Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Health Update: Follow Up Doctor's Appointment

 Hello Everyone!

Before I start today's post, I want to thank everyone that sent me messages, etc concerning my recent health. I've been going through a lot lately and it does help to know there are kind people that care.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I had a pretty good visit. No covid 🥳 Pneumonia is clearing well. My lungs sound clear and my heart sounds good. My doctor said I'm healing well and continue to get rest and drink fluids for the rest of the week. 

I feel so blessed that I'm feeling better. Last month I could've died the first time I was hospitalized with pneumonia and sepsis, that caused a high blood sugar. The second time I was hospitalized I had both pneumonia and covid. I was so sick and I've been through a lot personally and medically. God has a purpose for me to still be here and for that I'm grateful. 

Friday, September 15, 2023

Back in the Hospital for Pneumonia Again and Covid

 Hello Everyone, 

As for today's title you can see that I'm back in the hosptial. I was only home for 10 days before I had a medical relapse. Thursday I felt badly and noticed my cough came back. The cough was bad this time I started throwing up at home. I had another fever and chills. I decided it was time to go to the ER that night.

I was feeling miserable by time the ambulance got to my house, but not as bad or disoriented as last time. I threw up again when got to the ER.

This is my first time getting covid. I'm unsure of how I got it since I wear my mask. The only time I left my house was Tuesday to go to my primary doctor for my follow up. I wore my mask. The ER doctor said since my body was immunocompromised from the pneumonia it was easy to get Covid.

I still feel pretty badly, but I was told that I shouldn't be here 15 days like last time. This time I'm going to get more rest. Hopefully I won't have another pneumonia or covid relaspe.

If anyone wants to help me financially sustain until I go back to work, please consider donating to gofundmepage. I would greatly appreciate it.

Talk to everyone hopefully soon


Monday, September 4, 2023

15 Day Hospitalization with Pneumonia

 Hello Everyone 

I'm surprised I even knew who I was or why I taking this picture. My temperature was 104 by time I got to the ER. 

Almost two months after my mama died I wanted to share an update. First I want to thank those who reached out to me. Your comfort love and support means so much to me. Words can't express the gratitude that I feel. Life can prepare you for many things, but I'm not sure if one is ever truly prepared to lose a parent(s).  I said when my mom died, I was not okay. I'm still not okay, but this time is for an additional reason. 

They quickly put me on a breathing treatment soon after I arrived at the ER. This mask is so uncomfortable and it actually caused me to have anxiety. I think I was getting overwhelmed by all the air in the mask.

Puffy face and super sick. I didn't even realize my throat and face were puffy until the doctor mentioned it. 

Losing my mom, starting a new job, basic life stressors, general emotional feelings took a major toll on me that led me to a recent 15 day hospital stay. I just got home this afternoon. I had pneumonia and I didn't even know it. I was feeling sick that week, but I attributed being sick to the elements I listed above. The doctors were so taken a back of how sick I was, they thought I had the new variant of Covid (Thankfully I tested negative each time I was tested for Covid). I had a few doctors tell me that I was a very sick young lady.

I hate needles in all shapes and forms. This apparently wasn't my choice. 

The Sunday that I went to the hospital I was delirious with a fever of 104 and totally confused of what was going on. I was so out it that one of the EMT's had to carry me onto the stretcher. I passed out in the ambulance a few times on the way to the hospital. Later at the ER and during my hospital stay I was told that if the EMT's would've gotten to me a day later I might not have made it.

For those wondering I was on the critical care unit which is called IICU. Meaning I was really sick, but a step down from intensive care unit. 

During my hospital stay there was one day, I was mad. Crying tears mad. I felt helpless sitting in my hospital bed wishing that EMT's wouldn't have found me in time. I was hurting so much emotionally. I'm doing everything that God wants me to do, and I still end up here in the hospital. I honestly think this was God's way of saying I needed a rest. Believe me life will humble you or show you when you need to slow down. I don't think I truly meant that wished EMT'S wouldn't have found me in time because I called 911 for help. It's hard to cope when you feel your life's in shambles. 

I've never faked anything I've gone through that I've shared on my blog and I'm not about to start now. This is why I decided to show these photos me dealing with pneumonia. My hair looks like a birds nest and I'm completely exhausted. 

I thought about my mama and how if she were here she wouldn't want me to be sitting in that hospital bed feeling completely sorry for myself. Give myself grace, kindness, and understanding yes, but wanting to give up no.

Even though I feel my mama died far too young at 58 her life was a good life fulfilled. Her life is sadly over, but I know that she would want me to go on and live a fulfilled life and be happy. I know its going to take some time for me to be on the mend. I think my body is healing even though I'm still not feeling well. I want to rest and sleep. My lungs have mostly cleared, but I get winded easily. I also have to go for numerous follow ups in the upcoming months to make sure my lungs are okay. I can't write this post without discussing the amazing doctors and nurses that saved my life and helped me feel better. My mom worked in nursing, and like many people I feel doctors, nurses, nurse aids, EMT's, housekeeping etc are our unsung heros that don't wear capes. I was truly treated with care and compassion by the hospital staff. 

I was so happy to share that I found a new job, but right now I have to take a medical leave. If anyone wants to help me financially sustain until I go back to work, please consider donating to gofundmepage. I would greatly appreciate it.

Talk to everyone hopefully soon


Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Mommy I'll Miss You

 Hello Everyone,

I'm going to take a hiatus off Social Media. I'll still be here, but I probably won't be posting as much. Right now I need to focus on my mental health. This afternoon my mother, my beautiful angel died. Honestly no I'm not okay and that's to be expected. I'm hurting emotionally and physically. This is truly the type of pain I have to turn to God and pray.

Mommy I miss you, and I love you so much 🤍 Sleep well my angel.

Friday, June 16, 2023

CVS Beauty Savings Haul

 Hello Everyone!

By now you've probably realized that CVS is one of my favorite places to get affordable cosmetics. CVS can be a little pricey, but for years I've been getting major discounts with my extra care card and monthly membership perks. By doing this I can get the cosmetics that I love without breaking the bank.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation W7 (Warm Medium Deep)

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation N7 (Neutral Medium Deep)

L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer 

L'Oreal recently released a new formula of their True Match Super-Blendable Foundation. I like the new design because it comes with a pump. I hope that this foundation is similar to the old formula because this is one of my favorite drugstore foundations. Along with the True Match Foundation L'Oreal also released a new formula for their True Match Concealer. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (London)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Los Angeles) 

Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Slim Lipstick (More Mauve)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk)

I've been a fan of NYX Butter Glosses for years and I wanted to try their Soft Matte Lip Creams. I love wearing a matte lip, so I hope these won't be drying and comfortable to wear. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils have been a staple in my eye makeup routine for years especially the white shade to give pop to my colorful eyeshadows. I received one these Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Slim Lipsticks in a CVS PR Box, and I loved the color and the formula and I purchased another. These lipsticks feel so lightweight and moisturizing. You do have to reapply these lipsticks throughout the day.

As I mentioned used my CVS Extra Care Rewards, coupons, and monthly care pass rewards some of these products were either free or less than $5.00 etc. Major savings! 🙂

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Zoya Beachy Brights Collection: Summer 2023

 Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples provided by Zoya for review purposes. I would like to thank  Zoya for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information is courtesy of zoya.com

It's so hot and humid outside and I can't think of a better time to dream of the beach! Today I'm going to share Zoya's latest collections, Beachy Brights that will give you summer vibes all season long!

Zoya Beachy Brights Collection: Summer 2023

Avani: Extra bright lemon lime green, 2-coat full coverage formula.

Loni: Bright salmon coral, 2-coat full coverage formula.

Yohanna: Vibrant ultra-bright knockout pink, 2 coat full coverage formula.

Soraya: Ultra-bright creamy highlighter fuchsia, 2 coat full coverage formula.

Pluto: Vibrant Carolina blue, 2 coat full coverage formula.

Alora: Juicy fire engine red filled with pink undertones, 2-coat full coverage formula

These polishes are in mini bottles, and are perfect for putting in your bag when you're on the go. I love this collection and the colors are so gorgeous. As I mentioned in the intro I received this collection in PR and Zoya even included their Naked Manicure Items. If you've been following me over the years, you know how much I love the Naked Manicure Items! 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Chicken Broccoli Bacon Alfredo with Rotini Noodles

 Hello Everyone!

Last night I made this yummy Crockpot Chicken Broccoli Bacon Alfredo with Rotini Noodles. It's been raining most of the weekend, so why not make a pasta dish that will last a few days. Did I forget to mention my mom loves when I make this dish!

At first I thought my Crockpot wasn't working, but I realized that I didn't have it plugged in the socket all the way. Problem solved lol.

This alfredo pasta was so good. I'm glad I made it yesterday along with the garlic toast. Taking it easy today. 

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Hi There!

 Hello Everyone, 

I missed you all! I hope that you all are doing well!

So how has your year been going so far? I guess I can't complain too much. The only thing that has been constant lately is my sinus and allergy problems.  South Carolina has been experiencing unpredictable weather once again and currently suffering lol. It seems like I've been dealing with these sinus and allergy problems since late November. 

In speaking of allergies and sinuses,  I had a sneeze session in the kitchen Friday night and pulled a muscle. I won't lie, I'm in a lot of pain right now, but I hope that it won't last that long. My intent was to start back blogging next week, but I might have to delay it a little longer. I have so many blog posts planned. I will be back! 🙂 

Talk with you all soon! ❤


Health Update: Follow Up Doctor's Appointment

 Hello Everyone! Before I start today's post, I want to thank everyone that sent me messages, etc concerning my recent health. I've ...