Friday, May 21, 2021

Why Mental Health Matters

 Hello Everyone!

I had a couple of posts planned for May, but life happened, so bare with me... I have a good bit of drafts, but lately I've haven't been feeling that great emotionally or physically. I figured why not just focus on Mental Health Awareness for this month. Mental health matters because it affects many aspects of your life that include relationships, work, how you feel about yourself etc. 

Do things that make you happy

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I've been going through a funk, and that's okay. I acknowledge that. Makeup is one thing that makes me happy. I love creating makeup looks and discovering new products. During this pandemic I started feeling like I was losing my passion. I think that was just depression, slowly but surely I'm getting back into creating more makeup looks. 

JOAH Chasing The Sun Eyeshadow and Bronzing Palette

I love this new Chasing the Sun palette from JOAH all these highly pigmented eyeshadows, bronzers, and highlighter remind me of Summer. I mentioned this before, but did you know lack of Vitamin D and sunlight can add to depression symptoms? Get some fresh air and sunlight 🙂

You may remember that glowy makeup is one of my favorite types of makeup looks to create. I've seen JOAH inside a few local CVS's, but this is my first time trying the brand. I'm very impressed!

I've created a natural glowy makeup look. Since its so hot and humid here, I used JOAH Perfect Collection BB Creams and Blur-fection-setting-powder. I love how my skin has a natural all day glow when I used these two products together. The JOAH lip gloss really adds the perfect glossy lip to this makeup look.

Pamper yourself during your period

I'm one of these females that typically hates that time of the month. I feel moody, bloated, people tend to make me angry, and overall I rather be left alone and eat chocolate. Another fun fact...did you know that pms can make depression and anxiety worse during your period? During this time I try to get more rest. Just like on a day outside of PMS, I try do things that make me mentally happy.

Pamper Yourself 

Sunday I had a full facial skincare routine. My skin has been stressed due to allergies and probably stress so I used some of my favorite skincare and  pampering products reduce stress.

Stress Less

Last weekend I wasn't feeling that well and I felt like I had a million things to do. I started to feel overwhelmed so I took a nap. I needed to get groceries, but since I wasn't feeling well I ordered my groceries for delivery from Publix. Easy enough right?

Do a Wellness Check

I'm come a long way with my overall wellness. I've struggled so badly with anxiety and depression. I still have times that I struggle badly with anxiety and depression. You may not think reaching out to someone who is suffering from mental health issues won't matter, but it does. I also reached out to people that I know cared about me.  Talking doesn't always solve how you're feeling, but it can help take away some of those negative feelings and distress.

I wrote this post because I can only hope that it will help someone. To be honest, I wrote this post for myself as well. One of favorite quotes "In a world where you can be anything, be kind" You never know what someone is going through. I mentioned right now I'm in a funk.  I try to practice what I preach, I will be taking a hiatus on my blog. I guess you can call this a part time mental health break. I will post on Instagram, so make sure your following on there as well. I'm wishing you all love, health, and happiness. Talk with you all soon.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mental Health and the Power of Clothes: Featuring Adore Me

 Hello Everyone!

*Disclaimer: This post is Sponsored by Adore Me. I would like to thank Adore Me for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information, courtesy of

I'm a believer that when you look good you feel good. A new hairstyle, treating yourself to a spa day, or in this case new lingerie. I mentioned that May is Mental Health Awareness Month in my last post.  I'm partnering with Adore Me for their Mental Health and the Power of Clothes Campaign.

Lingerie makes me feel like an inner warrior strong, and fearless. A warrior that fights against anxiety and a warrior that fights against depression. 

Lingerie made of lace and ribbons makes me feel like a goddess sexy and sure of myself.  I celebrate every curve, I embrace my imperfections.

Lingerie makes me feel like this is me in all transparency. No hiding my flaws or insecurities. Should I dare even say...vulnerable

As an ode to myself, I owe it to myself to be comfortable in my own skin. I love who I am inside and outside. We live a world where it can sometimes hard not to compare ourselves to others. Each day we should love ourselves a little bit more than the day before. This is me, unapologetically me. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

 Hello Everyone!

May is mental health awareness month. Mental Health is an area that hits close to home for me because I have depression and anxiety. Many of you that read my blog know that I have shared my struggles, inspiration, and hope for coping with mental health issues.

I mentioned in 2018 that I started going back to counseling. The first counselor I had was very pushy with his beliefs on mental health and he wasn't listening to anything I was saying. I actually started feeling worse after my counseling sessions. After the 3rd session, I switched counselors. One of the best decisions I made. I keep my circle small, but sometimes people give bad advice. Ultimately it's up to you on how you deal with coping with your overall mental health. 

I tend to overthink a lot. I can admit trusting the process can be struggle for me. Sometimes I question did I make the right decision or why something bothers me the way it does. I have let things bother me until I have anxiety. In life things happen beyond our control. 

I'm learning to trust myself more. Your worst critic can be yourself. I've learned that a lot over the years. When you trust yourself you should be able to do so without judgment or guilt.  

You can't run on empty. One of my goals has been eating more foods that help combat anxiety and depression. Since I have severe nutrient deficiencies (i.e. Iron Deficiency Anemia etc) low iron levels can also be a factor for some of my mental health symptoms. I take medication, but eating right, exercise, and getting rest does help. I still suffer from insomnia, but some nights are better than others. 

You have to take each day one by one. You can't be fully sure of what tomorrow will bring. You have to take the good with the bad. It's okay not to know all the answers. Sometimes you have to figure out things as you go along, and that's okay.

Over the past few years I've realized that taking a mental health day(s) are necessary for me to cope with my depression and anxiety. I can't always stop what I'm doing to take a break, but once I fulfill important obligations etc. I take a few days to myself. Life can be overwhelming, but it helps to take a mental health day. Remember, self care isn't selfish.

It's 2021 and mental health still comes with stigma, and that is something I don't understand. Honestly with all the things going on in the world, it can become overwhelming to cope especially when your dealing with your own issues. If you're struggling with mental health issues, know there is help and hope to feel better. 

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