Sunday, July 7, 2019

Emotional Self Care

Hello Everyone!

There are so many different articles and videos about self care online. Today I wanted to focus on emotional self care.

1. Dont give someone the power to emotionally destroy you.

Your mind is precious. Thoughts and feelings are very real. It's true you can't control what someone says to you, but you don't have to accept cruelty and/or disrespect either.

2. Take a day for yourself

Sleep in late, catch up on some of your favorite TV Shows, etc. When I'm feeling emotionally overwhelmed I try to take a day to rest. I noticed that watching a comedy on TV truly helps relieves stress. Laugh more!

3. Set and maintain healthy boundaries

In my opinion boundaries pave the way for how you how you deal will with things in life. You have to know when to say no, don't let others manipulate you, and know your own limitations as well.

4. Focus on healthy relationships and support systems

You will have various with relationships throughout your life such as family, friends, and romantic relationships. It's so important that you maintain healthy relationships. Toxic relationships are emotionally, physically, and mentally draining.
Think about it like this, why would you want to have someone in your life that doesn't support or inspire you? I'm not perfect, but I try to treat others they way I want to be treated, and I take accountability for my actions.

5. Set an emotionally healthy environment

Over the years I've learned if I'm not in an emotionally healthy state, then the world around me tends to become overwhelming and even chaotic. I try to maintain a peaceful environment.

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  1. Great tips Pilar. Our emotional state of being is so important. TV is always a great outlet, especially when watching something funny!

    1. Thanks Val! I love watching something funny on TV! I agree it's a great outlet!

  2. Oh very nice darling
    Thanks for share all these useful tips

  3. I just aware about all of those things.
    Needed more attentions about my emotional self care :)
    Thank you Pilar.

  4. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning and organizing stuff, because I agree with you: I need a clutter free and welcoming space around me if I want to feel emotionally stable.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

    1. I have to keep things organized. I notice that clutter tende to make me feel overwhelmed.

  5. thank you for useful tips of self care...
    have a great day

  6. These are great tips!! I've been on a break for a bit of self care really. I hope you've been well :) x

    1. Thanks Kizzy! I've been doing well! I hope you have been doing well! Glad to see you back on blogger :)

  7. Great post, Thanks for sharing,
    I'm following you! X.

  8. These are good tips we must follow them.

  9. These are great tips Pilar!

  10. You look so sweet in these pictures, Pilar. Sometimes it's nice to wake up late and not have anything special planned for that day. And ordinary days can be the best days. I'm glad you are trying to maintain a peaceful environment, that's so important. There is a Dove right now cooing outside my window, and they are birds of peace. : )


    1. Thanks Sheri! I agree. Having anxiety and trying to relax can be difficult for me, but I try to take time out and relax. How lucky! I'm sure hearinf the Dove outside your window is very peaceful!

  11. I understand what you mean, but it's so hard to have a day to myself when the kids are out of school. Great tips as usual.

    1. Thanks Nerline! I've heard many parents say it's hard to have a day to themselves with children. Based on your photos, it looks like you're doing an amazing job balancing being a wife and mother!