Saturday, October 10, 2015

Palmer's Olive Oil Dry Shampoo Review

Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: The product in this post was sent to me from Palmer's for review purposes See First Impressions Post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Do you use dry shampoo as a part of your hair care routine? If so, today's post may interest you. This was my first time using a dry shampoo. Let's get into the review!

* This dry shampoo is tinted for brown to black hair

About the Product and Claims Etc.


This refreshing dry shampoo uses waterless oil absorbing technology to refresh and volumize hair between washes, extending the life of your style. This subtly tinted matte formula leaves no white residue on brown to black hair colors. Olive Oil contains naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which act as antioxidants protecting hair and skin from damaging free radicals Botanical Scalp Complex: Nettle: soothes irritation, redness and itching Sage: refreshes and stimulates scalp Hyssop: prevents dullness and fading

Key Ingredients:

- Olive oil

-  Vitamin E

-  Tapioca starch

How to Use:

I provided a link from Palmer's website on how to use this dry shampoo

* This product is NOT animal tested. Palmer's is against animal testing.
* There are NO Sulfates or Parabens in this product

My Thoughts

Where has dry shampoo been all my life? I love how this dry shampoo refreshes my hair between regular washes (yes you should wash and care for your hair even with box braids) . After usage, my hair is so refreshed, and it looks like I just washed my hair even with my box braids. This dry shampoo is lightweight and has a nice clean olive oil scent. Since finding hair care products can be challenging for my hair type, I'm glad that this product doesn't contain any sulfates and parabens. I also like the botanical scalp complex Nettle, soothes itching. When my scalp is dry it becomes itchy, but using this dry shampoo helps alleviate an itchy scalp. If you have ever worn box braids, you know sometimes you scalp can become itchy so this works well to stop any itching. When I sprayed this dry shampoo on my hair, I didn't notice any streaking or residue on my braids. Overall I like using this dry shampoo and being a first time user of this product, I was quite impressed.

I've been using this product a lot last week since I can't wash my braids due to the boil water advisory and the water pressure has been extremely low due to last week flooding in South Carolina (see notice near the end of my post). Until I can wash my box braids properly this dry shampoo has been coming in handy!

I used the dry shampoo on my hair in this picture I took earlier in the week as I sit in the hallway for the carpet cleaners to start the first treatment on my flooded carpet.



If you've been keeping up with the News and weather lately, you may have heard that South Carolina experience flooding over the weekend. Well I live in SC and the weather was terrible,
and the aftermath is terrible as well. The carpet in my apartment was completely flooded by Sunday morning when I woke up (and other damages), but I feel so blessed and grateful to have a home. I should be posting content that I have drafted this week, but my commenting and responding may be delayed since I have to take care of cleaning etc. Please keep the residents of South Carolina in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks for understanding!



Unknown said...

This sounds super nice and I'm glad you like this Pilar! I'll have to try this one because I can't live without dry shampoo. I like how this is tinted for darker hair because sometimes dry shampoo can leave white residue in my hair if I use too much!

Jackie Harrison said...

Cool I like this brand so I have to track this product down to try the dry shampoo thanks doll for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good dry shampoo! I've tried a few dry shampoos in the past, but I would to give this one a try as well! Thanks for sharing! I hope things are getting better in South Carolina, you're in my prayers!

Marie said...

Great review! I've never tried a dry shampoo, but I've always had an interest in trying one! It's good to know this brand doesn't leave residue. That was one of my concerns (residue), thanks for including that detail! Hope you are doing well!

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

I need to try this dry shampoo! So many dry shampoos actually leave a film on my scalp that makes me itchy, so it is awesome to know this one actually combats itch! Great review Pilar!

willsingformakeup said...

I really like dry shampoo.This sounds nice! I could use something to keep my scalp from itching.

Zen Goddess said...

I love dry shampoo and the Palmer's seems to give you more product for your money. I will certainly be checking this out.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

i have never tried dry shampoo! i love that this doesn't contain sulfates and parabens. i love that it works on black hair. i've got to try it!

it was so good talking to you today Pilar. glad we connected. keep in touch girl.

Pilar said...

I was very pleased with this dry shampoo being a newbie and all! I didn't see any residue in my hair and I've been using it a lot lately! I hope you like this dry shampoo if you try it!

Pilar said...

You're welcome! I hope you find it! I find most of my Palmer's products in Walmart and Target!

Pilar said...

Thanks for the kind words! This dry shampoo works well for my hair and the olive oil scent smells so nice!

Pilar said...

Thanks for the kind words! From what I can see from using this dry shampoo, I don't see any residue in my hair!

Pilar said...

Thanks! That's one of the first things I noticed about this dry shampoo, that it stops itching! I hope you like this dry shampoo if you decid to try it out!

Pilar said...

This dry shampoo is nice! I really like it! I recommend using this dry shampoo for an itchy scalp!

Pilar said...

I agree Palmer's products gives a lot of products in their containers that last a while. I you like this product if you decide to purchase it!

Pilar said...

I agree! I try to use products that are sulfate and paraben free! My hair is dark brown, but it works well for brown or black hair!

It was good talking to you too Kim! I'll definitely keep in touch!

Elle Sees said...

i need to check this one out for my dark hair!!

Pilar said...

It's a goood dry shampoo!

Naturalle Drea said...

I didn't know Palmer's had a dry shampoo!! I've been using Batiste when I had my box braids and now faux locs! I have to go find this!! Thanks for sharing Pilar!!


Pilar said...

I wasn't aware that Palmer's Shampoo either! I'm glad I was able to test out this product because this is a really good dry shampoo!

Unknown said...

I love this Palmers Olive Oil dry shampoo. I can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions?

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