Monday, May 16, 2016

Palmer's Eventone Suncare Sunscreen Stick Review

Hello Everyone!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Palmer's. I want to thank Palmer's for sending this product to review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Since Spring is here and next month comes Summer, I thought that I should get the ball rolling with a few reviews on some products that Palmer's sent me from their new suncare line. You may remember that I did a first Impressions post on some products in January. I'll have that link at the end of this post.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Suncare contains active ingredients and natural moisturizers Cocoa Butter Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and help you maintain a youthful even skin tone. CocoaPlex™ Technology helps to prevent dark spots, uneven skin tone and premature aging.

Eventone Suncare Sunscreen Stick is perfectly portable for protection of face, lips and ears while on-the-go.

PABA Free • Paraben Free • Phthalate Free


Cocoa Butter: a natural moisturizer that leaves skin soft and silky, transforming even the roughest, driest areas into buttery soft skin. Rich in Cocoa Mass Polyphenols which help to combat free radical damage- the main culprit of premature aging

Shea Butter: deeply moisturizers and soothes dry skin while acting as a moisture barrier to keep skin hydrated.

Coconut Oil: rich in lauric acid, as well as poly and mono saturated fats to hydrate deeply- giving skin a natural glow while helping to improve absorption and counteracting any white, pasty residue

My Thoughts 

I use this as lip balm, therefore I didn't used this on my skin. I like to use this and my swivel stick for my lips because both products work very well as a lip balm.  I really like how this Sunscreen stick has versatile uses and it contains SPF 50. I feel like protecting your lips is also an important part of maintaining healthy skincare. This may be a sunscreen stick, but when it smells just like the regular Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I was happy about that since I'm not a very fond of strongly scented sunscreen. As you read in the ingredients this sunscreen stick has cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil. Three ingredients that I like using in keeping my skin healthy incorporate in my beauty regimens. For those of you wondering, the shea butter had no affect on me. I wasn't allergic to it. This sunscreen goes on smoothly and keeps my lips hydrated for hours. I've been using this for a while and my lips feel so soft. If you want to keep your lips hydrated and soft, I would give this sunscreen stick a try!

Here's the link to my first impressions post:

Look what came in the mail today! I want to thank Palmer's for sending me these goodies :) I've done a few reviews for some of these products, but I'll be reviewing the products I'm unfamiliar with in upcoming posts!

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Jackie Harrison said...

Great review I never try this sunscreen now I will consider it.

Marie said...

Great review, I've seen this product in Walmart. I like how it can be used on your lips or on your skin. Sounds like it would be great to use for Summer.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't have thought to use this as a lip balm! I've never used a sunscreen in a stick form before either. This seems like a great multipurpose product if you can use it for both! I'll have to keep that in mind when I need a new lip blam! Great post, Pilar! And so awesome they sent you more goodies!!


Great post hun! I love this so much.

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Elle Sees said...

great idea to use this as lip balm!!

Anonymous said...

Nice review!

Unknown said...

Oh, I didn't realize they made sunscreen... good info!!

All the Cute 🎀
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Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Great review! My lips recently got sunburned and it was such a horrible experience (no makeup for weeks :(( ) that I am now investing in sunscreen for the lips, this will be perfect!

Pilar said...

Thanks! It's a pretty good product!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I like that this sunscreen stick is versatile too!

Pilar said...

Thanks! I know I think it's cool you can use it as a lip balm. This is my first time using a sunscreen stick! I can't wait to try the new items!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

I agree! This has been my go to lip balm!

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks! I think it's great Palmer's has a newly developed Suncreen line of products!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Oh no! I hope you're feeling better! I would definitely try this suncreen it works well on the lips!

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