Thursday, August 11, 2022

Summer PR Haul: Part 2

 Hello Everyone!

Last month I shared on my blog a Summer PR Haul. This month I received a few more PR items. Today I wanted share some of the latest products that are good for the rest of the Summer and a few Fall Previews as well.

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez 

I have been wanting to try Rare Beauty and when I received this parcel I was super excited! The packaging is really nice and I did a few swatches of the makeup and the quality is so good. Expect to see a few makeup looks!


So many goodies from DERMA E! It's almost like they read my mind because these are some of my favorite DERMA E skincare products.


This was the second box that I received from DERMA E this month. I've been using the some of products for years and the new hair mask has been working wonders on my hair. 

Replenix August PR Box

If you're looking to combat acne and hydrate your skin, give Replenix Skincare Products a try. These are a few restocks that they sent over this month.

Dr. Zenovia Skincare August PR Box

These are two of my holy grail products from Dr. Zenovia. I'm glad to have these restocks. 

Daily Concepts Deep Exfoliating Mitt

I typically exfoliate my skin, but I'm interested in using this deep exfoliating mitt from Daily Cocnepts. I've shared a few products that I've received from this amazing brand, and I'm sure this mitt will help keep my skin healthy.

Morgan Taylor Fall 2022 Collection 

It may still be Summer, but Fall collections are out and this is Morgan Taylor's Fall 2022 Collection. I love the mix of vampire and neutral hues for the upcoming Fall season.

Spa Sciences Nera

Healthy clean skin is so important to me. I've used many body loofah brushes before, but I never used a body powered shower brush before. 

Spa Sciences Daily Cleanser

Spa Sciences recently released new skincare products to their brand and they sent over this Daily Cleanser for me to try.

To see Summer PR Haul: Part 1 CLICK HERE


Pam said...

Hey lady, hoping all is well with you. Its strange, I don't have the best skin on my body but my face is great. Strange. I have had eczema all my life and I am prone to seasonal issues with pollen causing my skin to itch. I was told by a dermo doc that I had discoid lupus on my face when they did a biopsy once but that was years ago and I have not had anymore issues.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Looks like you received an exciting range of products to try out. Always cool to see what's new with Derma E.

Anonymous said...

Nice products!

ALLIE NYC said...

Wow this really is incredible such a great PR haul lucky gal! You really received a lot of super useful cosmetics for sure!

Allie of

Marie said...

What a great pr haul Pilar! Rare Beauty sent you so many nice products! How do you like the brand? The colors for the Morgan Taylor Fall Collection are gorgeous!

Kinga K. said...

I like rare beauty :D

R's Rue said...

Such a great set of products.

Pilar said...

Hey Pam! I'm good! I hope all is well with you! I think that I'm fortunate that the eczema on my elbows isn't too bad. When my elbows are dry they can feel irritated and hurt. I'm glad you didn't have anymore issues!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...


Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks! I absolutely love Rare Beauty!

Pilar said...

I like Rare Beauty too!

Pilar said...


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