Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My 31st Birthday/Christmas 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Hello Everyone! I just celebrated my 31st brithday on Christmas Day :) For those of you that celebrate Christmas I hope that you enjoyed your day, and for those of you that don't, I hope that you are having a nice holiday season. You know its kind of funny because I was just getting used to the idea of being 30 and now I just turned 31! I swear this year went by fast!

Christmas Eve 2016

Happy Early Birthday to me from me lol. I picked up a few body care products from Victoria's Secret Pink and a free panty.

Merry Christmas Eve 

Christmas Eve Selfie. Last selfie for age 30 lol

Happy Birthday to Me!! Christmas Day 2016

Happy 31st Birthday to Me!! I was burning this candle when the clock struck midnight Christmas morning lol

Merry Christmas Everyone!! My mama bought me those beautiful balloons

Some of my birthday gifts from my mama, my Godmother, and my best friend from college. My other best friend got me a card, but I'll get that later when I see him.

Some Christmas gifts from my mama and best friend from college. I swear my mama can find anything! She found the Maybelline 24k Nudes Palette!

I can't wait to use my new makeup goodies!

I really love balloons:)

The Birthday girl

I'm a Christmas Baby :)

Homemade Birthday dinner by cooked my mama. So delicious!

My mom also made me homemade cupcakes

This is 31 :)  I had a nice birthday, and I feel blessed to see another year!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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This will probably be my last post for 2016. I will  be back posting the first week of January. During this time I will still read and comment on your blogs! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday seasons and Have a Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. Happy Birthday again! It looks you had a amazing day! Love all the photos!

  2. I hope you had an amazing birthday and wonderful Christmas Pilar!! You got some awesome gifts! The Maybelline palette looks so pretty, I hope you'll do a review on it. Enjoy the last week of 2016, and have a great New Years!

    1. Thank you! I didn't even know about this palette until a few weeks ago when I saw it on Instagram! I plan on writing a review, hopefully soon! You enjoy the end of the year as well! Have a wonderful new year!

  3. Your Birthday rock I see Happy Birthday may it bought you blessing.

  4. Happy Birthday, Pilar! A tree and balloons all at the same time!

    May the new year be a bright one for you, and I hope much goodness comes your way. :)


    1. Thank you! I thought it would make a nice picture to take of my birthday ballons and the Christmas together! I'm wishing you wonderful things for you next year as well!

  5. Your mom is really a sweetie ! Happy Birthday and Happy new year!
    Thanks for the comment! xx
    Coco and Jeans by Marisa x My Instagram x My Bloglovin

    1. Thank you, and you're welcome! I hope that you have a Happy New Year!

  6. Happy belated Birthday Pilar. You are a very pretty young lady. Such a nice Christmas and birthday for you. Love your mom, how she makes your birthday special along with our Lord's. Blessings for a carefree New Year . xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you! Sending blessing to you as well for a wonderful new year!

  7. Happy belated birthday! You got some really great stuff! See ya next year! ;)

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday/Christmas!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Pilar! Looks like you had a lovely celebration! Happy new year to you sweets!

  10. Love it! Happy new year to you and your loved ones.

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