Saturday, March 21, 2020

Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II

Hello Everyone!

At the beginning of the month, I decided to pick up the new Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II from Ulta I waited to get my palette from Ulta since I had reward points and I used a coupon so I saved a few dollars.

The package is similar to the first version with glossy white pagackaging and the font ia different. I've always thougt this packaging looks classy.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II has 35 vibrant shades that include matte, shimmer, and satin shadows.

1st Row

Row 1: 
Certified (matte pearl)
I'm In It (satin cotton candy),
Love Handles (matte peach cobbler)
Comfort Zone (matte nutmeg)
Perfectionist (matte nectarine)
Ride-or-Diamonds (shimmering rosy copper)
Thick Skin (matte terracotta)

I like the color selections in the first row. I'm glad Jaclyn Hill inlcuded transition shades (or at least I will use the some of brown shades as transition shades) I'm In It is my favorite shade on the first row. I'm In It is a such a gorgeous iridescent/pink shimmer shadow. Certified is a pretty color, but it's my least favorite shadow in the 1st Row. At first I thought Certified was going to be satin, but when applied I read the description that this shadow is matte. I like matte shadows, but Certified is a little chalky. 

2nd Row

Row 2: 
No Joke (matte dandelion)
Taliya (shimmering gold leaf)
Feelin' Myself (matte tangerine)
Homebody (matte mahogany)
GRWM (shimmering natural copper)
Boujee (shimmering peach bellini)
Drama Queen (shimmering pink diamond)

The 2nd row has a few shades that aren't that pigmented and chalky. No Joke is a beautiful yellow, but it's chalky. Taliya, Boujee, and Drama Queen are also beautiful shimmer shadows, but least pigmented when swatched. My hope is that shinmer shades will apply better with primer. GRWM, Feelin' Myself and Homebody in my opinion are the shades that are the best out of this row of shadows.

3rd Row

Row 3: 
Flawed & Awed (shimmering marmalade)
G-Money (matte mustard seed)
Positivi-TEA (matte electric coral)
My Man (matte neon orange)
Grateful (matte clay brick)
Heart On (matte strawberry daiquiri)
Livin' My Best (matte cherry with pink sparkle)

The pigmentation of the shadows on the 3rd Row are so pigmented. There are a mixture of mattes and a shimmer shadows. My Man is my favorite on this row. I love how vibrant orange My Man applied in my makeup look (see last post). I thought Livin' My Best was an interesting and good choice for a shadow because I don't see too many eyeshadow palettes that include a red shadow.

4th Row 

Row 4:
A Moment (shimmering lilac)
Therapy Sesh (matte orchid)
Lolli Mama (matte fuchsia)
Tipsy Girl (matte hot pink)
Empowered (shimmering raspberry jam)
Next (matte sangria)
Dance Party (matte fruit punch)

The 4th Row is my favorite. I love bright pinks and purples. A Moment, Therapy Sesh, Lolli Mama, and Tipsy Girl are simply gorgeous. This is another row that the shades are very pigmented and easy to swatch.

5th Row

Row 5: 
Stay True (matte berry)
Not My Journey (matte amethyst with pink sparkle)
Good Place (satin purple tulip)
Paolo (shimmering fig)
Oh, Hello! (matte black raspberry)
Crazy (matte merlot)
Temptress (glinting pitch black)

The 5th and final row is the row that caught my interest since I first heard about this palette. I've viewed many videos and read reviews that gave the purple shadows mixed reviews. Honestly I give the purple shadows a thumbs up based on the swatches on my arm. Purple shadow in general is known for being a difficult shade to formulate. I think Jaclyn Hill did a pretty good job with the formula. To test out one of the purples I used Not My Journey. The shadow blends well and the shadow is highly pigmented. The shadow feels like a buttery matte, and the shadow isn't chalky. If I had to choose a purple shadow that could use work. it would be Good Place. I like the color, and the shimmer, but I would like to see more pigmentation. I'm also glad that Jaclyn Hill included a black shadow, Temptress. You can create colorful smokey eye looks with Temptress, and Temptress also makes a good outer v shadow.

Overall I really like the Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II . I love bright vibrant colors so I'm glad this palette didn't disappoint. This palette does have a few chalky shadows that I hope aren't going to be hard to blend, and some of the shadows could use more pigmentation. If you wear and like more neutral shades then I would skip this palette, but if you love bright colors this palette is worth trying.

To view my Colorful Eye Makeup Look feat. Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume II, CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

Nice review!

Paola Lauretano said...

Oh my... this palette is everything!
Stay safe my beautiful friend!
Kisses, Paola.


The Liberty Belle said...

I love the colors in this palette. Nice review Pilar. Keep well.

Makeup Muddle said...

I love the original JH palette so i really want this one too. Your swatches all look so pretty xo

Makeup Muddle

Tanza Erlambang said...

palette sound good

Pam said...

Nice colors...I tend to lean to colors with browns in them. I have not ever really been a fan of pink or bright red.

ALLIE NYC said...

Whoah what fun colors!!

Allie of

Marie said...

I like these colors! The 4th and 5th rows eyeshadows are my favorite!

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

The bold colors in this palette look really fun!

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a great palette with so many tones. Row 1 is the one for me. Gorgeous neutrals. I love the witty names.

Evi Erlinda said...

Lovely palette!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

I agree! I love this palette! Be well!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Be well!

Pilar said...

Thanks. I have the original JH Palette too. This palette is so beautiful!

Pilar said...

I really like this palette!

Pilar said...

I don't use red eyeshadow that much, but I'm glad to see red included in an eyeshadow palette.

Pilar said...

I agree!

Pilar said...

Those rows are so pretty!

Pilar said...

I love palettes that are vibrant and bold!

Pilar said...

The first row is great if you love more neutral colors. I agree the neutrals are gorgeous!

Pilar said...

I agree!

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