Thursday, August 6, 2020

Updated Skincare Organization feat. Original Beauty Box

Hello Everyone!

This post contain a PR Sample from Original Beauty Box. I want to thank Original Beauty Box for sending this product over for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

About a month ago, I shared a recent PR Haul that included a new Original Beauty Box that was sent to me. I was super excited to get a new acrylic box because I love the brand and  I needed a new one to store more of my skincare products. You can see my last skincare organization post HERE

The Pro Box was my first Original Beauty Box that I owned back in 2016. You can see it HERE. The acrylic box above is the Original Beauty Box. 

I switched things in my Original Beauty Box drawer. For the drawer I put my Beauty tools and headbands that I use during my skincare routines. You may remember during my first skincare organization post that I needed more space in the acrylic drawers. Honestly I love the dimensions in the Original Beauty Box drawers because I have a more space depth wish and the length is a little longer. Stacked with the Muji Drawers it makes for a great set up. 

For Part 1 of my skincare organization, I have cleansers, beauty tools and accessories, lip balms, eye creams, cleansers, skincare minis, serums, masks, scrubs, and eye patches.

I also switched up some of the Muji Drawers. In the photo above I have some of my mini skincare products.

You may noticed most of bottles are full. Typically when I do updated posts like this I try refill some of bottles with mini products/samples of the products I'm refilling. 

For Part 2 of skincare organization, I have hydrators, micellar water, foam cleansers,  makeup removers, toners, face mists, oils, creams, lotions, sunscreens, and products for troubled skin.

This is my current skincare organization. I'm not sure if I'll reorganize again, but if I do I'll do another updated post!

Speaking of skincare...I also want to thank Derma E, Drunk Elephant, and CVS for over these skincare products for review. All Opinions are 100% my own.

Derma recently sent over their July 2020 Box, which contained their new Bi Phase Toner. So far I really like the Bi Phase Toner. This toner has a fresh clean scent, and I think it's a great addition to the anti acne line.

I've been using this toner for almost a week and my skin doesn't feel stripped of moisture. This toner does remove access oil without drying my skin. If you have oily skin I recommended giving this toner a try. My face had a minor break out and this toner helped soothe my skin and reduce redness.

I've reviewed the other products (full sized) in this collection last year, (3 Steps to Clearer Skin Feat. Derma E Acne Skincare). All the products are great for fighting against acne.

CVS Beauty Box

CVS is known focusing on health and wellness and in their latest beauty box they sent over a few beauty items.  CVS is one of my favorite places to purchases beauty essentials since they sell clean beauty products. Don't forget to sign up for the beauty club and extra care card! The rewards and coupons help so much with savings!

Drunk Elephant 

A few days ago, Drunk Elephant sent over this super cute package! I plan on doing a full review on these products soon!


  1. Nice setup and reviews!

  2. Your setup looks amazing Pilar! So many great products!

  3. The organization is perfect. Those boxes are very useful. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Nice! Clear bins and boxes are so useful and practical for organizing since they allow you to see exactly what's inside.

    1. Thanks! I love that I see exactly what's inside the acrylic boxes! Very practical indeed!

  5. I love how you organized your beauty and skincare products within these acrylic boxes. Such a great way to organize. Lovely product presentation and reviews as well.

  6. Okay, my sink area looks about the same size as yours so to make room for stuff without having to open doors and pull things out I might just need a tower like yours. haha...

    1. These acrylic drawers help so much with space because I can stack them!

  7. Great job Pilar, perfect organization!

  8. Wow, you're all organized! It looks great Pilar! I love that headband, the color is pretty.


  9. You have a huge collection my dear: D, I have maybe a half of it hehe 💙💙 Regards!!

    1. I don't think I realized the amount of skincare products I had until I started organizing everything the first time a few months ago. Healthy skin is happy skin :)