Monday, August 24, 2015

Why I Use a Daily Planner

Hello Everyone! 

Today I want to talk a little about organization. Ever since I can remember,  I've always tried to be an organized person. I like things to be organized and neat. I tend to keep an agenda on organizing my daily activities and goals I want to accomplish. 

Why do I keep a planner?

- helps me stay on track on a daily basis

- helps me with staying on a schedule with.   
  publishing my blog posts

- helps me remember to do tasks

- provides a place to keep my ideas 

- provides a place to write down important events  
  such as birthdays, appointments, etc.

-  helps provide organization so I won't overwhelm 
   myself with activities. Writing in a planner helps   
   me keep my daily activities in perspective

My Planner

I needed a new planner, so last month I purchased this Victoria's Secret PINK planner with a rewards card I had. This planner is geared toward college students, but it's a simple planner that anyone can use.

The pages are blank for this week because I didn't get a chance to write my weekly agenda before I published this post.

Do you use a daily planner? How do you organize your daily tasks? 

Thanks for stopping by my blog! 


Jackie Harrison said...

Is good to have a planner to keep yourself organize I use personal you could personalize check it out for yourself. I do like this cute one you have.

Marie said...

Cute planner! I need to get a planner to organize my schedule better!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's always an excellent idea! When I have a lot to do, I always make a to do list. It helps me get through things quicker. I try and do a little each day so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Unknown said...

Lovely post!! I'm definately going to purchase a planner - need to keep my life and blog organised:) have a wonderful day. Josie xo

willsingformakeup said...

That's a cute planner! I didn't know Pink had planners. It's great to keep a planner. I should start using one again.

Unknown said...

I love your planner! It has a nice layout. I just bought a new one today because I need to be more organized, plus I keep watching all of these planner decorating videos on YouTube and I want to decorate mine lol! I couldn't find one with a layout like yours, I wanted all the days in vertical rows and they only had horizontal ones, which I find hard to write as much as I need to :/ I settled for one that had vertical columns but it's smaller so there's one day per page!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Sounds like a great website to personalize a planner. I'm going to check out the site so I can get an idea of what kind of planner I would like once I finish with this planner next year! Thanks for the info!

Pilar said...

Thanks! My schedule is organized better when I use a planner!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I write to do lists too! I find when I don't organize my tasks, I get overwhelmed. I also limit what I do each day to prevent being overwhelmed.

Pilar said...

Thanks! Keeping a planner is a great way to help organize your blog etc! Same to yo!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I think PINK discontinued this planner because November has 31 days when it should be 30 days, or maybe VS were out of stock, I'm not too sure. I read other reviews where people complained dates were wrong. That's the only mistake I found in mine for November. It's not that big of a deal to me because I can just white out the incorrect date and the rest of the planner is fine.

Pilar said...

Thanks! Decorating your planner should be fun! That's too bad you couldn't find what you really wanted. You could try using post it notes if need extra room in your planner. You could also get creative and use colorful or white index cards to write more in your planner. Just a piece of tape to the top of the index card to add it in your planner.

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