Sunday, September 26, 2021

First Weekend of Fall 2021

 Hello Everyone!

The sunny and cool weather in South Carolina has been absolutely beautiful the past few days. I saw on the news it won't last, but I can enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts.

Since the weather has been fall-like, I've been going on morning walks the past few days. These were gifted to me, but if you're looking for cute and comfy Activewear check out 

I also can't forget about how much I love this cozy oversized waffle knit sleepshirt. It's lightweight, yet warm. The perfect sleepshirt for those cool fall nights.

Publix is one of favorite grocery stores, and I tried their glazed donuts for the first time the other day and the donuts were soooooo good! 

I spent a good bit of this afternoon opening, organizing, and planning for some upcoming PR Sample Posts etc. As always thank you to the brands that send over products for me to review etc.

I also spent some of the afternoon organizing makeup as well. So far I just reorganized some brushes and a few palettes. I wanted to take out more Fall related makeup products so they'll be on hand.


  1. Pilar, those doughnuts look so good, and glazed doughnuts are my very favorite. I like all your cute gifts. That's wonderful that you've
    been going on morning walks. It's nice to do some organizing for Fall,
    especially when the weather is cooler.

    Have a lovely week, Pilar, and I hope many good things come your way
    this season. : )


    1. Thanks Sheri! You're always so kind! I hope many good things come your way as well :)

  2. We are blessed with sunny weather as well and I intend to enjoy it.
    Great that you were able to organize your make up brushes.
    Lovely glazed donuts!

  3. Loved the first pic,
    and those doughnuts made me
    crave for some myself.


  4. Happy Fall Pilar! Hope you've been well. It still feels like summer in NYC and I have to say I'm not too sad about that because I know it'll be cold before we know it.

  5. Happy Fall! The weather has been perfect! I am looking forward to autumn foliage. Glazed donuts are so delicious. Enjoy product sampling!

  6. Those donuts look so good.

  7. Such a beautiful fall post, happy October doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  8. Hi Pilar
    You're so lucky, the brands send you so many nice things to review!

  9. I'm so glad Fall is here! Cute athletic wear from Adore Me.