning Aloe and protective Vitamin E leave hands feeling soft, smooth.
  • A fresh blend of zesty lemon, sparkling citrus and Italian bergamot

- My Thoughts on Both Kitchen Lemon Hand Soaps:

This had soap smells really nice and I couldn't think of a better name for it! This is truly a hand soap that I'll be using in the kitchen lol. What is about lemon scents that seem to be so popular in a person's home? I haven't used this hand soap yet. I'm waiting to use these hands soaps during the Spring and Summer. 

4. Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Watermelon Lemonade

- Bath and Body Works Description:
  • Watermelon and freshly squeezed Meyer lemon evoke a perfect refreshment served on the veranda

- My Thoughts:

This hand soaps smells just like the name, Watermelon Lemonade! I really like this scent and I've been getting the deep cleaning hand soaps because after usage my hands feel so soft. I like the foam soaps too, but I think I like the deep cleaning hand soaps better. This is another hand soap I plan on using during the warmer months. I think this hand soap will be perfect to use during the Summer!

5. Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Peach Bellini

- Bath and Body Works Description:
  • A delicious twist of juicy peach, white apricot and fresh mango

- My Thoughts:

I used this hand soap last  year except I had the foam soap, but this time I purchased the deep cleaning soap. This soap smells just like a sugary peach with hints of mango. This hand soap smells really nice!

6. Bath Sponge

- My Thoughts:

I never call this a bath sponge. I call these loofah's! I really like BABW loofah's because they're very durable and work well on removing any dead skin cells. This loofah also lathers well.

Did you shop during SAS? What did you get?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Ashley Sue said...

I love the lemon kitchen soap and I don't know why they are so popular for homes lol! Maybe because a lot of cleaning products have that lemon/citrus small? The watermelon lemon aid soap sounds amazing, especially for summer!! Great haul, Pilar! In glad you finally found your perfect winter candle!

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

I love anything watermelon scented so that hand soap is a must have for me! You got a lot of great things!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

I love there hand soap! You got some great things :)


Marie said...

Nice haul!

Jackie Harrison said...

Love bath and body works great stuff you got.

Pilar said...

Thanks Ashley! I was so happy that I found Dashing Through The Snow! Now I just hope that BABW keeps that candle around! You know how BABW like to change or repackage candles lol! I love watermelon lemonade so much! I'll probably get the candle as well! I think you're right about why lemon being so popular in home since so many cleaning products are made with lemon! Have you tried the Limoncello Candle yet? I read it was pretty good from the reviews.

Pilar said...

Thanks Margo!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ladies!

Pilar said...

Thanks Marie!

Pilar said...

Thanks Jackie!

Ashley Sue said...

I haven't tried the limoncello candle yet! I'll have to smell it next time I'm in there. One of my friends had the watermelon lemonade candle a few years ago and it smelled so amazing. I tried to find it but I couldn't so I'm glad to know that the candle is back!!

Elle Sees said...

i've got to see if i can find #1!!

Tash Collier said...

I love shopping here! I love there soaps :)


Lily A. said...

I haven't been to Bath & Body Works in such a long time! I love Peach Bellini!
xo, Lily

Betül ile Moda,Kozmetik ve Yaşam said...

Such a lovely post! I follow you on GFC :) Can you follow me back?
Kisses from Turkey :*

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Looks great!

Mónica Sors



Pilar said...

I haven't been able to find Limoncello in my local BABW, I only see online, but I want to get it lol! Ever since I picked up the Watermelon Lemonade hand soap, I've been wanting to get the candle! It smells so nice!

Pilar said...

Dashing Through The Snow smells wonderful! I hope you can find it!

Pilar said...

I do too!

Pilar said...

I got Peach Bellini last year and I've love the candle and hand soap ever since!

Pilar said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Pilar said...


Lauren Carter said...

Nice haul! I really like the BBW hand soaps. Citrus oils are often used in cleaning products and DIY cleaning products, so I guess that's why they have so many lemon scented things. I have no idea! lol

Pilar said...

Thanks Lauren! I thought about that too! Maybe BABW feels that since a lot of products contain lemon or citrus etc. Why not sell them lemon scented candles and hand soap? Just a thought. lol

Anonymous said...

Dashing through the snow is my favorite scented candle!

Pilar said...

I really like this candle too!

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