Monday, May 1, 2017

My Life in April 2017

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to April's Lifestyle Post. I've said this plenty of times before, but I swear April flew by so fast!


April 1st selfie

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick, and Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss in  Berry Love

Shower taken and hair washed

I wanted to feel taller lol

Bare face selfie 

I wanted to feel tall again. I forgot how much I loved these shoes lol


I decided to make homemade French toast on a weekday...very rare lol

Clean eating 

A few foods from healthy foods post last month. See my links at the end of the post.

Homemade Banana Pineapple Muffins. See my recipe in my links at the end of the post.

Easy baked casserole for Sunday Dinner. I'll be sharing a Pilar in the Pantry 

Lemonade on hot a day last week

Easter Sunday April 16, 2017

Traditionally most people eat ham for Easter, but this year Turkey was on the menu lol

A little veggie prep

My mom famous Cornbread Dressing

My homemade crock pot mac and cheese

Dinner made by me (except the dressing)

Happy Easter!


I woke up one morning and saw I had over 800 on instagram.

One of my favorite actors, Larenz Tate like my comment on Instagram :) Check out Deuces, it's a pretty good movie!

One of my most used palettes in April


A review on some Palmer's face products

Another PR sample and review I wrote last month for Monthly Gift

I'm going to be a little busy this week, but I'm going to try to post and visit  your blogs! Have a great week everyone!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Paola Lauretano said...

Cool recap, great month!
Happy may, doll!
Kisses Paola.

Jackie Harrison said...

You had a great Easter what matter its family and awesome recap

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Looks like a wonderful April! Have a fantastic month of May Pilar!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear!

Unknown said...

That Mac n cheese is seriously speaking to me!! I would eat the whole crock pot haha!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks! You have a fantastic May as well!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Lol! The mac and cheese was so good!

E. Jones said...

Great recap and your Easter meal looked good

Marie said...

All the food looks good! Nice recap for April!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...


nerline said...

It looks like April was a busy month for you. Congratulations on your insta followers!

Red Rose Alley said...

How could I forget your banana pineapple muffins, so Yummy? That casserole looks pretty good too. It's good that you're eating healthy. I also love cranberry juice. That picture with the pink lipstick is so cute. You have a warm sweet smile.

Happy May, Pilar.


Anonymous said...

Great recap!

Eleine said...

Great pics dear!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

You are too kind Sheri! Pink is my favorite color! I love 100% cranberry juice! I want to start going back to the gym as well!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...


Elle Sees said...

What a month foryou! You're right--it FLEW by!!

Pilar said...

Yes! April went by so quickly!

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