Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Different Direction

Hello Everyone!

This sign spoke volumes to me when I saw it at  Target the other day

On February 1st I mentioned that I was taking a little blog break, unbeknownst I was going to need to take a break. I was contemplating if I was going to write today's post because I needed time to gather my thoughts and process my feelings. About 3 weeks ago I moved out of my apartment. It was somewhat of a quick decision, but a good family discussed moving after Christmas. I mentioned 2 years ago when I moved there from the house I was living in it was time to go because of all the drama that came with the landlord and the house itself. 2 years later the same situation constant drama, disrespect, and disregard from the new property manager and the new property owner. Let's not even talk about the rent going up, and all the other constant fees. So many tenants complained about various problems only to be given a bad attitude as a response by management or a quick fix on maintenance issues. Whoever gets my old apartment, I hope they don't mind that heat rarely works. I started noticing more people moving out of the complex on a weekly basis. I didn't think I would become one of those people that left.

I feel conflicted because for the first time since that 2015 here in South Carolina that left my family flood victims, I felt like this was finally home. I was happy until about 4 months ago when management was changed as I stated earlier in my post. I know this move was for the best. It makes no sense to pay to live somewhere and be completely disregarded as a human being. People are more than just a rent check. Sometimes you're lead in a direction that you should have chosen a long time ago.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...

I can see why people own their own homes. That is something my family wants to look into. For now my family and I decided to stay in an extended stay until we find something permanent. It's not the same as living in my apartment, but it has an apartment feel. I am blessed and I am grateful.

The last past few weeks I've been all in my feelings. Even though I know my family and I made the right decision, that doesn't always make me feel better. I've felt angry, frustrated, disappointed, confused, lost, and relieved just to name a few of my emotions. I've prayed about it and as I stated it was for the best. Moving can be stressful and exhausting process, but I don't look at this as a loss, more of a blessing in disguise. Everything in life happens for a reason. All I can do is continue to pray and ask God for guidance and remain optimistic about the future.

I will probably extend my break a little longer, but I Should be back by the second week of March :)

February 2019 Post

What is Love

Friday, February 1, 2019

What is Love?

Hello Everyone!

Since Valentine's is coming up, it made me think about what exactly defines love. Love is defined by Merriam Webster's Dictionary as: Unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

That's Merriam Webster's Dictionary definition of love, but in my opinion love is a complex term that isn't always easily defined.

Love is understanding...Understanding patiently beyond yourself

Love is kindness...Kindness is always free. We need more kindness in this world, but don't forget to be gentle and kind to yourself.

Love is forgiveness...No one is perfect we all make mistakes

Love is compassion...Compassion for others to hurt and struggle less

Love is on both good and bad times

Love is unconditional...We all have flaws, but that doesn't mean we should be loved any less for having flaws.

Love isnt... manipulation, lies, and constant disappointment. So many people look for various types of love in all the wrong places. Sadly you can end up paying a terrible price for searching for toxic love and acceptance.

There you have it, that's how I define love. How do you define love? Valentine's Day is a nice holiday, but remember to show love everyday.

 Also, I plan on taking a little break on my blog and Instagram. I've been going nonstop since the holidays. It's not going to be an extended break, just a break for a few weeks.  If anyone needs to reach me, contact me by email

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy February!!

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