Sunday, June 7, 2020

Zoya Splash Collection: Summer 2020

Hello Everyone!

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Summer is almost here, and today I'm going to share with you Zoya's Splash Collection for Summer 2020. When I saw these colors online I knew this collection was going to bring vibrancy to the Summer.

Thanks Zoya for sending over hand sanitizer!

Eclipse – Zoya in Eclipse can best be described as a glistening silver with holographic rainbow sparkles. Wear her alone for a sheer wash of glimmer, or layer with any Zoya shade to make a colorful splash!

Jodi – Zoya in Jodi can best be described as a pale ice-cream pink cream.

Emma – Zoya in Emma can best be described as a starfish coral cream with a touch of pink undertone.

Leilani – Zoya in Leilani can best be described as a glistening pink grapefruit with gold micro-shimmer.

Celi – Zoya in Celi can best be described as a sweet cherry red with gold micro-shimmer.

Greta – Zoya in Greta can best be described as a ripe tomato red cream.

Kristie – Zoya in Kristie can best be described as a deep magenta popsicle pink cream.

Jessica – Zoya in Jessica can best be described as an African violet cream.

Maren – Zoya in Maren can best be described as a vibrant nautical blue cream.

Harbor – Zoya in Harbor can best be described as a tropical emerald sea green cream.

Fisher – Zoya in Fisher can best be described as a sun-kissed seafoam with a stunning gold micro-shimmer. A shade that is reminiscent of warm days on the beach.

Corinna – Zoya in Corinna can best be described as a naked blush with a kiss of golden sheen. A delicate and fresh - yet sexy neutral for Summer.

I really love the colors for the Splash Collection. These beautiful colors are bold, vibrant, fun, and perfect for Summer. My favorite hues are Harbor, Fisher, Eclispe, and Jodi.

Zoya's Harbor Nail Polish

Who says you can't have a manicure with a brace lol  

Right now I'm wearing Harbor on my nails. This color reminds me of the beach. Since I doubt if I'll go to the beach anytime soon I have this color to remind me of warm sunny beach days! What are your favorite colors from the Splash Collection? You can check out the Zoya Spalsh Collection: Summer 2020 HERE


  1. A nice collection! Jodi is my favorite!

    1. I agree! I really love the color selection for this collection! I was thinking about painting my nails with Jodi soon!

  2. What amazing shades! Harbor is my favorite here too. It screams tropical island beach which would be wonderful to be on right now.

    1. When I first saw Harbor I immediately thought this was a beautiful Summer shade! I agree Harbor does scream tropical beach!

  3. Nice nail polishes!

  4. Pretty nail colors. I used to do my nails all the time but it has been ages.

    1. I love to do my own at home manicures and pedicures especially during the warmer months!

  5. Beautiful nail polishes. I think Harbor is my favourite one. It is such a beautiful shade of blue and it looks great on your nails.

  6. Your nails are gorgeous Pilar! I love the colors and theme for this year's Summer Collection! The seafoam green looks pretty on your nails!

  7. I love that blue you put on. Beautiful color. I have the last few yrs gone from darker colors to all light.

  8. These shades are just too beautiful. I like the blue on you.

  9. Oooo, such pretty nail polish colors. I love the turquoise one. It looks great on you. And you look so radiant in the photo below. That make-up really suits you.