Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Projects with Pilar: Crochet Hats

Hello Everyone!

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It's finally FALL! Not that means a lot here since it's still well into the upper 90's. I can't wait for cooler weather! Over the Summer I worked a few new crocheting projects. Today I'm revealing another Projects with Pilar Post in collaboration with Lion Brand Yarns.

I really enjoyed making crocheted beanie hats last Winter, so I decided to make one for Fall. I didn't show the hat by itself since my pictures weren't displaying right. 

This has to be my favorite hat that I made for these projects! I didn't take a picture in this hat, but I'll probably do that in future posts.

My Mickey Mouse Ears Inspired Hat

I took a picture in this hat to show the two pom poms. I also decided to wear my Mickey Mouse shirt to go along with my hat. As you can tell I took these selfies in the house since it's so hot outside!

I would like to do a few scarves, to match the hats. Hopefully South Carolina will have a cooler Fall and Winter this year!

Something thats near and dear to my heart is helping those in need all year round, but especially during the colder months so if you can, please donate clothes and winter accessories etc. to your local shelters and charities.

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  1. Great job my favorite its rhe pink one

  2. Beautiful hats Pilar! I love the Mickey hat!

  3. Awww... such cute hats... just loved the pink one.. :-)
    Beauty and fashion

  4. Such lovely creations Pilar! Your Mickey Mouse Ears inspired hat is totally adorable!

  5. I am sure the scarves will look as great as the hats. You did a wonderful job. I really like the materials and design.

  6. I really love the Mickey Mouse ears..so creative and I like all of your designs.

  7. I remember doing this in my primary school.. :D Cute post

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    Much Love
    Fictitious Fashion

  8. Oh, these hats are cute, Pilar. I especially love the soft pink one. It sounds like you can just whip these out now. But I'm sure it takes a lot more time than it looks. : ) I bet you can't wait til the weather turns cold to wear them. They are really cute. Jess would love that Mickey inspired hat, as she's a Disney fan all the way. : )


    1. Thanks Sheri! The hats aren't difficult to make, but I find making the pom poms more time consuming even though they're easy to make lol! That Mickey Hat has been on my to make list for the longest time!

  9. All these are cute Pilar! I love the Mickey ears!

  10. Great hats...isn't it so cool to produce neat things like that?

  11. I love them. So pretty. And I agree with you. Tomorrow I am sending a bag of clothes to those in need. It is collection day. I am so glad to help a little. Lovely post. xoxo Cris

    1. Thanks Cris! I've been gathering some things I want to donate to local shelters. I should be sending those items off soon!

  12. These hats are adorable, i just finished up a batch of tiny hats for a charity. I will post about them tomorrow so please check back on my blog Tuesday morning.
    The rib stitch makes the cutest and comfortable hats. You did great!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I can't wait to see your hats! I need to donate some more of my crochet accessories to charity. I agree the rib stitch makes the cutest and comfortable hats. I love doing this pattern for scarves too!