Saturday, December 26, 2015

30th Birthday FOTD

Hello Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. As some of you know, I celebrated my 30th birthday on Christmas. I want to thank you for the birthday wishes and kindness you've shown me on my special day!

It's been pretty mild and humid in the South lately I think it was 81° on Christmas so I went for a simple and quick makeup look.

Products Used

* Eyes *

- MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

- Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette
  - Frisk as a transition color
  - Cover in the crease
  - Primal on the whole lid

* Face *

- Cetaphil DermaControl Oil  Moisturizer (for primer)

- Fashion Fair Fast Finish Foundation Stick (Butterscotch/Caramel)

- Fashion Fair Pressed Powder (Fawn)

* Lips *

- MAC Twig Lipstick

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Beauty Favorites 2015

Hello Everyone!

It's that time of year again when I  share my favorite beauty products for the year. Once again this year I'm so proud of myself for getting this done early! I just wanted make sure I had enough time to get this posted since the year will be over soon.

Eyeshadow Palettes

- Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette
- Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette 
- Doll 10 Cheek to Chic Contour and Blush Palette 
- Missy Lynn Baked Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette 

It was so hard to choose between the Naked palettes, but this year I realized that I use and love the Naked 2 Palette the most! I think with the Doll 10 palette I finally found a bronzer that works well with my complexion. It looks more natural on my skin and doesn't leave me looking orange lol.


- BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duo in Iris

 I got this blush over the Summer and, I wear it quite often. The colors are so pigmented!


- Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie 
- MAC Twig
-MAC Faux
- MAC All Fired Up
- MAC Pink Pigeon 

These are a few of the lipsticks I wore a lot this year. It was so hard to chose which lipsticks would make my favorites list! Twig goes with so many of the makeup looks that I create and it's a great nude color!

Skincare Products

- Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Moisturizer 
- Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil

I typically use the DermaControl Oil Moisturizer as  a face primer for my makeup. I love how it's non greasy and it helps my makeup last longer. The Moisturizing Body Oil,  is great for using in my bath water. 

- Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil (Refined)

This coconut oil has so many uses! I wrote a post about it back in February. I primarily use this coconut oil as a makeup remover, on my hair, and on the cuticles of my nails to help strengthen them.

- Clarisonic Mia 1

I have noticed such a difference on my face since I've started using the Clarisonic Mia 1. I seriously see why so many people rave about this device. It's definitely worth the money. 

What are some of your favorite beauty items for 2015?

Here is the link to my reflections post

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reflections: Almost 30 Years Old and My Year in Review 2015

Hello Everyone!

Well it's that time of year again that I write my reflections. This year I'm going to combine my reflections of the past decade since I'll be 30 on Christmas, and reflections: my year in review posts together.

Almost 30 Years Old

What a year this has been! I say that in terms of good, bad, and everything in between. Here I am almost week from 30 so I'm going to reflect on the last decade of my life. It seems like just yesterday that I was that 19 year old girl, a freshman in college, full of ambition with hopes and dreams of doing something great in this world. Fast forward 10 years later. I'm still that girl who has ambition and dreams. For the things that I still want to accomplish, I feel that it's so important to remain positive and focused on my goals.

One of my goals that I set for myself included college. I did graduate college with a B.A. in Psychology.  I still haven't found anything in my field, and sometimes I feel really discouraged about that. Isn't it funny how life can take you down a path that you never expected? That's not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I wonder did I go to school for the wrong thing. I know deep down that I have a passion for helping people. I think that's just the frustration I feel sometimes when I get upset about not having a job related in the Psychology field.

You know I once read that somewhere that you'll ruin your 20's by thinking about all the things you should be doing. I feel like this, yes you definitely should set goals for yourself and try to accomplish them to the best of your ability. However, I've learned a long time ago that life isn't going to always go as you thought it would. At almost 30 I'm not exactly where I want to be in life, but when does life stop at 30? For example, I remember when I was in my early 20's I thought I was going have a husband and by 26 and at least one child by 29. Well here I am today and I don't have neither lol. At 29,  I'm not really focused on those two elements right now. I want to have a steady career first, maybe do some traveling, and then have a family. When I think about it, I rather have a family in my 30's. I have faith that I should be more established of where I want to be in my 30's than I am now in my 20's. All I know is that I didn't spend my 20's worrying and stressing about the minor opinions of some people that just don't matter. This is my life and I'm the one who has to live it. You may think that statement is harsh, but think about it...I think we all know someone who always has an opinion about something they have no knowledge of the things they speak. So at the end of the day, I don't let those type of people influence my life in anyway because I've noticed that those types of people are usually negative and unhappy with their own life.

Honestly I think your 20's is a good time to figure out who you are and what you want to do in life. All you can really do is try your best at whatever you do in life and by chance you don't accomplish your goal(s) that doesn't mean you're a failure. It simply means that there's something out better out there waiting for you. As I look back some of the things that interested me in my early 20's no longer interest me now. That's to be expected since we all grow as people. As we grow and get older our priorities change. I remember that I used to absolutely hate cooking, baking, and anything domesticated. I found it time consuming and disinteresting. Now I love home décor, diy projects and I love to cook and bake.

Now that this decade is about to end in my 20's I can honestly say I've learned a lot, I've grown as a person. I'll be 30 on Christmas, and I'm looking forward to what the next chapter in my life brings.

My Year in Review 2015

Can you believe in less than two weeks the year will be over? I know it sounds really cliché, but this year went by fast!

As with any year that comes to a close, 2015 had its ups and downs. My health was decent except for the allergies and sinuses problems I have in general. I collaborated with some amazing companies. Some of the companies I've worked with before and some companies were new. I moved into a new apartment during the Spring, but unfortunately I had to move into another unit because of the flood that occurred in South Carolina. Even though that was a set back with having to move and losing items, I think of how it could've been worse. I've never been the type of person to take things for granted or at least I try not be, but when things like this happen it tends to make me feel even more appreciative of the things that I have and the people in my life that mean the most to me. I know that we have about two weeks left in the year, but whatever I didn't accomplish this year, I hope to accomplish next year and focus on the things that really matter. One of my goals for next year is not to stress so much. You know the funny thing about worry and stress? It doesn't help the situation. I think most people realize that, but yet we as people still continue to worry. I try to remember to let go and let God. Overall I think this year was alright. As I mentioned in the beginning of my reflections post, this year had its ups and downs, but I definitely saw a lot of positive things happen for me this year and I plan to continue to take a positive attitude into the New Year.

For those who celebrate Christmas, may you have a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Side Notes :
- Since my birthday is on Christmas, and Christmas is next week, I'm unsure of how much I'm going to be posting. I'm going to try to post something though, and I'll be reading and commenting on your blogs!

Happy Early Birthday to Me :)

I Used my Victoria's Secret SRC to get myself a few early early birthday gifts and two free pairs of undies. I'm so glad I was able to get this tote on clearance! 

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New Year's Eve Makeup Collaboration ft. Affordable Makeup Products

Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you another holiday collaboration with my friend Ashley! We thought it was be fun to collaborate on a few holiday looks this since we both love makeup! For today's collab we both created a New Year's Eve inspired makeup looks using drugstore products. Note: The only high end product I used for this tutorial was my Fashion Fair Fast Finish Foundation Stick. I'm still on a search to find a drugstore foundation that I like lol!

Products Used

* Eyes *

- NYX Eyeshadow Base in White

- Maybelline The Smokes Palette

- BH Cosmetics 88 Color Cool Shimmer Palette

1. As a transition color in the Crease

2. Shimmer Black shade on the lid and On Outer V

3. Silver shade on top of the Lid

I also used this shimmer silver shade in step 3. on top of the other silver shade in Maybelline The Smokes Palette to intensify the color

 - Covergirl Bombshell Volume by Lashblast Mascara

* Face *

 - Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Moisturizer (for primer)

 - Fashion Fair Fast Finish Foundation Stick (Topaz)

- Revlon Mineral Makeup Powder (Medium)

- BH Cosmetics Floral Duo Blush (Lighter Shade)

* Lips *

- Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

I usually stay in for New Years Eve, but that doesn't mean I can't create a makeup look! What makeup look are you creating are you creating for New Years Eve? Make sure you stop by ashleysuemakeup to see what makeup looks my friend Ashley created for the New Years Eve! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hips and Curves Lingerie Review

Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Hips and Curves. All opinions are 100% my own

Today's post is featuring lingerie from a company called Hips and Curves that recently contacted me about sampling a few of their lingerie items. Even though I love shopping at Victoria's Secret, it's nice to shop at other stores and sites that appeal more to my curves. Thanks Hips and Curves for sending me a few of your items to review.

About Hips and Curves

Located in Southern California, Hips and opened for business in 2000 and has been going strong ever since! We offer a secure, private and entertaining shopping experience while bringing you the latest and greatest in plus size lingerie styles. We carry a wide assortment of lingerie from sweet and demure to smokin' hot styles for plus-sized women everywhere. Add exceptional customer service, knowledgeable lingerie consultants, and the extras on our Web site, like spicy stories and informative articles - and we have to ask - why would you shop anywhere else?
Our entire aim is to provide fabulous, sexy plus size lingerie that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of fuller figures. And because we focus exclusively on plus sizes, our fantastic selection of lingerie provides just the right amount of support, enhancement - and oomph! Never again will you find yourself squeezing into a corset that was designed with a smaller busted girl in mind. We want your feedback! Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Did we say "order up" and you found you should have ordered down? Do we stock your favorite brands? Do you have any words of wisdom or seduction tips to share with our other customers? Let us know by emailing us. From sweet to sensual to downright racy - there's something on this site for every seductress. So let's start shopping!

* All the items being reviewed in this post are either a large or an x-large

1. Edwardian Cotton Lace Chemise: $49.95

I really like this chemise. It feels so light and it's very girly and lacy. This is great chemise to wear during the Spring and Summer.

2. Chemise with Lace Trim: $24.95

Front of Chemise

I absolutely love this chemise! I can either wear this to bed or as a cute tunic. Depending on the size you get, this chemise is curve hugging. Even though this chemise is curve hugging, it's a stretchy cotton material that is very comfy

Back of Chemise

3. Unknown Name: Sheer Baby Doll?: Price Unknown

Front of Baby Doll

I don't know the name of this exact baby doll because I didn't see it on the site anymore. This sexy baby doll is made of sheer, but a cute bra and panty set underneath would go great this baby doll if your looking for more coverage. The bow in the front adds to femininity of this baby doll.  The only thing is that this baby doll wasn't all that DD friendly to me. It's a snug fit in the bust area.

Back of Chemise

My Thoughts

I really like all the lingerie samples that were sent to me. My favorite is the grey chemise. I think it's so cute and it's very comfy like I stated earlier. Some of the prices may be on the costly side if your depending on what you want to spend. I think that the quality of the products are worth the money based on the samples that I received. All three lingerie items are on the short side which I don't really mind. I mean it is lingerie! You could always pair the first two chemises with shorts or leggings etc. As for the baby doll I can only speak for myself, but once again  this wasn't very bust friendly. Based on the samples I would definitely look on the site for more products. I also like how the site also caters to women who are on the smaller plus side (such as myself) versus than some stores that cater to larger plus size women. From what I can tell the site caters to all size plus size and /or curvy women. Even though the site is geared for plus size women, but as the site states you can always check it out especially if you have a curvy shape.

For more information visit

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Makeup Looks 2015 Collaboration

Hello Everyone!

My friend Ashley and I thought it would be fun to collaborate on a few holdiay themed posts. So today we're both sharing our holiday makeup looks we created. We both decided to create The Classic Gold  and Red Lips look and we created an individual look for the second makeup look. For my second look I created Soft Green and Gold Eyes with a Medium Pink Lip

1. Classic Gold Eyes and Red Lips

Products Used


- MAC Paint Pot in Painterly 

- Urban Decay Naked Palette 

1. Buck as a transition color in the Crease
2. Half Baked on the Lid and in Tear Duct
3. Half Baked on Lower Lash Line, near Tear Duct
4. Dark Horse on top of lid and Outer V 

- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (clear)

Covergirl Bombshell Volume By Lashblast Mascara

* Face *

- Cetaphil DermaControl Oil  Moisturizer (for primer) not shown

- Fashion Fair Fast Finish. Foundation Stick (Butterscotch/Caramel)

- Fashion Fair Pressed Powder (Fawn)

- Doll 10 Cheek to Chick Contour Palette (the bronzer, top row last shade)

- BH Cosmetics Iris Blush Duo  (Darker Shade)

* Lips *

- NYX Lip Pencil in Red Hot

-  MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

2. Soft Green and Gold Eyes with Medium Pink Lips

Products Used 


- MAC Paint Pot in Painterly 

- BH Cosmetics 88 Color Cool Shimmer Palette

1. Green all over the Lid
2. Gold on top the Lid and in the Crease
3. Half Baked on top of Gold in the Crease. I added this gold to really make the eyeshadow pop.

- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (clear)

Covergirl Bombshell Volume By Lashblast Mascara

* Face *

- Cetaphil DermaControl Oil  Moisturizer (for primer) not shown

- Fashion Fair Fast Finish. Foundation Stick (Butterscotch/Caramel)

- Fashion Fair Pressed Powder (Fawn)

* Lips *

- NYX Lip Pencil in Rose

- Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie

What looks are you creating for the holiday season? Make sure you stop by ashleysuemakeup to see what makeup looks my friend Ashley created for the holidays! 

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Uses for Rose Hip Oil/ La Bella Rose Hip Oil Review

Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by La Bella. All opinions are 100% my own.

I was recently contacted by La Bella to review a few products and one of the products included this Rose Hip Oil. I've never used rose hip oil until now, but I have heard many positive reviews about the benefits of using this oil. For today's post I'm going to share a few uses for rose hip oil. I want to thank La Bella for sending this product for me to review.

Since I was unfamiliar with rose hip oil in general, I researched a few sites that provided information about the product. I came across this article and I thought I would give a few of the suggestions on the list a try to write this post.

1. Brittle nails

Rosehip oil can nourish and hydrate your brittle nails, making them stronger and healthier. Just massage your nails every evening during one week with Rosehip oil before going to sleep and see the wonderful difference it makes.

2. Moisturizer

Rosehip oil has a high content of essential fatty acids and is a perfect skin hydration tool. Spray a little Rosehip oil mixed with water on your skin to rehydrate and lock in the moisture. This beauty trick is especially good for summertime!

About La Bella Rose Hip Oil (information provided by

- Professional Formula

This powerful Rosehip Oil with Vitamin E contains antioxidants and moisturizing properties and  
nutritional factors.  It is a treatment for dry, rough and wrinkled skin.  Use it to remove makeup or
for stretch marks and scars. Apply it every morning and in the evening before bed.

- Ingredients 

Mineral Oil , Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) , Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil (Rose Hips) , FD&C Red 17, Fragrance

- For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Keep out of reach of children.

- Can be purchased online at Walgreens and Amazon varying from $4.99- $6.99

My Thoughts

I thought using this oil for nails would be a good idea since I'm trying to grow my nails long again. I used this oil for the recommended week and I have noticed that my nails are less brittle and I can tell my nails are getting stronger. I've been massaging this oil onto my nails with a q-tip at night. If you're trying to strengthen your nails, I suggest giving this oil a try especially since its getting colder outside to keep them strong and healthy.

A healthy skincare routine is very important to me. Since I'm a fan of oil for keeping my skin moisturized and healthy I decided to give this a try. I did as instructed on the website and my skin felt so hydrated! I've also read that Rose Hip Oil was good for Eczema. I decided to use the oil on my elbows since those are the only trouble spots I have at times with Eczema. I noticed that this oil gave my skin a healthy glow after usage. My skin wasn't greasy after I used this on my skin and the oil didn't take very long to absorb on my skin. This is also a less is more type product since it's oil. A little goes a long way.

La Bella Rose Hip Oil has a light floral/fresh scent that isn't too overpowering. I don't really mind the scent which surprised me since I'm not really a fan of floral scents, but I found this oil's scent to be tolerable. I also like how this oil contains vitamin E which has great healing properties. I haven't seen this brand in stores, but you can buy this oil online in the links I provided in the About section of this post.

Have you tried Rose Hip Oil in your beauty and skincare routine(s)?

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Meal Prep: Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats

 Hello Everyone! Before I start this post I want to thank everyone for their kind words on my last post. I truly appreciate it. Since I'...