Sunday, January 19, 2014

Combating Against Maladaptive Thinking/ Keeping A Positive Jar

Hello Everyone!


Since it’s the still the start of the New Year, I wanted to write a post on combating against maladaptive thinking. That term really takes me back to the days I was working toward my Psychology degree because we discussed it various times in the courses I took!

What is maladaptive thinking?

Well, maladaptive thinking is described in many different forms. The way I describe it is a constant negative pattern of thinking that can cause irrational beliefs.


1. “I’m not good enough”
2. “Everyone dislikes me”

If you’ve read my other inspirational posts in the past, you already know that I’ve mentioned that as people, we can’t be positive or happy 100% of the time. At some point in life everyone will have negative emotions about something or another. That’s just a part of life, but those negative emotions become a problem when maladaptive thinking becomes your entire life.

Here are a few tips that have been known to help reduce maladaptive thinking

1. Think about all the things you do well
2. Exercise (release of endorphins which promotes happy feelings)
3. Talk to supportive people in your life. i.e. a trusted friend or a counselor
4. Medication. Even with positive changes, you may need medication to help control your thoughts. Sometimes people suffer from a chemical imbalance they are unaware that they have so discuss symptoms and treatment options with your doctor.

The 2014 Positive Jar

Last but not least, I’ve been seeing a lot of people use a jar to fill all the positive events that will occur this year. By the end of the year I hope to reflect on wonderful memories. Will you have a positive jar for 2014?


I’m using my snowflake Jar :)

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Unknown said...

I love it when you do posts like this! We all need a little positive influence in our life sometimes :)

Margo said...

This is so amazing Pilar!! Thank you sooo much. I suffer from this and I am going to use these tips

Jackie Harrison said...

I like this concept I have jar at work for when I want to curse I add the word in the jar lol. No new post today will have a new one tomorrow.

Ingrid said...

I really like the idea of a positive jar! I haven't seen that before, so thank you for sharing!

Nicole said...

Being more positive is something I'm working on everyday! I've really struggled with my anxiety lately and I think a positivity jar would be helpful to me :) xox great post pilar!

Pilar said...

Thank you Ashley! I agree, we do need positive influnces!

Pilar said...

Thank you and you're welcome Margo! I'm glad you find this post helpful!

Pilar said...

Lol Jackie! That's actually a really good idea writing down the words instead of saying them! I may try that lol I'll check out your post today.

Pilar said...

Thank you Ingrid and you're welcome! I figured it would be a good way to start the New Year. A jar that contains positive memories.

Pilar said...

Thank you Nicole! I think a positive jar would help with anxiety too! I hope this post helps!

Liz Outh said...

I find this post to be quite uplifting and inspirational! The positive jar is so cute and I think this would definitely help give some good reflections at the end of the year. Thanks so much Pilar for being the sweet and kind spirit that you are! xoxo

Marie said...

These are great tips, and that's a great idea keeping a positive jar!

Pilar said...

Thank you Liz! That's so kind of you! I thought having a positive jar was a really good idea, and I get to use my snowflake jar!

Pilar said...

Thank you Marie! I look foward to the good memories I will put in this jar!

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