Sunday, September 12, 2021

End of Summer

 Hello Everyone!

I hope you're doing well! Let's catch up! The last time I wrote a post was on July 27th commemorating my blog's 8th anniversary! I mentioned that I was still taking time off my blog, but now I'm back.

I think every now and again it's good to disconnect from Social Media. There so much going on in the world right and inner peace is much needed. I watch the local news, CNN, etc, but I do limit myself. I like to stay informed, but it's also important to not get overwhelmed. 

Yesterday marked 20 years since 9/11. I spent a good bit of yesterday offline. 20 years later it's still hard to process that awful day in history. I remember being at school 15 years old in the 10th grade. As many people are saying "I remember that day just like yesterday."  9/11 is a day we remember those lives lost and the survivors and their love ones etc, but 9/11 is also a reminder to value and love the people we care about.  

I look at all the tension and division the world is experiencing. Whether it's racial discrimination and injustices, the Covid Vaccines and mask mandates, to general politics. The world has become so divided. Are we all supposed to agree on everything, no and is it okay to have a difference of opinion, yes. You can disagree with someone even if they're wrong, but keep it respectful. 

As I mentioned back in May, I took time off my blog for my well being and mental health. I needed a break. Over the past year, I've been focusing more on self care and I can tell a difference in how I feel.

The weather has been nice outside the past few days. There has even been a bit of a cool breeze in the air during the morning. I know the heat and humidity will likely return this week, but it does feel nice to wear a comfy oversized knit sleepshirt during the cooler nights and mornings.

Since this post is called End of Summer, I thought I would share one of my favorite Summer snacks, Boiled Peanuts! I've been eating boiled peanuts since I was a little girl. I guess you can call me true South Carolina Girl for my love of boiled peanuts (and of course Carolina Chopped BBQ!). Summer is almost, and look forward to (hopefully) cooler Fall days!


  1. A very interesting post! I like your blog! <3

  2. I can't believe it has been 20 years as my memories from 9/11 are still clear like so many other New Yorkers. It really doesn't get easier but I agree that we should take it as a reminder to value those who we hold dear. Glad to hear your blog break has been helping you Pilar.

  3. Nice post, thanks for sharing.
    I hope you'll visit my new post soon. Have a good day!

  4. I love boiled peanut butter NC lol I’m with you we will never forget.

  5. I like your summer snacks, such a lovely post!

    Kisses, Paola.


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  6. Glad to see your back. 😊

  7. Boiled peanuts! - that sounds interesting. You're right, Pilar, every now and then it's good to disconnect from social media, the tv, the computer. We will find new discoveries in our lives if we do. It's nice that you came back rested and refreshed in this very special season of Fall. And I look forward to seeing many of your Fall goodies on your that candle! It's so cozy and pretty with the soft glow.

    Wishing you wonderful September days, Pilar.


  8. Boiled peanuts looks so good.

  9. Welcome back!
    In 9/11 I was working, we were shocked watching the tv!

  10. Ah yes I do not watch the news as much as I use to, with everything going on, and my own struggles--losing my mom, and looking for work after being laid off the news on top of it was too much. And yes good to take a break I am still blogging, maintaining a YT channel, covering FW for online fashion media outlet and also producing and art directing editorials for them as well and indeed it can get over whelming.

    Glad you got some rest and glad you are back. YES soooooo looking forward to the cool fall weather, the sooner the better. Oh boiled peanuts sound good!!

    Allie of