Sunday, March 6, 2016

Girl Talk: Tampons or Pads? Pros and Cons

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a Girl Talk post for you discussing the pros and cons of Tampons and Pads. Every girl and woman is faced with the decision to choose tampons, pads, or switching between both products (unless you use other sources of sanitary protection during your period such as cloth pads, menstrual cups etc.)

Tampons (Pros)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Not Visible
  • Large variety of tampons to choose from
  • Easy to store in your purse etc.
  • Flushable in the toilet
  • Cleaner than using a pad (less mess)
  • Swim friendly

Tampons (Cons)
  • Can feel uncomfortable to insert, especially if you're a beginner
  • Not recommended to wear during sleeping at night
  • Choosing the right absorbency for body can be difficult
  • Not Eco-friendly
  • Not a natural product for your body
  • Possible leaks, especially if you get the wrong absorbency or don't change it in time
  • Risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome if left inside too long  Read about TSS @

Pads (Pros)
  • Easy to change
  • Usually less expensive than pads
  • Large variety to of pads to choose from
  • No risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)
  • Depending on the pad, can be comfortable to wear
  • Some pads come with wings which helps the pad stay in place

Pads (Cons)
  • Depending on the kind you get, they can be bulky and take up space
  • Uncomfortable to wear during exercising
  • You can't wear a pad when you go swimming
  • Not Flushable
  • Have a tendency to show through certain types of pants depending on the type of pad your wearing
  • Depending on the type of pad you're wearing, you may feel like your wearing a diaper
  • Possible leaks

My Thoughts

Personally I prefer tampons, but sometimes I rather wear pads. I switch between using both. Even though TSS is rare, but it has always been a concern for me. So ladies please be careful when using tampons! For me I find the Tampax Pearl Tampons the best choice. They're easy to insert and comfortable to wear. I usually get the 50 count variety pack that comes with light, regular, and super tampons. As for pads I usually get either U by Kotex Overnight Ultra Thin or Always Infinity Overnight. I hate those jumbo pads because I hate the whole diaper feeling, so I wear ultra thin pads. I get the overnight kind to have extra protection from leaks. If you're worried about possible leaks, or just want extra protection I also highly recommend trying the Always Infinty Pads. These pads are made from foam and in my opinion it's a very good brand (and these pads are thin). I haven't had any issues since I started using them.

Ladies do you prefer to use Tampons or Pads? This is NOT a sponsored post, but I wanted to mention if you're looking for a montly subscription that caters to your period, please check out Tomboxes!
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Sophie ❤︎ said...

Hi Pilar! Great post again! Very informative and I love how you talked about the pros and cons for each and your personal preference. I've had my period for 5 years and I'm still too scared to try tampons!

Have an amazing day!
-Sophie xx

Jackie Harrison said...

Very informative and helpful to mention.

Unknown said...

Great post Pilar! I never actually sat and thought of the pros and cons of each of these. I prefer tampons and always found panda uncomfortable. But I never wear tampons to bed when I'm sleeping and always use a thin pad or panty liner instead!

Unknown said...

LOL I'm seriously laughing at how I typed panda instead of pads!!'

Unknown said...

I used pads forever but one I tried tampons I never looked back, I too am a fan of tampons :)


willsingformakeup said...

It's great to have these kinds of conversations, so thank you for starting this dialogue. I like tampons during the day and pads for overnight. I've really been wanting to try a menstrual cup, but I haven't worked up the courage yet.

Shireen L. Platt said...

Another great post, Pilar! I usually wear pads for the first couple of days and then tampons because it's much more comfortable and easy.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Elle Sees said...


Pilar said...

Thanks Sophie! I can relate, when I was a teenager I was apprehensive about trying tampons, but I came across Tampax Pearl and they're easy to insert. If you ever decide to try tampons, just make sure you take all the precautions to prevent TSS.

Pilar said...

Thanks Jackie!

Pilar said...

Thanks Ashley! Lol to panda I knew what you meant to type! The only pads I really find uncomfortable are those jumbo pads. I can't stand the diaper feelings lol! I never wear tampons to bed either, I just stick with pads at night.

Pilar said...

Even though I still use pads, It's nice to have an alternative to use tampons÷

Pilar said...

I want to write a few more girl talk posts. I started this series last year and I thought it would be helpful to girls and women. I've been seeing a commerical for a menstrual cup, but I've never seen it in stores.

Pilar said...

Thanks Shireen! I'm somewhat the same with wearing pads the first few days and switching to tampons. I agree tampons are more comfortable and easy.

Pilar said...

Thanks for reading!

Intimatefly said...

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