Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas is Looking Clear

 Hello Everyone!

The weekend before Thanksgiving I went for an eye exam. The last eye exam I had was mid 2018, so it was time. My vision is something that I take seriously.

Stanton Optical 

My eye appointment went well. The optometrist said overall my eyes are healthy. The only issue is that I can't see well without my glasses and my anemia issues have a good bit to do with that. 

Since my lenses usually have to be ordered, so I had to wait about a week to get my new glasses. ALSO...don't believe the hype the 2 pair for $59 is only for a limited selection of glasses and I mean VERY limited. (I expected to pay more than that though lol)

Christmas is looking clear, even though I'm still getting used to my new glasses.

First pair of glasses


Second pair of glasses


  1. You are so cute with these glasses my dear Pilar!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. These glasses look lovely on you Pilar. It's good you were able to have an appointment to check on your vision and that your Christmas is looking clear. Take care<3

  3. Those glasses look perfect on you. Its time for me to make another eye doctor visit.

  4. You look great with your new glasses Pilar!

  5. I'm so glad you got a new pair of glasses, Pilar, and that everything looks a little more clearer. Such a blessing for Christmas. You look good in your new glasses.


  6. Our vision is so important! Good for you for taking it seriously Pilar!

  7. Both pairs fit you perfectly, Pilar. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.