Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Importance of Discipline

Hello Everyone!

I feel to maintain a balance in life you should have discipline in every aspect of your life. Here a few ways I try to maintain discipline in my life.

1. Hold on to God's Hand

I'm a firm believer in the saying "Keep God first in all the things you do." As always I'm not one to push my religious beliefs on anyone, but when I feel undisciplined I turn to God, pray, and read the Bible. I may not be an overly religious person, but turning to God helps me put things into perspective and see things clearer with a level head.

2. Self Control

If you think about it, how can you have discipline if you don't have any self control? I have to admit maintaining self control can be difficult at times but nonetheless self control is important to keep things into perspective.

3. Set Goals

It's a known fact that life isn't going to go the way we want it to all the time, that doesn't mean you shouldn't set goals for yourself. Setting goals keeps can help you stay focused and motivated.

How do you keep yourself disciplined?


I went grocery shopping this morning and when I went to the non grocery side in Walmart I noticed they were putting out Fall decor. I didn't get anything, but I thought the decor was cute. I'm so over Summer and this heat!

I really don't plan on doing anything tomorrow, so I decided to have a pre Labor day dinner with leftovers for tomorrow. I hope evey has a Happy Labor Day!

I also want to thank those of you who left such kindness, support, and suggestions on my last post about my blog's pictures getting deleted. Your words mean so much to me!! If you want to read what happend and how solved the issue CLICK HERE

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Happy Labor Day weekend Pilar!! I am sooo ready for fall as well!! I definitely try to keep disciplined by setting daily goals and I feel so good when I achieve them!

Jackie Harrison said...

Have a great Labor nice recap.

Unknown said...

Happy Labor Day Pilar!! This post is great. I really think setting goals is a great idea for self discipline! Self control is something I think I will forever be working on.
All those fall decorations are so cute. I can't wait for Fall and to bring mine out of storage!

Marie said...

All these tips are great! Happy Labor Day! The food looks good and the Fall decor is cute!

Pilar said...

Happy Labor Day Margo! Accomplishing goals are something worth feeling good about!

Pilar said...

Thanks, have a great Labor Day as well!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ashley and Happy Labor Day! I think I have pretty good self control, but I still work it as well. The Walmart employees were putting out so many nice Fall decorations as I passed by!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Happy Labor Day!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I try to keep everything I do in moderation. I also try to keep everything in my life balanced. It helps. Great post.

Pilar said...

Thanks Kim! Keeping things in moderation is so important, it really does help!

willsingformakeup said...

The trick for staying disciplined for me is to keep the end goal at the front of my mind. I ask myself, "Is what I want right now going to push me toward my goal or away from my goal?" That helps me keep going sometimes. Also, taking breaks from being disciplined 100% of the time helps too. It keeps you from buring out on whatever you're working on. One or 2 days off is much better than getting frustrated and giving up.

I'm over the heat too! I have to keep myself from buying all of the fall decor. The fall stuff just speaks to me, and I'm not even all that into decorating! lol Good luck on all of your goals, Pilar! I have faith in you.

Pilar said...

Thanks Lauren! I agree you shouldn't be discipline 100% because no one is perfect. I wish you well on all your goals too!

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