Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Happy 8th Blogiversary to Beauty and More by Pilar!

 Hello Everyone!

Long time no see! I hope that you all have been doing well! If you read my last post back in May I mentioned that I was taking a break. I'm still taking a hiatus, but I didn't want to let today pass without celebrating my 8th Blogiversary. I started my blog on July 27th 2013. There was no significant reason I chose that day to begin my blog, but July 27th has become significant to me ove the past 8 years. 

A Blogiversary Gift

In a world we're we often face so many of life's challenges and even chaos, it's so important that you celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, big or small an accomplishment is an accomplishment.

These past 8 years I brought you along on various journeys. I've shared some of my experiences coping with anxiety and depression, inspirational posts, fashion, cooking, and my first love...all things beauty related. Makeup was the main reason I wanted to start my blog. I wanted to share my love for makeup and skincare, but I also knew I wanted to explore and discuss other topics here on my blog as well.

Recent PR Samples from Too Faced, Plum Beauty, CVS Beauty, and Adore Me

First I want to thank those in my life that support my blogging and encourage me to continue to do things that I love. Second I want to thank all the brands that I have worked with past and present. I appreciate you sending PR Samples/Products, sponsoring, and valuing my opinion to share with my audience. Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you all for taking time to visit, read, and comment on my blog! I appreciate you all so much! I hope that when you visit my blog that you enjoy and find inspiration from my posts. Here's to another wonderful year of blogging!

As I mentioned I'm still on a hiatus on my blog, but I will be back soon! ❤


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