Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Brightness FOTD

Hello Everyone!

 My apologies for the missing pictures. My pictures were accidentally deleted off my blog. Please Refer to my Instagram account miss_pilar to view the pictures (or some of the pictures) that were deleted.  

All Summer you've probably noticed when I post a FOTD or a makeup tutorial I've been reaching for my BH Cosmetics palettes lol. I love my other palettes, but I'm having too much fun with color palettes rather than my neutral palettes. However, I'm going to bring back my other palettes very soon!

In speaking of color,  I was unsure of what I was going for, so I came up with this colorful combination.


Products Used


NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk I used this as a base on my lower lid
Side Note: you only have to use a little of this product for your eyeshadow to pop.

BH Cosmetics Eye's On The 70's Palette


- Yellow in tear duct and on half of lid and crease
- Blue in the middle of lid and crease
- Pink on other half of lid and crease near the outer V.
(Blend the colors)
- Black (slightly) on outer V.
(Eye's on the 70's Palette)

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Fashion Fair Concealer Stick
Victoria's Secret Bronzer

NYX Butter Lipstick Pops

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 


Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

You pull of colorful looks so so well Pilar!! I love this!

Unknown said...

Love the colors you used!! It's super fun to use bright colors in the summer time! I wish I was a little more daring with them!

Jackie Harrison said...

Great job with the makeup looks lovely.

Bernadeth G. said...

i'm in love with this! great post x

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

Marie said...

How pretty! Bright colors makeup looks great on you!

Pilar said...

Thank you Ashley! I agree bright colors are so much fun! I think bright colors would look great on you!

Pilar said...

Thank you Jackie!

Pilar said...

Thank you new visitor!

Pilar said...

Thank you Marie!

Pilar said...

Thank you Margo! I really like creating colorful eye makeup looks, especially during the Spring and Summer!

willsingformakeup said...

I love this look! I really like how you used so many colors and still made it look wearable. Good job!

Unknown said...

You have really inspired me to purchase a BH Cosmetics Palette! You create such pretty looks with them.

Pilar said...

Thank you Lauren! I was trying to go for a look that was fun, colorful, and wearable!

Pilar said...

Thank you Maurissa! They're really good eyeshadow palettes! If you purchase one, I hope you enjoy it!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

You always do a great job mixing and blending color Pilar.Looks beautiful!

Pilar said...

Thank you Kim!

Kristen Alpert said...

Love the look. Only you could pull it off. I couldn't. Can't wait for you next look.

Pilar said...

Thank you! I'm working on some ideas for Fall themed FOTD posts!

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