Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Foundation Tips

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is one that I've been wanting to write for quite some regarding foundation tips. I'm not a certified MUA, but I find these tips have helped me along in my foundation journey.

Before I get started I wanted to talk a little bit about face primers.  Before I add any makeup of my face I use a primer.

Why should you use a primer?

Using a primer before you apply your foundation will make your makeup last longer, limit creasing, and it will also help with your makeup glide smoothly on your face. Using a primer can also help control and or reduce excess oil.

1. What am I looking for?

I think that in order to find the right foundation, you need to have an idea of what you're looking for.

Examples:  Am I looking for a full coverage or medium coverage foundation etc? Do I want to try drugstore foundations, or high end foundations?

2. What is the the best option for my skin type?

I have normal to oily skin. When my skin is feeling oily, I stay clear of foundations that are oil based or that will give a dewy glow.  You have to know your skin type and chose a foundation (s) that will work for skin and personal preference.

3. What are my Foundation options?

Here's a list of the different types of foundations that are available.

1. Liquid (or Cream) Foundation

2. Oil Based Foundation 

3. Sheer Foundation

4. Matte (Oil Free) Foundation

5. Mousse or Whipped Foundation

6. Stick Foundation

7. Powder (Compact) Foundation


8. Mineral (Natural Looking) Foundation

9.  Shimmer Foundation 

10. Waterproof Foundation 

I did a little research, so I wouldn't leave out any foundations. You can find the full descriptions for each of the Foundations at http://beauty.about.com/od/foundationsconcealers/a/foundtypes.htm

4. What is my foundation shade?

Over the years of using foundation, my shades can range from Honey, Sun Beige, or Tan.
In my opinion, I think it's best to go in the store and use the foundation testers. If I purchase a foundation online, it's usually a repurchase. When you go into a store you have the opportunity to visually see if the foundation matches your skin. You can ask a beauty representative at the store or at the makeup counter, but please make sure the person matches your shade correctly. Also, please try to match the foundation to your neck as well. This is very important because depending on the shade you choose you may end up looking severely two toned, not to mention the shade difference will likely show up in any photos you take.

5. Mixology

Don't you just hate when you can't find the foundation shade you need, but you really like the brand? Have no fear you can possibly mix foundation to get the shade desired. I don't really recommend this to beginner makeup users. If you're new to makeup it can already be overwhelming to pick out the products you need without having to mix foundations. I typically don't like to mix foundations, but on those rare occasions I will if I have too.

6. Some Foundations double as a Concealer 

Here are some of my favorite foundations that double as a concealer 

Depending on the foundation and coverage, some Foundations work double as a concealer.  I have a few in my makeup collection that I use as a concealer.

7. Foundation Beauty Tools

Foundation Brushes

Buffing Brushes

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I can very picky about the types of tools that I use for applying my foundation. Sometimes I will use my brushes or my makeup sponge. If I use my foundation brushes, I follow up by using a buffing brush to help smooth out my foundation. I absolutely love using my RT Miracle Sponge to apply my foundation. The different angles on the sponge help apply my foundation so well. The brushes that are displayed are my holy grail tools that I typically use.

8. Blend

When you apply your foundation make sure you blend. Blending is important because you don't want to have splotchy, streaky, or cakey foundation due to lack of blending. Not everyone uses foundation on their neck (I know that I typically don't), but if you do, blend the foundation on your neck as well.

I hope that you found my foundation tips helpful! I think that I covered the basics, but please feel free to share any of your tips in the comment section.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Projects with Pilar: Bright Yellow Crocheted Scarf and Hat Set

Hello Everyone!

I'm back with another crocheting project today. You may remember the end of last month I posted my red scarf and hat set, well today I wanted to share with you all my bright yellow scarf and hat set I made on Friday and Saturday of last week. I'm so proud of myself that I finished this project in two days! This probably will be my last set that I'll do for the Winter since the weather has been warming up especially in the afternoon.

As you can tell the yarn is much brighter than this. I guess the lighting was off when I took this picture.

Why did I choose the color yellow for this project?

Yellow is a beautiful color that signifies many positive things such as hope and happiness. I've always liked the color yellow and besides I love wearing bright colors in general.

The length of my scarf

Hello in Yellow lol :)

Dont forget to check out my red hat and scarf set that I made last month. Click on my link below!

Projects with Pilar: Red Crocheted Scarf and Hat Set

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Inspirational Post: Forgiveness

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to start the week off with an inspirational post about forgiveness. When someone hurts your feelings, forgiving the person can be really hard. Over the years I've noticed a lot of things about forgiveness. Sometimes in life you have you to forgive people that never said I apologize. There are so many interpersonal relationships that sadly end because one person of maybe even both people refuse to admit wrong doing, but you have people who genuinely apologize, mean you well, and want to move forward from the hurt.

Throughout it all, ultimately you have the power to forgive. Like I stated at the beginning of my post forgiving someone who has hurt you in some way can be really hard.  Forgiveness may not always come easy, but when you forgive someone you set yourself free. When you think about it, why would you want to go around bitter, anger, and sad for an extended period of time because of someone else's actions and poor behavior? Yes, it's true you are entitled to your feelings of being upset, but try not to ruminate over people that hurt you. Sadly some people don't see the error of their ways and go own with their life while you sit in constant sadness.

Don't let other people's insecurites, and cruelty be a reflection of you. Some situations can be repaired with forgiveness. You truly have to be able to forgive without constant reminders of bringing up the past. Everyone makes mistakes. We're only human. You forgive, and you may not forget, but in time you begin to heal.

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Currently Using 

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Currently Using

Hello Everyone!

This post contains *PR Samples

Today I wanted to share a few products that I'm currently using.  Winter can be so harsh on your skin and hair, but these products are helping me maintain healthy hair and skin!

Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash

Dove Body Wash has been one of my long time favorite products to use in the shower. It keeps my body clean and  my skin moisturized. 

* Zest Fruit Boost Revitalizing Shower Gel in Citrus Splash 

When I first recieved this Shower Gel I immediately loved the scent. I love citrus and fruity scented products anyway so this product didn't disappoint me. I use this body wash right after I use my Dove Body Wash. 

* Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream 

All I can say about this body butters is that it smells like a tangerine dream lol. Body butters are some of my favorite skincare products to use during the Winter to keep my skin hydrated. After using the Zest Citrus Splash Shower Gel, I like to use this body butter. The two paired smells so wonderful!

Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil (refined)

Coconut is one of my go to beauty products.  It has so many benefits! Lately I've been using Coconut Oil to deep condition my hair or to use it as a moisturizer.  The weather has been crazy recently and it's really taken a toll on my hair. I've mentioned before that my hair is very frizzy which can cause it to be dry. Using Coconut oil helps keep my hair moisturized and it also helps control frizz.

* Salon Grafix Professional Freezing Hair Spray

When I washed my hair, I like to use products that will keep my hair looking fresh. Since my hair is natural I find that using this spray keeps my hair in place most of the day and this hair spray also helps control frizz.

No makeup, hair freshly washed, and hair sprayed. It's so important to take care of your skin and hair :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Recent Manicures ft. Zoya Nail Polish

Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This post includes PR Samples from Zoya Nail Polish. I want to thank Zoya for sending over these products.

I've been really slack about sharing my manicures. It's actually kinda funny to me since I used to painting my nails all the time, especially when I grew my nails long! Back in December Zoya Nail Polish sent me a few nail polishes of my choosing along with a few other things to try. I wrote a review on Zoya Nail Polish last year. To read that review, CLICK HERE

Zoya Naked Manicure Polishes in Naked Base and Glossy Seal 

This is my first time using these polishes, both the base and the glossy seal are fast drying.  I really like the glossy seal polish becuase it keeps my Manicure looking fresh for days.

Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish

This has to be one of the best nail polish removers  that I have ever used! This remover gets polish off quickly and it doesn't have an overpowering scent like most nail polish remvoers.

Zoya Nail Polishes 

From Left to Right: Hannah, Veronica, and Eden

Zoya website has so many beautiful shades of nail polishes! These are the three shades that I chose 


I wore this polish for Valentine's Day. A perfect bright red.


I really like this color and I think it's a great shade to wear during the Fall and Winter months. Side Note I think between the lighting in my room and the camera gave my hand a glow lol.


Pretty in Pink! This is a very beautiful soft pink color. This is the manicure that I'm currently wearing.  

Have you tried any nails polishes from Zoya? If so what are favorite shades?

I linked this earlier in the post, but you can check out my first Zoya Nail Polish review on the link below 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

February 14th is here once again. I just wanted to write a quick post and I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. Remember that today isn't just a day for lovers, it's a day to celebrate love in general. So spend today with people you love or take time to pamper and treat yourself :)

A little Valentine's Day Decor. 

Another Valentine's Day Inspired Makeup Look 
To see my first Valentine's Day Look, CLICK HERE

Happy Valentine's Day 

That Glow! I love the Highlighter I used in my Carli Bybel Palette

Makeup Used from my FOTD

A Pre Valentine's Day Manicure. I used Zoya Nail Polish in Hanna.

A Better View of my Manicure

I picked up a Hershey's Kiss for myself. I actually picked up two. Why spoil myself a little with chocolate?! Lol

My mama is so sweet. She usually gets me a teddy bear and Candy for Valentine's Day

All the chocolate for me :)

I hope that everyone enjoys Valentine's Day! Before I end this post, I leave you with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi Where there is love there is life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Milani Lipstick Collection

Hello Everyone!

Some of you may remember last year I mentioned that I would be posting my Milani Lipstick Collection in early 2017. Well staying true to my word, I bring you today's post :) I also included the dupes for some of my MAC lipsticks as well. (I'll swatch comparisons in a future post)

Descriptions of Milani Lipsticks (Courtesy of Milani's Website)

Milani Color Statement Lipstick 

Milani Color Statement Lipsick in Rose Hip

Milani know that the best way to make a statement in walks Color Statement Lipstick in vibrant colors ranging from pretty pinks to radiant reds. Infused with nourishing vitamins A and C, Color Statement Lipstick feels as good on the lips as it looks.

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick 

Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick in Matte Kiss 

Matte Lipstick isn't meant to be drying or complicated to wear. Infused with grape seed extract imported from Italy, Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick dresses up lips with rich eye-catching color and a suede-like finish while offering the same comfort your favorite cream lipsticks provide. This long-wearing non-drying matte lipstick takes you from velvety pale pink to voluptuous red- and everywhere in between- with one stroke

My Thoughts 

A you're going to see once you read my post, I absolutely LOVE these lipsticks! Don't get me wrong MAC  will probably be my first love of lipsticks,  but you can't go wrong with Milani.  You can find many dupes with these lipsticks and pay half the price.  These lipsticks typically cost $6.00 I get my Milani Lipsticks from CVS or Walgreens. Stay updated on sales especially at CVS. I usually try to get these lipsticks when they have have buy one get one half off sales. That's even more money saved. The Milani Color Statement Lipsticks have a watermelon scent and the Milani Moisture Matte Lipsticks have a vanilla scent. Both scents smell really nice especially the vanilla scented Matte lipsticks! I just started buying these lipsticks in January 2016, but they have quickly become one of my favorite brands of lipsticks to wear!

Nude/Brown Lipsticks

- Matte Innocence (60) *Dupe for MAC's Blankety
- Nude Creme  (26)
- Dulce Caramelo (27)
- Naturally Chic  (25)
- Matte Naked (61)
- Teddy Bare (29)

Nude/Brown Lipsticks Continued...

- Matte Beauty (69)
- Bahama Beige (55)
- Bronze Beauty (31)
- Rose Femme (42) *Dupe for MAC'S Twig
- Tuscan Toast (48)
- Pretty Natural (43)

Pink Lipsticks 

- Matte Blissful (52) *Dupe for MAC's Snob
- Matte Darling (74)
- Plumrose (17)
- Blushing Beauty (51)
- Pink Frost (09)

Pink Lipsticks Continued...

- Catwalk Pink (45) *Dupe for MAC's Saint Germain
- Fruit Punch (11)
- Matte Orchid (64) *Dupe for MAC's Flat Out Fabulous
- Power Pink (46)
- Matte Diva (63)
- Rose Hip (14) *Dupe for MAC's Candy Yum Yum

Red Lipsticks 

- Rebel Rouge (54)
- Matte Kiss (72) * Dupe for MAC Ruby Woo 
- Ruby Valentine (08)
- Best Red (07)
- Matte Iconic (68)
- Matte Confidence (67) *Dupe for MAC's Russian Red
- Velvet Merlot (50)

Red-Orange/Orange Lipsticks

- Matte Passion (66)
- Empress (53)
- Matte Luxe (75)
- Orange-Gina (03)
- Sweet Nectar (01)
- Coral Addict (52)

Berry/Purple Lipsticks

- Matte Fearless (70)
- Sangria (21) *Dupe for MAC's Rebel
- Brandy Berry (49)
- Matte Love (73)
- Black Cherry (24)
- Matte Flirty (71)
- Uptown Mauve (20)
- Matte Glam (65) * Dupe for MAC Heroine 
- Violet Volt (34) *Dupe for MAC's Violetta

What are your favorite Milani Lipsticks? I mentioned at the beginning of the post that I listed Milani dupes for some of my MAC Lipsticks. Those are the lipsticks that I can think of right now that are dupes for MAC. I plan on doing a comparison post on those dupes as well.

Here my links to other lip products collections from 2016

My Updated MAC Lipstick Collection

My Updated NYX, MAC, and Avon Lip Pencil Collection

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