Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!

 Hello Everyone!

It feels kinda strange that Halloween is on Sunday this year. I'm not doing much this weekend, but I did create a quick makeup look and I'm having another at home movie night. 

Space Girl Makeup 2021. I haven't done a Halloween Makeup Look since 2018. 

This was my first Halloween Manicure this week. Takes to Mango by China Glaze. It's a perfect neon orange for Halloween. 

This Halloween Box is too cute from CVS!

Thank you CVS for sending over this amazing Halloween Box! To create my makeup look I used products from this box.

This is my 2nd Halloween Manicure for the week 🎃 I don't typically wear false nails, but these Halloween Nails from Kiss are beautiful and perfect for Halloween.

A few snacks for watching Halloween themed shows and movies with my mom this weekend. Also, if you like Oreos you'll probably love Cookie Pop Popcorn. It's so good! 

I'm not big on super scary movies, so I watched a few episodes of the Simpsons Tree House of Horror that I recorded on the DVR. I'll probably watch a few more episodes later today as well.

I haven't seen Halloween in years. I also recorded this on the DVR so I could watch over the weekend. 

Happy Halloween! 🎃 


  1. Beautiful makeup Pilar! I love that orange nail color. Perfect for the entire season. I don't like scary movies either although I love watching the old black and white classics since they are too cheesy to be scary. Happy Halloween!

  2. such a lovely make up! i hope you enjoy this year's halloween!

  3. Cool makeup look! Happy Halloween!

  4. The Cookie Pop Popcorn sounds scrumptious. You have so many Yummy goodies
    for your Halloween night. Sometimes it's nice to just hang out and watch
    tv, and it's special that you and your Mom are spending the weekend together. Love your orange nails!

    Happy Halloween, Pilar.


  5. What fun Halloween activities! Great job with the space girl makeup!

  6. What a terrific box you got from CVS

  7. Looks like you has yourself a fun little Halloween at home Pilar! I was kind of happy that Halloween fell on a Sunday this year so we could avoid going out. Too many crazies turn up in NYC on Halloween.

    1. I've heard it can get wild in NYC during Halloween. Stay safe!

  8. This is a lovely Halloween look. Happy Halloween!

  9. Loving the space girl makeup here! And wowzie that Halloween box from CVS is great! My Halloween was prett mellow too,

    Allie of

  10. Your space girl makeup is lovely and love your Halloween nails!

  11. Cool! Very beautiful manicure and unmatched makeup! You look very stylish !!!

  12. It looks like you had a fun Halloween Pilar! Love the Space Girl Makeup!