Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Life in November 2017

Hello Everyone!

Time for another monthly lifestyle post! I took a lot of pictures during November. Let's get started!


I didn't get to take many selfies in November, but I have a  Christmas makeup look or two planned for December. 

Thanksgiving inspired makeup


My chicken pot pie has become popular lol

Dinner: Beef Tips, Rice A Roni, Green Beans, and homemade potato salad 

Homemade sausage pie 

Out and About

I'm not a fan of these flavors of oatmeal. For all my gingerbread spice and pumpkin spice lovers here you go lol.

Christmas sweaters at Walmart

Getting some groceries for Thanksgiving at Publix.

But first, fruit

I've shown slaw dog's from Sandy's before. This is one of best restaurants when you want a good hot dog!

One of Sandy's daily specials

Nostalgic collection of movies and characters. Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie.

I can't forget about Audrey Hepburn. Breakfast at Tiffany's

My trip with my mom at Bath and Body Works :) you can read my come along with me post HERE

PR Packages


Clio Style 

Derma E and Yankee Candle

I'm pretty excited about all of these PR Packages:) Look for reviews soon! I featured some of the Purell Products in a post earlier this month. HERE

Thanksgiving Prep/Thanksgiving Day

I always help my mom with the Thanksgiving food, so let the food prep begin lol

I usually like to get baking done first. My homemade white chocolate chip brownies.

My mama's famous homemade sweet potato pies. Sorry Patti, there's no room you pie in this house lol

Took the turkey breast out of the freezer

Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!  I was having a morning cup of tea and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving was pretty quiet. I  spent time with my mama and  I saw my best friend. We also gave out a few plates like we do every year.


Materials for upcoming projects. side note: I love these Hefty Hi-Rise Totes! Great for organizing!

A little skincare haul. 

Christmas is Coming!

A few kitchen items from Dollar Tree. I picked up two tins for a upcoming project as well.

Some of the Christmas decor and decorations

Tree is up. This is a 7.5 ft. Pre lit tree. The same as last year.  Now I just need to decorate.

This year's Christmas door wreath  I made. 

How was your November? 

November 2017 Posts

Hello November

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  1. Great Thanksgiving meal your Diy wreaths I love the tree height its perfect and doll you rock pink lipstick.

  2. Looks like you had a great November! I love the vintage pictures in the restaurant! Nice recap! Have a wonderful December!

  3. Great selection. I love the brownies. Looks so delicious.

  4. You made a lot of Yummy dishes this month, Pilar. I've never had sweet potato pie before. Isn't that Grinch sweater cute at Walmart? Your blue and silver wreath you made is lovely. I think Blue at Christmas is so pretty. Can you believe I've never seen the whole movie of Gone with the Wind - only bits and pieces. Hearing it's your favorite now, I must watch the whole show. ; )


    1. Thanks Sheri! You should try sweet potato pie! It's really good! I thought that Grinch sweater was so cute! I had to take a picture! I love Gone with the Wind! It's a long movie, but it's worth watching! I even have the DVD!

  5. The sausage pie looks official. I never had one before and this one looks good. The food looks good too.

    1. Thanks Nerline! I think I like sausage better than cheeseburger pie. Both dishes are good though!

  6. Gone with the Wind is a good movie. Nice post.

  7. I have never had sweet tater pie but I love sweet taters baked or in a casserole. Everything looks great...

  8. i really want to taste that chicken pot pie! haha. Seems like you had a fun November, Pilar! Good to know. Now I'm excited for the Christmas Holidays :)

    xoxo, rae

    1. Thanks Rae! I'm excited for the holidays too!

  9. I love all the pictures Pilar!! All the food ones look so yummy as usual!!

  10. Your chicken pot pie Looks delicious. It seems to be popular for good reason!

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  11. beautiful photos, very beautiful christmas tree

  12. That door wreath is beautiful! I need to get back into knitting, I was learning a few years ago and stopped for some reason.

    1. Thanks Drea! I still want to learn how to knit! Crocheting is so much fun and I would to know how to do both!

  13. Looking good in your pics. The chicken pot pie looks really good and the brownies. The tree and wreath look great too.

    1. Thanks Kristen! The chicken pot pie was so good! I had fun decorating the tree and making the wreath!