Thursday, January 17, 2019

I Won a Derma E Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!

Last week I had a pleasant surprise waiting by the front door when I  got home, a Derma E Package! Since I'm a Derma E Ambassador, I was thinking I was being sent a few items for review. I thought the box felt unusually heavy, and to my surprise I was one of the 20 winners from a giveaway Derma E hosted in November! I'm still in shock since I rarely win giveaway! Here are the giveaway items that I received. Thank you so much Derma E for this amazinf giveaway package!

If you read my blog regularly, you know that Derma E products are some of my holy grail skincare products.  Derma E products keeps my skin healthy.  Side Note: I'm currently in the process of reorganizing my skincare products :)

I'm familiar with the Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil and Derma E Radiant Glow Face Oil which are both great products. Click on the links if you would like to read those reviews. I haven't tried the other 3 products, but I've heard positive reviews about them. I love how the Microdermabrasion Scrub smells! The scrub has a citrus scent. I don't think I've used an overnight peel before, and I love idea of a sun protection mineral powder. Don't forget you should protect your skin agaisnt sun damage even during colder temperatures! You can expect to see reviews on the products in the near future!

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Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works SAS Winter 2018/2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works SAS Winter 2018/2019

Hello Everyone!

It's that time of year again! The Semi Annual Sale for Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works! If you noticed, I don't get many items from the Winter SAS. I had a few gift cards left from my birthday, but the sales weren't all that great. I like the Summer Semi Annual Sales much better.

At one of the local Victoria's Secret


Victoria's Secret PINK Body Care 

Victoria's Secret Body Care 

This location had a slightly better selection of clothes, but some of the clothes weren't on sale or overpriced.

Trying another Victoria's Secret. Hopefully this one will have a better selection. Side Note this is my favorite VS, it looks so classy! 💖 

Victoria's Secret PINK Body Care Items

Perfume Display

The body care bins were much better this location

Bath & Body Works 

The SAS was not good at Bath &Body Works either. There wasn't much of a selection, so I didn't take any pictures lol.

 The sales rep gave this bag since I had an oversized tote in the bag. I attended Candle Day on December 1st, so I didn't need any candles.

A few body care items and a liquid lipstick

The only item of clothing from the SAS. The clothes were overpriced and there wasn't a good selection. I did like this shirt though. 

The back of the PINK shirt

As you can see I kept this haul small from Bath & Body Works. Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds smells so good! It reminds me of a toasted marshmallow with hints of sweet vanilla. It's not overpowering. Pink Lily Bamboo smells pretty good too. This fragrance smells fresh with lights hints of floral. I forgot to take a picture of the tote. The tote was a promotional item last month and 40% off the items inside.

Yesterday morning I went back to another Victoria's Secret to finish using my gift card. 

As much as I love making my own Fall and Winter accessories, I do love getting store bought accessories. The scarf my Godmother gave me from Victoria's Secret for my birthday is so beautiful I was able to find two more on sale!

 I also added Very Sexy Body Oil to my collection to complete the set

Did you find any good SAS deals?

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Winged Eyeliner and Vamp Lipstick

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Winged Eyeliner and Vampy Lipstick

Hello Everyone!

Before I start today's post I want to everyone for their kind words on my last post! Dealing with allergies and sinus problems my whole life hasn't been isn't easy, but I'm remaining optimistic for relief. As I mention in the last post, I will keep you all posted! 

Since I was sick a good bit of December with a cold and sinus infections, I didn't wear too much makeup, but now that I'm feeling better, I've slowly started applying more of my makeup. For this look I did a simple winged liner and vampy lip.

Winged liner with glasses, and a smile

Oh how I missed wearing dark lipstick

Covergirl TruMatte Foundation is my holy grail of drugstore makeup. I'm also wearing a matte liquid eyeliner by Milani

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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Allergy Testing at SCENT

Friday, January 11, 2019

Allergy Testing at SCENT

Hello Everyone!

Over the last 5 years that I've been writing on my blog, I've discussed that I suffer from sinus and allergy issues. I've dealt with these problems since I was 2 weeks old. Yes you read that right, 2 weeks old. My mom told me that I was allergic to the material of the outfit I was wearing and I developed a rash! 33 years later I still have the some of the same issues. I've been on almost every allergy medication and nasal sprays I can think of at some point, but lately nothing has been working. Countless sinus infections later, I ended up at SCENT which stands for South Carolina Ears, Nose, Throat.

November 1, 2018

Image courtesy of SCENT 

When I saw my primary doctor in early September 2018 for another sinus infection, she said it was time to see a specialist. My initial appointment at the ENT went well. I was given a solution in my nose. I wasn't to fond of that process. Let's just say I don't like Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies anymore lol. One of the nasal solutions had a weird bitter chocolate taste, and the other solution had a nasty mint taste. After telling the doctor how much I've been suffering, he wanted me to have an allergy test and a CAT Scan.

December 27, 2018

I was a little nervous about the allergy test. It wasn't too bad. The little needles looked intimidating, but the process wasn't too bad. The test was supposed to consist of three sets of little needles.

The first set of clamp needles felt a little uncomfortable to me since the set of clamp needles were pressed down on my arm, but it wasn't painful. The little needles felt like ant bites. Typically these test are done on your arms/shoulders or on your back. My allergy test was attempted on my arms/shoulders.

For preparation for allergy testing, I was given a list of medications to stop taking 5 days prior to get accurate results. If you take your allergy meds, the test will likely show you have some kind of antihistamine in your system. I couldn't take any of my allergy medications since they were all on the list. Since I didn't know how I was going to react to the allergy testing my mama came along with me.

Apparently I'm allergic to environmental factors, The environmental factors were done on right arm and food factors were done on my left arm, but I have to go back because they're not sure if I'm allergic to the other solution they injected in upper arm or my skin is just sensitive.

My right arm itched like crazy and it was swollen. This picture was taken in the car about 30 minutes after the first allergy test. My arm was swollen for a few days. I had to take benadryl for a few days to stop the excessive itching on my right arm.

January 8, 2019

I was hoping that I would finally have answers to why I've been suffering so badly from these sinus and allergy issues, but the solution needed for my allergy test was still not available. So the specialist decided that I would need a Rast Test done. A Rast Test is a type of blood test to test for allergies. Honestly I don't know why I wasn't given the Rast Test from the start when the solution used for the allergy testing was unavailable on Dec. 27th. I was frustrated because I want to feel better, but I'm being patient. If the Rast Test will get get to the bottom of my sinus and allergy issues, then it's worth the wait. I have to reschedule to get the Rast Test done...another cancellation. I'm not going to let this get to me. I also had to go another 5 days without my allergy medications so and along with the cold I had, I was feeling pretty miserable. The upside of the cancellation is that I spent the day with my mama for her birthday. She went with me again.

Update: I received a call from SCENT and once again they want to proceed with the allergy testing. Instead of the Rast Test, I'll be waiting to recieve another call to reschedule the rest of my allergy test once the solution for the needles are in the office. I'm assuming I'll have the cat scan then as well.

What's Next?

I see my primary doctor next month, and I'm definetly letting her know what's going on. My hope is that if I can't get another appointment for the allergy test before I see my primary doctor, she can give me another referral for another specialist if needed.  I'm hoping I can adjust my allergy medications this time instead of going off my medication completely. I'm optimistic that I'll have some relief for my allergy and sinus problems. I know this was a extremely long post today, but I plan on writing another post (shorter than this post lol) once I find out more.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Planning and Goals 2019

Hello Everyone!

We're in the second week in the new year, and it's still surreal to me 2019 is here. As a surprise for Christmas I received a planner that I saw in the Target Dollar Spot. I stopped using planners a few years ago because I started feeling too organized.

Let me explain, having anxiety is a challenge for me, and to plan out almost every little detail actually causes me feel anxiety. Typically I'm a very organized person, but as I age I'm learning to go with flow of things. Life isn't always going to go as planned. We have to make the best of things.

Word for 2019...

A word for the new year has become popular in recent years. I usually pick a word as well, but today I thought I'd share. My word for 2019 is Opportunity (Opportunities)...365 days full of different opportunities. 
- Opportunities to start over.
- Opportunities to do something different
- Opportunities to work towards yours goals
- Opportunities to do good in the world

If you read my blog regularly, you already know that I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I have goals that I want to accomplish, and I strive to work on those goals. I try to make realistic deadlines.

Striving for Success

I'm always striving for success. All the hard work and dedication I put into the things I do aren't in vain. Anything worth having is worth working for. I'm not where I want to be, but that makes me work even harder and stay focused.

Getting back on track with exercising

By the end of last Summer I lost 17 pounds, and by Christmas I gain 8 pounds back lol. Don't you just hate all the yummy holiday food that adds pounds to your waistline?! It's ok though I'm getting back on track with walking and eating healthier. I find that walking and exercising helps with my anxiety. I plan on making more smoothies. Smoothie recipes are welcome!

Putting myself and well being first

I'm learning to do this more. As much as I care about others, sometimes I have to put myself first. It's not selfish to have self care and love yourself. My needs and well being are important too.

It's Okay to be Happy

Last year I mentioned that I decided to go back into counseling. Having depression and anxiety isn't always easy. There are still days that I feel everything is wrong, even though things are fine. Like I said it's been a struggle at times. Even though I'm dealing with mental health issues I've learned to be happy again. I have a small inner circle, but it's so important to associate with people that support you even though they may not fully understand what you're going through. If people don't love and support you, do yourself a huge favor and let them go.

Blogging Goals

Last year I tried to post at least 10 times a month (some months I posted more, some months I posted less) over the course of 5 years blogging, I think that I have a pretty good balance for editing and posting content on my blog. I have worked with some amazing brands, but I also love creating my own original content. I have so much in store for my blog this year!

Last but certainly not least, today is my mama's birthday! Happy Birthday to my beautiful and amazing Mama!! 🎊🎉🎁🍰💙 I love you so much and I hope you enjoy your birthday! 🎁💙 

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My 33rd Birthday/Christmas 2018

Sunday, January 6, 2019

My Life in December 2018

Hello Everyone!

Another month and year has gone, so it's time for another monthly lifestyle post. December was a pretty good month, and December is also my birthday month!
December 2018

December 1st was candle day!

Candle Day was a success! A great way to Start off December/My Birthday Month! Special thanks to my mama for coming with me. She loves candles too!

Candle Day Haul

Christmas Tree 2018

I love looking at the lights on the tree!

My makeup look for a Christmas Party I attended

This beautiful ornament was my favorite Christmas light attraction downtown.

The state Christmas Tree

Chicken Alfredo Penne Bake 

Cinnamon roll with homemade cream cheese icing

Homemade sweet potato pie

I'm feeling better from this cold, but orange juice was my best friend last month along with bottle water.

Christmas Shopping at Yankee Candle 

I know I haven't done many Victoria's Secret posts lately, but I did check out the SAS.

Sephora! I went to get my free birthday gift, and I was going to use my gift card, but a gift I've been wanting for myself, but it was sold out. I made an online order for my birthday.

Ulta at night. What a beautiful sight lol

I love these bear mugs! They're so cute

Christmas Eve 2018

Happy Birthday to Me/Christmas

My beautiful birthday cake. It was so delicious!

Birthday Gifts 

Christmas Gifts

Birthday Selfie! No makeup except lipstick. I didn't feel like doing a makeup look on my birthday/Christmas since that cold made me feel so tired.

I had a few gift cards from my birthday and Ulta Points, so I did a little SAS shopping. How cute is the lion stuffed animal?!

South Carolina Ear Nose Throat (SCENT)

A few days after my birthday I had to go for allergy testing. Apparently I'm allergic to environmental factors, but I have to go back because they're not sure if I'm allergic to the other solution they injected in upper arm or my skin is just sensitive. I plan on writing a post about my experience when I'm finished with testing.

New Year's Eve 2018

At my least favorite place...the post office. It's confusing to me that the customer service reps here act like you're bothering them! 

New Year's Eve Inspired Makeup 

Happy New Year 2019! 

Public Relations Samples

Some of the companies that I've written reviews for over the past year were kind enough to send over some Christmas goodies. Disclaimer: These are the first complimentary packages that I've received from Pixi Beauty and Eco Tools :) Thank you to the companies that kindly sent these items! I look forward to collaborating and reviewing for your brands in 2019!

My first Pixi Beauty Package!

How gorgeous is the packaging?!

Urban Decay sent over a few goodies on Christmas Eve

Such a thoughtful package and it includes a little  notepad 

Zoya is so sweet to send over a few sweets for Christmas! The Godiva chocolates were soooo good!

I love the packaging for Zoya Products. It's so classy with a magnetic closure

The new holographic trio. I wore the red holo for New Year's Eve. All these polishes are gorgeous!

This is my first Goose Creek Candle and the throw is amazing! Butter Cookie smells like fresh baked cookies! You can check out the site at

Eco Tools brushes are some of my favorite brushes. I saw this set in Ulta over the holidays, but once it went on sale it sold out quickly. I'm so happy to have this brush set in my collection!

  Eco Tools also sent this cute key chain holder and card holder

I had a cold for at least two weeks in December, and sinus issues, but I really enjoyed the month. There's something so magical around Christmastime. It's truly a beautiful time of year! Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019!

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