Monday, January 20, 2020

Huge PR Haul!

Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This posts contains PR Samples from various brands. I want to thank each brand for sending over product(s) for review! All opinions are 100% my own.

During my social media break, I received quite a lot of different PR Items. I'm going to write a few separate reviews for upcoming posts, and I'm going to review products during this post. As always I want to thank the brands that sent over these products!

*Pixi By Petra Summer Glow Palette

This is a replacement Palette. Pixi sent over this Palette a few months ago, but the Palette was shattered. I fixed it, but Pixi kindly sent me a replacement.

*Royal and Langnickle Moda Rose Gold Brushes

These Moda Rose Gold Brushes are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to use these brushes to create makeup looks!

I didn't see these in a brush set on the Royal and Langnickle website, but you can purchase these brushes individually.

*Derma E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Serum and Mositurizer. Derma E Beauty Sponge

How cute is the Derma E Cutout? Very creative! Recently I started applying some of my skincare products with a makeup sponge. This is a good method to apply skincare and the sponge doesn't absorb most of the product.

Derma E keeps my skin looking healthy, so I was happy to recieved these goodies! Derma E serums and moisturizers are some of my favorite products. I just turned 34 last month and as a preventative measure I've been using these products a few times a week to help prevent wrinkles. I don't have any wrinkles, but it's not too early to start using peptide and collagen products.

*Derma E Blue Light Shield Spray and Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum

New Year, new skincare! I was reading up on these new Blue Light Shield products and I'm quite impressed. Derma is known for clean beauty their etho-ethical standards towards the environment. I think that it's awesome that Derma E released these new products. For example, I know that I'm guilty for spending too much time in front of a computer screen. It does make me wonder what is this light possibly doing to my skin? Blue light Shield is truly a new wave for the future.

Both products contain Lutein that shields, Blue Green Algae that moisturizes and Ginseng Extract that energizes. These products are supposed to help soften skin which will be great to use during the Winter. We're having extremely cold weather in South Carolina this week, so I definitely want to have soft hydrated skin. I haven't been wearing much makeup lately, but I did test out the Blue Light Shield Spray after applying my makeup. 

You can apply this spray as a final touch to your makeup or skincare routine. My makeup looked flawless, and the spray is non greasy.  The serum is lightweight, but it's very hydrating and moisturizing. The serum just like the spray, is also non greasy.

*Regular Girl

Regular Girl sent over this cute tote bag along with Regular Girl On-The-Go prebiotic soluble fiber (Sunfiber) and probiotics.

*GSQ by Glamsquad 

GSQ By Glamsquad Exclusively at CVS! This is a new line of beauty products at CVS. Review coming soon!

*Curls Poppin Pineapple Vitamin C Collection 

I've written a review and tutorial for this collection. Here are the links :)


*Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Collection

Review coming soon! 

*Eco Tools Stunningly Soft Collection

The brushes came in this beautiful box, and the box is my favorite color, pink!

This collection has 4 Tiers of brushes.  Here's a sneak peek for the first tier. I can't wait to review and use this collection!

*FYY Store

I was recently contact by a company called FYY to chose a product for review. I selected this cute Travel Cosmetic Bag ($19.99 USD). This bag is on the small side, but it has compartments that you can fit a lot of skincare products and toiletries. This bag would also be a great to use as a makeup bag.  I like that this bag is smaller, so it's easy to pack and store. FYY was founded in 1998. All the products are designed and manufactured by our own. Shipping is from China and fulfilled by USPS. The parcel came fairly quickly within 5 or 6 days. Make sure you check out for toiletry bags, phone cases, tablet cases etc! 

Coastal Scents Cosmetics 

Do you remember Costal Scents?! I have a few products that I tried years ago, but I was given an opportunity to chose a few products that I wanted to review for the brand. Stay tuned! 

Zoya Calm Collection: Spring 2020

 Updated 1/23/20: Zoya never disappoints me with their seasonal collections. I love this year's theme and colors for the Spring.

When I open the box, I saw Zoya personalized my box with my Instagram Handle miss_pilar (click on my link to follow me) How thoughtful is that?! Thank you Zoya! I can't wait to review this collection! These colors makes me wish for warmer Spring days! 


Lisa said...

WOW what a haul!! This will keep you busy and your readers excited to hear about all the goodies!!!

Pilar said...

Thanks Lisa! This will definitely keep me busy lol! That's why I decided to break some of the reviews up here and write other reviews in individual posts!

Anonymous said...

So many goodies!

Pilar said...


Miss Val's Creations said...

What a fun selection of products to try. When I turned 30 I started using anti wrinkle products. I think it has paid off since I am now 45 and very happy with my skin!

Ti M said...

I follow you #124 ,follow back?

Mellie said...

Oh my that is a lot of stuff!!

LoveT. said...

Amazing Beauty Items. I love the Palette and the Brush Set in the Box <3

lovely Greetings

Tarequl said...

WOW what a haul!

Sakuranko said...

The Rose Gold Brushes are really cute

nerline said...

The ecotools collection is so cute. I cannot wait to see full reviews of these products.

Marie said...

What a great haul Pilar! I can't wait to read the reviews for the rest of the products! I had no idea Derma E had blue light Skincare products!

Pam said...

WOW....what a BIG haul you got. Brushes are great to have plenty of. Do you use eye liner? That is the one thing I do use but over the yrs I have had issues finding one that stays with you. I am using one I got from Merle Norman that is a cream you put on with a brush, then I cover it with a dark brown eye shadow to set it. It does pretty good but I would still be open for suggestions if you know one I could try. I am not a fan of liquid or pencil form. The liquid stays better but I am not that good at applying it without getting it all over my lashes that drys so fast it makes putting my mascara if you have a suggestion let me know.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The Derma E Blue Light Shield products sound great. Blue light damage has been a concern of mine for years and I'm glad to see more companies making products that offer protection now.

Jackie Harrison said...

So many goodies I love the eco tools brush set. I have so many from this brand I cannot get enough.

ALLIE NYC said...

OMG wow, that is A LOT of packages lol. And quite the haul. Thanks for all the honest reviews. I have heard good things about Derma E. And I could use a few new brushes in my life.

Ah love this look! You look great :)

Allie of

Tanza Erlambang said...

Long time didn't visit your blog, hope everything goes well with you.

# Great samples from many good brands

Pilar said...

I can't wait to use and review everything! I haven't used many anti wrinkle products and I just turned 34. I don't have wrinkles, but I think it's a good time to use preventative measures.

Pilar said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Pilar said...

I wanted to do a PR haul since I took a break last month :)

Pilar said...

I cant wait to review the box brush set!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks! I love the Rose Gold Brushes!

Pilar said...

Eco Tools did an amazing job with the brush collection. Stay tuned for the reviews :)

Pilar said...

Thanks! Glad you're looking forward to the reviews! I didn't know Derma E released blue light skincare products either, but I like the results so far. I want to write a future post updating my thoughts on the blue light products.

Pilar said...

Thanks! I do use eyeliner. I don't always use Eyeliner in every makeup look that I create, but I do like using it. I'm more of a liquid eyeliner girl when I'm creating a wing, and I typically use a pencil when using eyeliner for my eyes. I was going to suggest that you could use a gel liner with a brush. That's a great alternative, but it sounds like your doing that with the Merle Nerman cream. Have you tried Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo? Those work well for eyeshadow as well as for using eyeliner. I'll keep an eye out for any other eyeliners that you might light try!

Pilar said...

I love that Derma E released these blue light shield products. I'm glad more companies are making products that offer blue light protection too!

Pilar said...

Eco Tools brushes work well for applying my makeup! I like that the brushes are affordable!

Pilar said...

Thanks Allie, and you're welcome! I have a few more reviews to post, so stay tuned! Derma E is an amazing brand! I have been using Derma E products for years! Moda and Eco Tools are great quality brushes!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I just started posting again after taking a break from last month. Hope all is well!

Katrin said...

That seems to be great products :)
I'm following you now and I would be happy
if you have the time and desire to follow my blog.

LG Katrin

Ivana Split said...

that travel cosmetic bag looks great.

Marie said...

I purchased the blue light shield spray online and I hope I like the results!

Ivana Split said...

I also really like the brushes in the big pink box...and the pixie palette seems great. So nice of them to send a replacement palette too. Yoz got a lot of lovely products.

Pilar said...

I hope you like the results too! It's a good spray!

Pilar said...

Thanks for stopping by and following!

Pilar said...

The travel cosmetic bag holds so many different products!

Pilar said...

I love the packaging for the Stunningly Soft Collection. The pink box is gorgeous! I will be sharing the rest of the contents for the collection in future post! I thought that was nice of Pixi to replace the palette. I'm very grateful for all of the products that were sent to me.

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