Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Thankful Thoughts for Turning 37 in December

 Hello Everyone!

I know this post is probably throwing people off lol or you're wondering why I'm talking about Thanksgiving and my birthday/Christmas when these events are in November and December... well let me explain I may take some time off the blog next month, but I'm not sure yet so here we are with my reflection post just incase.

This year has been been filled with ups and downs for me. I've dealt with a few challenges in which made my faith stronger. You all know that I'm not one to push my religious beliefs on anyone, but for me prayer gets me through a lot of obstacles. I've learned over the years to trust God and the process even if I don't understand. I've had to step out on faith when I was unsure of the outcome. Most importantly I pray and thank God when things are going well. I think sometimes we pray when we're scared, unsure, or lost, but don't forget to pray and thank God during the good moments. 

Through my good and bad moments I'm always thankful especially for life's basic necessities such as shelter, food, utilities etc. These things are so important especially when there are so many people that are need of these things. Something that has been troubling me is that some people seem so relaxed about covid like it's not still going on around. I've actually had people tell me who hasn't had Covid. Well I haven't had Covid and I pray to keep it that way. I've still wear my mask when I'm out and I socially distance. I'm vaxed and boosted. I'm doing what I feel is best for myself and those close around me. 

I'm so thankful my mom and my Godmother. They have been best friends for over 40 years. They meet when they were teenagers. My mom has always shown me unconditional love. She been my biggest supporter and for that I'm always thankful. My Godmother is also a postive influence in my life as well. I can only hope to have a friendship like theirs one day.

My upcoming 37th birthday on Christmas has me thinking how I'm almost close to 40! Wow right? I try not to think about age, but instead of the things I have accomplished and the things I look forward to accomplishing. I learned a long time ago it's okay to not have everything figured out especially things beyond my control. 

I didn't know how long today's post was going to be as I spoke from the heart. As we near the holidays, please remember to be kind to others, but most importantly be kind and gentle to your self ❤


  1. So many important topics in your recap. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow Happy Birthday you go have a blast doll well deserve is your special day have a blessed one.

  3. Practicing gratitude regularly really helps to keep things in perspective. I try to do this as well. Here's to kindness and remembering to be kind to ourselves as well.

    1. I agree! I'm always practicing gratitude and not taking things for granted. It's so important to be kind to ourselves too!

  4. Pilar you have such a kind spirit and gracious nature about yourself. I read your yearly reflection posts and with each you share experiences and your outlook for the future. We live in crazy times and I think it's great you're keeping things into perspective. You look so young! I wouldn't have thought you were about to turn 37! Beautiful photos! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

  5. Beautiful reflections! Advance birthday wishes to you.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today, Pilar. I love your words about thankfulness. You're right, there are so many who are in need of the basic essentials in life. And the homeless in the world keeps getting bigger, it's sad.

    We need more positive, caring, and thoughtful people like you, Pilar. Have a peaceful weekend. : )


  7. happy birthday to you...
    you are still young and look pretty....