Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My Life in August 2019

Hello Everyone!

The end of the month is almost here so it's time for a monthly Lifestyle post. I should be back to posting regularly in September. I miss you all and I miss blogging! I know this lifestyle post is a little early this month lol.

Last month I celebrated my 6th Blogiversary and I included my PR Haul. Thank you again everyone for all the amazing products!

Enjoying time at the park

Look at that beautiful fountain

Nature view

Summer Thunderstorm 

I updated everyone on how I'm doing see link  at the end of this post.

I decided to take another chance and try something from Starbucks: Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino. It's ok, but it tastes more like a watery milkshake with vanilla. More like ice milk. 

 I tried to drink that Vanilla Bean Créme Frappuccino and about midway through the drink just tasted like watery milk and hint of vanilla. I took that drink right back to Starbucks and they gave me a Fresher instead.

I love Urban Decay products, so thank you for the like on Instagram!

Rise and grind for an early morning makeup booking, but first breakfast.

McDonald's Ice Cream Cone

New Beauty Releases 

These Rose Water Skincare products from Garnier Skinactives smell so good!

Covergirl Trublend Undercover Concealer 

Urban Decay Stay Naked 24 Hour Foundation

Urban Decay did an amazing job with the range of shades.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer in shade 60WR

New Luminous Foundation From Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills Display

Thank you Derma E for the skincare goodies! *Product Information courtesy of

This clinically proven formula helps to improve the appearance of scars and encourage healthy skin. It may help improve the appearance and texture of sunburns, chemical burns, industrial burns, old scars, new scars, stretchmarks as it moisturizes the skin. This refreshing, oil-free formula goes on clear and will not stain clothes.

My Thoughts

This is my second jar of scar gel. I had a insect bite a back in June that left a scar on my arm. I started using this Scar Gel and I noticed results with the scar fading within a week. After a few weeks of using this scar gel I my scar is almost gone. This scar gel is also great for soothing sunburns. 💜

This lightweight day moisturizer helps to naturally support collagen health while protecting skin from pollutants and impurities.

My Thoughts

I've noticed some hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, but the Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer had helped my uneven skin. Vitamin C has many benefits, and I love how radiant my skin looks when I used this moisturizer. You can also use this moisturizer under your makeup 🙂

See you all in September!

August 2019 Posts

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mental Health Check-In

Hello Everyone!

After last months ER visit for anxiety and depression. I had to acknowledge that I wasn't feeling okay.  Last month was a wake up call. I didn't like seeing my blood pressure so high because of anxiety.  I'm still struggling with anxiety and depression, but I take everyday with patience and better self care. I know that I said I'm taking a small break, which I am. I wanted to update everyone on how I'm doing. I'm still not doing well as I want to, but I'm not in an Emergency Room. I think this time dealing with anxiety and depression is worse because of letting things bottle upside. I guess it was just a matter of time before I felt like I was crashing. I can't thank you all enough for all of your well wishes.

I had so many triggers last month leading to me feeling like I was falling to pieces. I haven't felt like I did a few weeks ago in over 3 years. I'm working on not letting my triggers overwhelm me.

Since I've been in this depressive state I had a tendency to overindulge in Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts. Time to put those glazed donuts away and get back to my exercise routine. Since it's so hot and humid all day I doubt if I'll be walking outside. I'll probably go to the mall and walk. I want to get back into cardio as well.

I had no plans to stop going to counseling, but right now I need counseling. I usually space my appointments, but I think I might start going every two weeks. I think talking about my feelings is healthy and therapeutic. Talking helps me keep things into perspective.

I've been on medication for depression and anxiety off and on for about 10 years. I started taking antidepressants again last year. I've noticed that medication does help, but I have to learn to balance my life better. I will talk with you all soon. Don't forget to check out the other two posts I posted this week. Links are below.

My Life in July 2019

6th Blogiversary Gifts and PR Haul

Sunday, August 11, 2019

6th Blogiversary Gifts and PR Haul

Hello Everyone!

Before I took my hiatus, I mentioned that I would show my Blogiversary gifts in an a upcoming post. I had some PR Samples, so I wanted to add them in this post well. Thank you so much everyone and the companies that sent over products! I'm still taking a little break, but I did want to share the two posts for today.

Blogiversary Gifts

Thank you to everyone that gave me a Blogiversary Gift! I also used a gift card I was given as gift from a makeup client to get a few things. 

- Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid: 
  Foundation 60WR

- Morphe Babe Faves 15 Eye Brushes

- Tarte Face Tape Foundation: 47H Tan-Deep Honey

- Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer: 47H Tan-Deep

- Pixi by Petra + Maryam Maquillage Eye & Lip Kit

- Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen: Matte Sienna

- L'Oréal True Match Super Blendable Powder: W7
  Caramel Beige

- CoverGirl truBLEND Base Business Face Primer:
  Color Neutralizing

- Super Stay Full Coverage, Long Lasting Under Eye
  Concealer: Caramel

- CoverGirl Trublend Undercover: Concealer D100
  Golden Caramel 

Pixi Beauty Summer Glow Palette and Glow Mist

A few weeks ago Pixi sent me a few makeup products. The Shimmer Palette is so pretty and I've heard good things about the Glow Mist.

Chique Tools Studio Brushes

I've feature Chique Tools before on my blog. I really love this brand of brushes and the quality is amazing. You can find these new Chique Studio Brushes can be found at Big Lots! 

Zoya Sensual Collection: Fall 2019   

The polishes in this collection are beautiful! I plan on displaying the polishes closer to fall. The Sensual Collection is now on

Urban Decay on Tour 2019

I have to share this good news with you all! A few weeks ago I was invite to attend the Urban Decay UD on Tour in Charleston SC! My first brand event! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but UD was kind enough to send me my gift bag from the event! 💜💜💜

Derma E Essentials BB Creams

I'm can't wait to try these BB Creams from Derma E! If you follow me blog and Instagram, you already know how much I love Derma E's skincare products. I think these BB Creams are going to be a good addition to my makeup routine.

I'm forever grateful for all these beautiful gifts for my 6th Blogiversary and PR Haul. Thank you again!!

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If you missed my Happy 6th Blogiversary to Beauty and More by Pilar! You can view that post HERE

My Life in July 2019

Hello Everyone!

I'm still taking taking time off my blog, but I did want to post my July 2019 Lifestyle post and second post for today as well. The last part of July was disastrous. I had anxiety attacks, depression issues and everything began to be overwhelming. I want to thank everyone that has left so many kind comments, emails etc. to check up on me. I truly appreciate it.

I drank so much water during July. The heat was unbearable. 

I also had an occasional Starbucks Refresher drink

This is Gabby!

I recently visited a nursing home and while I was there I met Gabby the Goat.

Gabby comes to the nursing home for pet therapy to the patients 



6th Blogiversary Glam. My 6th Blogiversary was on July 27th.

I always thought this was a nice post office even if it's still my least favorite place to visit. 

Anxiety Sucks 

Me, visibly upset after having an anxiety attack. The end of July wasn't the best.

I drove and parked near Lake Murray to sit and watch the water. It was so peaceful. That is what I need right now.

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