Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Updated MAC Lipstick Collection

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to do an updated  collection of my MAC Lipsticks. I wrote a post like this last January, but you may remember back in September I wrote a post explaining that most the pictures on my blog were deleted bc of a mishap with my Picasa album. Well here's a brand new post! I guess it was time for an update since I added a few more lipsticks to my collection since last year. I was going to swatch on my arm, but I thought that showing each color on  index cards would show each shade in it's true color.

Incase you're new to MAC Lipsticks, I abbreviated each finish of the lipstick and my definition on how each lipstick finish feels on my lips.

* (AC)- Amplified/Amplified Crème

Honestly, I don't see the difference between these two types of lipsticks. Both lipsticks are very creamy and pigmented. These usually wear about 4 to 5 hours.

* (S)- Satin

This finish applies on my lips smoothly and has a nice sheen to them even though I've noticed that a few seem a little drying. These lipsticks wear about 5 hours.

* (CS) - Cremesheen

This is another finish I really like! These lipsticks have a creamy texture and usually last about 5 hours before I have to reapply. These lipsticks also have a gloss like shine.

* (M) Matte

I don't find any of my matte lipsticks drying at all which surprised me! Application is fairly simple, this finish glides across  my lips without any issues. Since it's a matte finish, these lipsticks wear for most of the day. I really like this finish.

* (RM)- Retro Matte

Unlike the matte lipsticks, I find Retro Matte VERY drying! I have to prepare my lips with MAC's Prep+Prime before application and everything is fine. I definitely recommend using MAC's Prep+Prime or some sort of lip balm before apply these Retro Matte lipsticks. These lipsticks also last most of the day

* (F)- Frost

These lipsticks are shimmery and shiny without being too over the top, very wearable. I've worn these lipsticks about 3 hours before I have to reapply.

* (LE)- Limited Edition lipsticks


Me wearing Faux


Pinks Continued...

Me wearing Crème Cup 

Pinks Continued...

Pinks/Orange Continued...

Pinks Continued...


Me wearing All Fired up

Reds Continued...


Me wearing Rebel


What are some of  your favorite MAC Lipsticks?  My next post will be My Updated Lip Pencil Collection and incase you missed it, here is the link to my previous post My Makeup Storage and Collection

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. Loving these shades, I love brighter colors :)


  2. What a great collection, Pilar! I have been wanting Media but was uncertain if it would be to close to Rebel, I see it isn't. I think I need it in my life.
    xo, Lily

    1. Thanks Lily! Media is a beautiful color! If you like deep reds, I think you'll enjoy Media!

  3. You have such a good collection and a great verity of colors Pilar! I really want blankety and that novel romance color looks so pretty. was that one limited edition? In excited for your lip pencil collection too because I'm always looking for more lip pencils to add since I don't have as many of those as I do lipsticks and they are all pretty much nude colors that are all very similar lol!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I think Blankety would gorgeous on you! You wear nude lipsticks so well! A Novel Romance was from the Novel Romance Collection so it was limited edition. If you want a shade close to it, try Saint Germain it's a tad darker, but not by much. A lot of pink shades are similar! I wanted to do updates and collections for my makeup this week!

  4. I love Mac lipsticks your collection rock.

  5. So many lovely shades! Great collection!

  6. They make excellent lipsticks! All of those colors look great on you Pilar! Nice stash you got girl >.<

  7. You truly have a MAC from every color family it seems! What an awesome collection Pilar I am jealous :)

  8. These are so pretty! I love Candy Yum Yum!

  9. i just follow your blog.
    nice post and blog <3

  10. I love your collection. I especially love the shade Viva Glam Rihanna! Also love how you have done your eye make up in this post! <3 There's a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter :)

    Isobel x
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  11. Nice collection of lipsticks!


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