Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Come Along with Me: Fall Edition

Hello Everyone!

Since this pandemic started I mentioned that I only go out when I have to. For the first time in months I actually went to a few non essential places. I went fairly early to avoid crowds. 

Yesterday started out cloudy, but mid afternoon the weather was warm and sunny. I guess South Carolina forgot it's Fall lol

A new Big Lots recently opened so my mom and I went to check it out.  This used to be a Bi-Lo Grocery Store.

I mainly went to browse around the new store and check out the Christmas Decor. Big Lots has a lot of pretty silver Christmas decor this year.

More Silver Christmas decor

This is more of the traditional Christmas decor and color in this aisle. 

This morning, like yesterday started off cloudy and 
Foggy. This isn't Lake Murray lol.

By mid morning the sun made an appearance. I really wish the Fall temperatures would return. It's been warm the past few days.

I forgot to take pictures in Dollar Tree since I went in to get a few more home essentials. 

Here's Lake Murray :)

I haven't had Jersey Mike's in a few months, so I had a sub for dinner. I actually had points I forgot about and got a free sub.

A few more home essentials I picked up. I didn't go to that many places since I'm still limiting going out. I had a nice time out and about. I saw people without masks on, please remember to wear your masks! 😷 

Updated Wednesday October 28, 2020

I waited a few days to check out Hobby Lobby because the store is always so crowded, but this morning I went when the store opened and the crowd wasn't too bad.


Homegoods is another store that is always crowded, just as I did with Hobby Lobby, I went when Homegoods opened. 

Homegoods had so many beautiful items in stock this morning. 

Homegoods Happy 😊 


Martyna said...

Very interesting photos:)

Anonymous said...

Fun post!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a nice little shopping trip and turned out to be nice day. I love Big Lots and I can’t turn down a trip to Hobby Lobby.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Pilar, all my favorite shops, especially Home Goods! I love that store. You must have had the best time going shopping with your Mom. It looks like your cart is full and you got a lot of goodies. Home Goods has the most unique items. I love Big Lots' silver Christmas décor every year. I always wanted to try Jersey Mike's Subs. Well, it was fun going shopping with you, Pilar. It's been a long while since I went, and I got to see all your wonderful goodies.


Ann said...

Nothing beats shopping!
Love your pics.


Marie said...

It looks like you had a great time out and about! I miss going to Home Goods! I haven't been since the pandemic started.

The world of a vet said...

Beautiful shops!

The World Of A Vet

Mellie said...

Looks like you had a nice shopping trip. We have a Big Lots but I often forget all about it! And of course, Dollar General is on every corner. There's at least 5 with in 10 minutes of my house.

Kinga K. said...

Nice pics❤

Pilar said...


Pilar said...


Pilar said...

It was nice to get out the house. I'm still cautious of crowds. I went to Hobby Lobby and Big Lots when the stores weren't crowded.

Pilar said...

We had a fun time! My mom hasn't been out that much either since the pandemic started, so it was nice to go to a few stores. Big Lots had a lot of nice silver decor. HomeGoods is one of my favorite stores. You should try Jersey Mike's! Their subs and salads are so good!

Pilar said...

Thank you!

Pilar said...

I did have a nice time! This was my first time going to HomeGoods this year. When the pandemic started I only went to essential places.

Pilar said...

I agree!

Pilar said...

I did! I don't go to Big Lots often, but I do like to visit the store around the holidays. I noticed that too! I stay close to a couple of Dollar General's as well.

Pilar said...


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