Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lowes Foods

Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This post is picture heavy :)

Recently a new Lowes Foods opened in my city (there are 3 locations in my area within 20 to 30 minutes away from my home) and I wanted to check it out, so my mom and I decided to go this morning.

We got to Lowes shortly after the store opened around 6:30 am

Time to get a few groceries

Love the sign!

This was different and creative to have inside the store. A calender full of events. 

As soon as I went to the produce section, I could smell fresh fruits and vegetables. 

I could also smell the pungent smell of fresh cheeses lol

Cheese Shop

Local products 

This store reminds me of Fall already!

So many spices in this area


Shop Carolina 

Refrigerator section 

Cute restaurant inside the store

Fresh Bread

The Cakery! I love the packaging for the bakery items!

A Tiffany & CO. Box inspired cake. So pretty!

Blue Ridge Bakery

I just walked away from these cookies lol. If you're wondering, I walked away from the macadamia nut cookies. They looked and smelled delicious! How cute is the packaging?! 

Deli Fresh 

I typically get lunchmeat from the deli. In my opinion Board's Head Turkey, and White American Cheese makes great sandwiches!

Nice selection of flowers!

As you can tell the sunn started to rise by time my mom and I got ready to check out.

Names of local streets near Lowes at the check out lanes

Overall I really like Lowes Foods. In my opinion it's not like a typical grocery store. I like that the produce section reminds me of a Farmer's Market. I didn't pick up any produce this trip, but I plan to do so in the near future. The bakery and deli sections were creative in design and packaging of foods. The whole store was creative in design and features. Some of the items were a little pricey, but not too bad. The store had good sales, and with the use of the discount card, and couponing, you can save even more. I definitely plan on shopping at Lowe's Foods again! 

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Marisa Cavaleiro said...

wowww nice place, everything we need is around there.

Lisa said...

I love how Lowes looks inside. The displays and set up are so inviting. It makes shoping more injoyable. You can actually smell the produce, the bakery and the coffee. Our Lowes closed up in my town but our New Harris teeter is almost as nice....Almost.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Wow, what a great marketplace. Are they affiliated with the building company? ♥

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

This store looks so well organized and they would seem to have everything one would need. I don't think we have Lowes in New York City.

Sarah said...


Lovely !


Anonymous said...

Nice store recap!

Pilar said...

Thanks Marisa!

Pilar said...

I agree! I could smell the produce as soon as I walked over to that section of the store! I didn't smell any coffee or many desserts from the bakery since they were just opening. I walked past cookies, and they smelled so good and fresh! It's too bad the Lowes closed down in your town because it's a great store!

Pilar said...

I'm actually unsure if they are affiliated with building the company, but it is a great marketplace!

Pilar said...

The store is very well organized indeed! I think I saw Lowes Foods are based in the Carolinas, and Virginia. This is a store that should be nationwide!

Pilar said...

Thanks Sarah!

Pilar said...


Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous photos! I really enjoy watching them! Thanks for sharing!

Anicheberry said...

Wow that looks amazing and they open so early. Love the layout! Everything looks so new and inviting!

Red Rose Alley said...

This looks like a nice store to shop for food. I would have to browse through that bread section and stop at the Bakery hahaha. All the spices look wonderful too. I'm glad you found a new place that suits you, Pilar. Isn't it nice to come home with all kinds of goodies?


Glamour ZONE said...

Wow, this looks super beautiful. and with a lot of variety. I love the decor. Kisses!

Ivana Split said...

That Tiffany & Co cake does look so glam. Love the packaging.
Great pics. This store looks great, a great variety of foods and lovely decor.

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow, this place is a paradise!
Kisses, Paola.


Beauty Unearthly said...

Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

Marie said...

Lowes Foods looks like a great place to grocery shop! The Bakery and Cakery foods look delicious! Love that Tiffany Box Cake!

Pilar said...

Thanks, and you're welcome!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I wanted to go early so I could take a lot of pictures and get there before the store became crowded.

Pilar said...

Yes it Sheri! The store is so nice inside! The bread was so fresh!

Pilar said...

Thanks Carole!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ivana! That cake was beautiful!

Pilar said...

I agree Paola!

Pilar said...

Thanks, and you're welcome!

Pilar said...

A very nice to shop indeed!

nerline said...

OMG! You make me want to go visit. Everything looks so fresh. The interior is beautiful too. And the wine section definitely got my attention.

Naturalle Drea said...

It looks like such a nice store! I would love to shop there, I think I have something similar near me! Thans for sharing!

Pilar said...

This store is so nice inside! I love the different themes and interior! I took so many pictures while I grocery shopped!

Pilar said...

You're welcome! A great place to shop indeed!

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