Friday, March 31, 2017

Red Lips for Selena 2017

Hello Everyone!

Today marks the 22nd anniversary for Selena's death. I did a post like this last as well. I was super excited about Selena having a collection with MAC last year, but honestly I felt that MAC did a horrible job with the promotion of her collection. Typically I don't rant about MAC, but I have to admit I was rather disappointed especially with some of the makeup selections (apparently I wasn't alone on this). Selena was loved and adored by many people so I felt that her collection should have been more accessible to her fans. If you're an avid MAC lover you know what I'm talking about. They will release a collection and it will sell out within a day or the site will crash because of the online traffic. Sure you can go to the MAC counter,  but you better get there early and know what you want to purchase. I give MAC credit for re releasing Selena collection back in January, but by then I was just totally over it. Dear MAC if you're reading this please do better!

Selena was known for wearing a matte lip, so I decided to wear MAC's Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)

MAC's Ruby Woo Lipstick (Retro Matte)

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Last, but not least a picture of Selena. May her legacy live on.

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  1. Replies
    1. So do I! Red is beautiful color!

  2. That red looks beautiful on you, Pilar! And I totally agree with you about the things you said about Mac! They definitely should have done better with her collection. I don't even pay attention to their collections anymore because it's always sold out so fast and hard to get!

    1. Thanks Ashley! MAC really needs to get it together! I stopped paying attention to their new collections a long time ago, but I really wanted a lipstick from the Selena Collection. I remained optimistic, yet realistic that I might now be able to get anything. I just don't understand why MAC didn't keep her collection around for at least 6 months. At least they could restock numerous times and make the collection more available to her fans. I haven't purchase anything from MAC in almost two years, but I have to say it again their company can be rather disappointing at times.

  3. Selena was so talented and beautiful. It still makes me sad that her life ended so tragically at 23 years old. I remember when I heard about her cross over American album. I knew back then she was going to even more of a star. I agree with your thoughts about MAC I thought the promotion and distribution could've been handled differently. I don't understand MAC they have these collections only to sell out within hours to a day and then make it harder to purchase products. Let's not even even talk about the raise in prices and constant dupes of lipsticks! I'm with you Mac please do better!

    1. I agree Selena crossover album was going to be major! She was truly talented! MAC really frustrates me! That's one reason why I stopped buying their lipsticks becuase of all of the constant dupes in their collections. I still love all my MAC lipsticks and it's my favorite brands of lipsticks to wear, but MAC needs to do some reevaluating on their products and promotions.

    2. I could have said this better! I also meant to add Ruby Woo looks gorgeous on you!

  4. MAC's collections are always so limited. I love the ruby woo on you.

  5. Beautiful red lip! I agree, MAC could have done way better with her collection. They seriously need to rethink how they do the limited edition collections.

    1. Thanks! I just thought it was crazy how MAC handled the Selena Collection. I mean they could've kept it around longer!

  6. Oooolaalaaa, I was just telling Jess this weekend that women should wear red lipstick before they feel like they don't want to wear it any more! It looks lovely on you, Pilar.


    1. Thanks! I started wearing red lipstick more about two years. I love wearing a red lip during the Spring and Summer!


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