Sunday, August 11, 2019

My Life in July 2019

Hello Everyone!

I'm still taking taking time off my blog, but I did want to post my July 2019 Lifestyle post and second post for today as well. The last part of July was disastrous. I had anxiety attacks, depression issues and everything began to be overwhelming. I want to thank everyone that has left so many kind comments, emails etc. to check up on me. I truly appreciate it.

I drank so much water during July. The heat was unbearable. 

I also had an occasional Starbucks Refresher drink

This is Gabby!

I recently visited a nursing home and while I was there I met Gabby the Goat.

Gabby comes to the nursing home for pet therapy to the patients 



6th Blogiversary Glam. My 6th Blogiversary was on July 27th.

I always thought this was a nice post office even if it's still my least favorite place to visit. 

Anxiety Sucks 

Me, visibly upset after having an anxiety attack. The end of July wasn't the best.

I drove and parked near Lake Murray to sit and watch the water. It was so peaceful. That is what I need right now.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better! I also hope you have a great August!

Pilar said...

Thank you!

Marie said...

July may have been tough, but you made it through. I wish you all the best this month!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Gabby is so cute! I hear of dogs and cats in nursing homes for pet therapy but not goats. I am sure she loved the attention. I hope you are feeling better Pilar!

Lisa said...

Gabby is darling! haha. I hope August treats you better. Yes, sitting around a lake can be so peaceful.

Pilar said...

Thanks Marie!

Pilar said...

Thanks Val! I was surprised that Gabby was there! Typically you hear about cats and dogs, but I think a goat is a good addition to pet therapy! Gabby is just adorable and she's friendly!

Pilar said...

Thanks Lisa! Gabby looked so cute in her outfit! I find so much peach sitting by the lake.

Ivana Split said...

Nice July recap. The lake does look beautiful and calming. Gabby the goat looks adorable. Sorry to hear that the end of July was so hard for you. I hope you'll feel better soon and that August will treat you better.

Red Rose Alley said...

Gabby the Goat is so cute and patriotic. That is special that she comes to the nursing home for the patients. I hope you're doing better with your anxiety, Pilar. That is such a difficult thing to go through. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself once in awhile, especially with those Starbuck's drinks and goodies. ; )


Pilar said...

Thanks Ivana

Pilar said...

Thanks Sheri!

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