Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Projects with Pilar: Spring Inspired Popcorn Stich Blanket

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*PR Samples for this post are provided by Lion Brand Yarns. All opinions are 100% my own.

Today I'm revealing my latest Projects with Pilar Post in Collaboration with Lion Brand Yarns. You may remember near the end of February I wrote a post telling you about the upcoming project I had with them and my first impressions on the skeins of yarns.  Since it's Spring I wanted to do a lavender and cream Afghan. I think these colors are beautiful and go perfect with the season as well as Easter. I also wanted to do something a popcorn stitch. I've done a few hats in this stitch, but I've always thought a blanket in a popcorn stitch looked so pretty.

The lavender and cream go so well together!

I'm unsure if I'm going to actually use this blanket or just leave it in the den for display throughout the Spring.

I added a pink rabbit to along with this post since Easter is next month.

Folded blanket

The skeins of yarn that I used are from the Pound of Love Collection and it's so soft! You get truly get quality with this brand of yarn! I really enjoyed collaborating with Lion Brand Yarns for this project:)

Don't forget to check out my first impressions post.

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  1. This is a beautiful blanket Pilar! You did a wonderful job with this project!

  2. Pilar, I just admire your work so much. This blanket looks so warm and cozy, and I love the Springy. I think you're getting better with this every time I see something new, what a talent you have.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  3. I love the lavender color! It definitely is perfect for spring time! And the popcorn stick looks so pretty as a blanket!

  4. Cute blanket! The colors are perfect for spring!

  5. Very pretty, Pilar. Along with the cute bunny it looks like Spring in your chair. Have a nice weekend. ♥

  6. What a cute blanket! I like the lavender and cream combo :)

  7. This is such a beautiful blanket. It looks great in the den.

  8. I wish I didn't stop learning how to knit! Love this blanket!

    1. Thanks! I still need to learn how to knit. I would like to be able to crochet and knit.

  9. The blanket is so pretty! I love the lavender color. It's perfect for spring!