Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Christmas In Progress

 Hello Everyone, 

This holiday season will be different especially with it being the first holiday season without my mom. Christmas was one of her favorite holidays. As many of you know that my birthday is on Christmas Day. I've made a promise to myself that I won't get too depressed this holiday season, but I won't lie, it's hard. 

The day after Thanksgiving I made myself take out the Christmas Tree and decorations. It made me think of all the happy holiday memories I shared with my mom over the years. I owe it to her memory to continue Christmas Traditions. 

My tree has been the same theme for the past 3 years. Silver, Clear, and White. The lights reflecting off the clear ornaments looks so beautiful. 

I like to burn a candle(s) as I'm decorating. I usually burn Fresh Balsam, but this time I'm burning Vanilla Bean Noel, one of my favorite Christmas Candles.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Holiday 2023 Inspired Nails

 Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: These products were pr gifted  by various nail polish brands . Thank you so much for sending these products over! All opinions are 100% my own.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Today on the blog, I'm going to share a few holiday inspired manicures. 

Morgan Taylor On My Wish List Holiday/Winter Collection 2023

This collection should be on your wishlist! Look at all these festive colors!

Gift It Your Best

This nail polish is the definition of icy! Outside of Gift It Your Best being a gorgeous nail polish, you can wear this all Winter!

Before My Berry Eyes

How gorgeous is this metallic polish? As much as I love sparkly and traditional holiday colors metallic add a nice touch to the holiday season Winter months.

Zoya November Color of the Month: Amaris 

Zoya Amaris

Zoya relased their color of the month in Amaris. I this blue sparkle polish. I like traditional holiday nail polishes, but its something special about a blue sparkle polish during the holidays.

Zoya Magical Collection: Holiday 2023

Zoya is ending the year on a magical note with their latest collection.

What a beautiful collection of polishes. I think this collection has a polish that will go with many themes this holiday season.

Zoya Cheri

Is it really the holidays without a classic red nail polish? Zoya Cheri is a beautiful red matte polish. I think matte polish is a nice alternative from the regular shiny red polishes for the season. 

Zoya Vixen

This polish is given Fall vibes continued for the holidays and I'm here for it! This vampy color is perfect for my lovers of darker nail polishes that still look festive. 

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday Weekly Reset

 Hello Everyone!

Before I got sick back in August I was starting a Sunday reset routine in addition to my Sunday Skincare Routine. I'm currently having a throat ache I'm thinking it due to weather and hopefully nothing else so I need this weekly reset.

Pacifica recently added a few more products to their Glow Baby Skincare Line and the products are amazing. These products add the perfect balance of cleansing and layering to my skincare routine. Not to mention I smell like a orangesicle afterwards. 

Since my throat hurts I didn't wash my hair this week, but the past few weeks I've been using these products from the Sea Moss Collection by Curls. My hair feels so soft and more manageable when I use products from the this collection.

I try my best not to let the upcoming week overwhelm me, so I try to write down my weekly goals and manage my schedule using my planner. 

During my Sunday Reset A burning candle is a must. If you've been a longtime reader of my blog then you know I love candles. Candles are calming and a smell good throughout my home. Since it's a cool night I'll be drinking a cup of hot chocolate. 

Sunday, November 5, 2023

A Challenging Year of Thankfulness

 Hello Everyone, 

As you can see for my photo the leaves are changing colors as we continue the Fall season. I think life is a lot like the leaves, life is always changing. 

My life has been a constant season of change especially since my mom died on the 4th of July. That was the day my life changed forever. When she first died I was completely devastated. I mentioned this before, but the morning after she died I was so angry not that she died, but that I woke up. I just wanted to be with my mom. When she died it was hard for me to look at myself in the mirror knowing that I look just like my mom.  Four months later I still hurt. I think about her everyday and I miss my mom so much. She wasn't only my mom, but my very best friend. 

The moments when I feel sad, I like to think of the happy memories of my mom. She was so full of life and I know she wants me to remember our happy times and all that she instilled in me to be the woman that I am and the woman I want to become. In the midst of all my grief I am thankful for the 37 years my mom was in my life. 

In August I found a new lease on life because I could've lost my own life. I was so sick with pneumonia, sepsis, and covid. That first hospital stay still traumatize me knowing that I could've died. I still struggle with that. I'm thankful that I was able to recover from those illnesses sooner rather than later. I'm still having some complications, but I'm not as sick as I was before and for that I'm thankful and blessed.

I started blogging again to channel my feelings. Everyday isn't a bad day, but I do have my bad days that I struggle with my mental health and physical health. Some days I'm harder on myself than others and I don't give myself enough credit and grace. In life we just the best we can and take one day at time. Challenges can make you feel like maybe I deserve all the bad things I feel and going through even though that's usually not true. Life just tends to happen. In this season of thankfulness I'm thankful for a lot, especially lifes basic necessities a home, food, etc.. No matter what you go through it's always some in your life to be thankful for.

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