Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Ultimate Skincare Sunday

 Hello Everyone!

Today I'm having the Ultimate Skincare Sunday at home. I'm doing a full skincare routine, and my nails. 

Since I usually show my bathtime routines, today I wanted to stick with my shower routine. I love baths, but I usually take more showers.  This is my current set up in my shower caddy.

I love this body wash. Dove has some of the best body washes. 

Sunday Skincare Face Products 

I received this as a gift from Vanity Planet about two months ago and I love it! 

The steam feels so good on my face. 

I can't wait to incorporate this facial steamer in more of my skincare routines

The weather is all over the place again. It feels cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. I've switched over to using more hydrating products to keep my skin hydrated. I love this DERMA E Vitamin E Skin Oil. I use on my face and my body. 

Now for nail care. I've been caring for my nails for a while now so I know what works and what doesn't work for them. Having nutrient deficiencies can cause my nails to be brittle, but my nails have been getting stronger. Remember nail care is also important when doing skincare routines.


  1. Looks like a splendid way to spend a Sunday.

  2. Nice skincare routine!

  3. Great routine Pilar, I love Dove too!

  4. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing )

  5. These are such fantastic suggestions! I really have been trying up my skincare game this past year, and it has made such a difference. I love your tip about using a facial steamer, too! I live in Arizona, and the air gets so dry here, so I would love to try that!

  6. These look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

  7. I'm currently hyper focused on skin care and hair care... your whole post intrigued me! -

  8. Hello Pilar! It's so great reading your blog again! I have never used a facial steamer, but this one looks like something worth trying! Have a great week!
    PerlaGiselle |

  9. A bath is such a lovely and relaxing self care ritual. I usually also take more showers but I always look forward to indulging in a bath at least once a week.

  10. What a fun Skincare Sunday!