Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Life in December 2018

Hello Everyone!

Another month and year has gone, so it's time for another monthly lifestyle post. December was a pretty good month, and December is also my birthday month!
December 2018

December 1st was candle day!

Candle Day was a success! A great way to Start off December/My Birthday Month! Special thanks to my mama for coming with me. She loves candles too!

Candle Day Haul

Christmas Tree 2018

I love looking at the lights on the tree!

My makeup look for a Christmas Party I attended

This beautiful ornament was my favorite Christmas light attraction downtown.

The state Christmas Tree

Chicken Alfredo Penne Bake 

Cinnamon roll with homemade cream cheese icing

Homemade sweet potato pie

I'm feeling better from this cold, but orange juice was my best friend last month along with bottle water.

Christmas Shopping at Yankee Candle 

I know I haven't done many Victoria's Secret posts lately, but I did check out the SAS.

Sephora! I went to get my free birthday gift, and I was going to use my gift card, but a gift I've been wanting for myself, but it was sold out. I made an online order for my birthday.

Ulta at night. What a beautiful sight lol

I love these bear mugs! They're so cute

Christmas Eve 2018

Happy Birthday to Me/Christmas

My beautiful birthday cake. It was so delicious!

Birthday Gifts 

Christmas Gifts

Birthday Selfie! No makeup except lipstick. I didn't feel like doing a makeup look on my birthday/Christmas since that cold made me feel so tired.

I had a few gift cards from my birthday and Ulta Points, so I did a little SAS shopping. How cute is the lion stuffed animal?!

South Carolina Ear Nose Throat (SCENT)

A few days after my birthday I had to go for allergy testing. Apparently I'm allergic to environmental factors, but I have to go back because they're not sure if I'm allergic to the other solution they injected in upper arm or my skin is just sensitive. I plan on writing a post about my experience when I'm finished with testing.

New Year's Eve 2018

At my least favorite place...the post office. It's confusing to me that the customer service reps here act like you're bothering them! 

New Year's Eve Inspired Makeup 

Happy New Year 2019! 

Public Relations Samples

Some of the companies that I've written reviews for over the past year were kind enough to send over some Christmas goodies. Disclaimer: These are the first complimentary packages that I've received from Pixi Beauty and Eco Tools :) Thank you to the companies that kindly sent these items! I look forward to collaborating and reviewing for your brands in 2019!

My first Pixi Beauty Package!

How gorgeous is the packaging?!

Urban Decay sent over a few goodies on Christmas Eve

Such a thoughtful package and it includes a little  notepad 

Zoya is so sweet to send over a few sweets for Christmas! The Godiva chocolates were soooo good!

I love the packaging for Zoya Products. It's so classy with a magnetic closure

The new holographic trio. I wore the red holo for New Year's Eve. All these polishes are gorgeous!

This is my first Goose Creek Candle and the throw is amazing! Butter Cookie smells like fresh baked cookies! You can check out the site at

Eco Tools brushes are some of my favorite brushes. I saw this set in Ulta over the holidays, but once it went on sale it sold out quickly. I'm so happy to have this brush set in my collection!

  Eco Tools also sent this cute key chain holder and card holder

I had a cold for at least two weeks in December, and sinus issues, but I really enjoyed the month. There's something so magical around Christmastime. It's truly a beautiful time of year! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019!

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  1. I enjoyed your December review and hope you had an enormously lovely Birthday! By the way, don't you just love candle day at Bath & Body Works?!

    1. Thank you! I had a great birthday! I love candle day! The candle selection was pretty good!

  2. You have done some great post dear. I love to read your review and makeup posts.

    Have a happy Monday!

  3. It sounds like you had an eventful and great year, Pilar. That cinnamon roll looks amazing, and wish I had one to go with my coffee right now haha. I love the fact that you enjoy candles so too! I went to the Target dollar bins today, and they had Valentine stuff out already, and I noticed the prettiest pink candle. You might want to check it out. Your homemade sweet potato pie looks Yummy. I've never tried that before. You look so cute with the red hat and red lipstick. Such a cute fashion look for you.

    I hope the new year is being good to you so far, Pilar. Enjoy the January days.


    1. Thanks Sheri! I love cinnamon rolls especially during the colder months! You should definitely try homemade sweet potato pie! I've been checking out the dollar spot at Target, and the selection is alright. I did find a few pieces that I liked! I hope the new year has been treating you well too!

  4. Hi Pilar
    Nice pics, I have a Nissan too!!

    1. Thanks Marisa! Nissans are pretty durable cars!

  5. What a fun and festive month of December you had Pilar apart from the cold and allergy testing. Hope the good times continue for you in January!

  6. Beautiful post! I also a big fan of Bath and bodyworks candles.

  7. wonderful post dear, thanks for sharing, xo

  8. Oh no! Not allergy testing! My daughter went for allergy testing when she was in high school. It was painful to her but she did great. Each arm looked like a pin cushion from shoulder to elbow. She is allergic to everything! She ended up having to have 2 shots a week for 4 years. She has been off the shots for 5 years now and is in much need to start them back. Shes pitiful. I cant wait to read about your experience and whats going on!

    1. The first test wasn't too painful, but it was a little uncomfortable. Those needles look intimidating, but it wasn't too bad for me. The specialist discussed that I would possibly have to get allergy shots depending on the results. I'm still waiting to go back to finish the test!

  9. It looks like you had a great December Pilar! Those Eco Tools brushes are pretty! Are the brushes sold in stores or were the brushes a holiday set?

    1. These brushes were an holiday exclusive set. You can check on the website for more options. In my opinion, the website has more options than I've seen in stores.