Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer/August Favorites

Hello Everyone!

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Since I didn't get around to it until now, I wanted to combine my Summer/August favorite items.

Summer Favorites

Old Navy Neutral Strip Printed Flip Flops


I had to have these! I usually get my flip flops online from Old Navy. Buying online saves me the frustration of the flips selling out or not having the color I want. I love glitter on them. Even though it is September, I probably will get around to wearing these before it gets cool. Based on the heat and humidity I should have time lol.

Black Hinge Wallet



I love these types of wallets! I think they're so cute! The only thing is that I rarely see them in stores or they sell out quickly. I actually bought this offline. I ordered a teal color as well, but the company notified me it was out of stock.

Avon Bubble Delight (Sensitive Skin) Bubble Bath


When Avon has a special on bubble bath, I try to stock up. The smell of the bubble bath is lovely, and it doesnt take much to add in the bubble bath water to get a tub full of suds.

August Favorites

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping during August since I had a terrible cold and a sinus infection. I'll just review two items that I like and find useful.

Spoiled by Wet n Wild


I picked this item up a few weeks ago. I like to have clear polish around at all times to use a base coat and a top coat. I'm pleased with it so far and the price was reasonable around $2.00.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Antibacterial Bar



In my opinion, this is an awesome product! I've been using this since I was a teenager. I should have mentioned product this in my Healthy Skin Tips post because using this soap can also help prevent and clear up breakouts. Even if you don't have skin issues, you can just use Cetaphil for a basic soap when you wash. You can also use the soap for face. I like that I can use the soap for either my face and/or washing in general. This is of the best soaps I've ever used so far in my life! I also recommend trying out Cetaphil's other products lotions, cleansers, etc.

What were some of your favorite items of the summer?


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  1. We like Old Navy flip flops too! And VS! And anything that smells like coconut in the summer! LOL. Great post! :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't get anything from VS this summer, but they have great flip flops too! The best coconut item I got over the summer was that new body wash and soap by Dial, it smells great!

  2. I just stopped by to let you know how happy I am to have found your blog. I have enjoyed reading it :) xx

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy reading my blog! Your blog is nice too!

  3. I know you were just nominated for a Liebster award, but I nominated you for one on my blog also!

    1. Thank you Ashley! This my fourth nomination :) and these are fun to complete! They're so informative!

  4. Love Old Navy flip flops, can't go wrong with cute and inexpensive shoes!