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Bath and Body Works Haul: Fall Candles Collection Collaboration

Hello Everyone

My good friend Ashley and I decided to do a collaboration post on our 2015 Fall Candles from Bath and Body Works

It seems like I'm one of the few people in life who doesn't like or appreciate pumpkin lol. I wanted to give pumpkin scents a chance even though I hate the taste. Long story short, it was a no go. I wanted to get pumpkin coconut, but the scent set off my allergies. So there won't be any pumpkin scented candles for me.

I was having a few stressful weeks and as a pick me up, my mom purchased these candles. Thank you mama! I love you so much! This made my day! These candles were purchased during the 2 for $24 sale about two few weeks ago. I know BABW also had the same this past weekend. These candles were a pretty good deal because in addition to the sale she had a 20% coupon and an exchange for store credit.

1. Farmstand Apple

Bath and Body Works Description:

Notes of McIntosh apple, pear blossom & oak call to mind a day at the orchard

My Thoughts:

Farmstand Apple is basically American Apple repackaged. Both candles smell the same or at least I don't smell the difference between them. Here is the description I used for American Apple This candle smells semi sweet. I smell more of a refreshing crisp apple scent. I really like this scent and the throw is pretty good. My thoughts are basically the same for Farmstand Apple as well. If you were a fan of American Apple you'll likely be pleased with Farmstand Apple. You can the previous BABW candle haul post I wrote HERE

Farmstand Apple and American Apple

2. Buttercream Icing

Bath and Body Works Description:

The mouthwatering fragrance of fluffy buttercream frosting on a rich vanilla cupcake

 My Thoughts:

This candle smells so good! It reminds me of my mama's homemade buttercream frosting and now I want a piece of cake! It smells more of a fluffy buttercream scent with hints of vanilla in the throw. This candle is similar to Vanilla Bean Marshmallow except (in my opinion) I think the Buttercream Icing smells better I burned this candle the other day, and  my house smells like a bakery full of sweet buttercream within 30 minutes!

Here's an extra candle I received free from Yankee Candle
Sweet Strawberry

Yankee Candle Description:

The essence of perfectly ripe strawberries sprinkled with sugar.

My Thoughts:

I haven't burned this candle yet, but the cold sniff scent is more strawberry than sweet. I can only hope that this candle's throw won't disappoint like most Yankee Candle Candles I've had in the past. I just don't understand how these candles are so expensive, but I can barely smell the throw in my house let alone in the same room.

Have you picked up any Fall candles? If so which candle(s) did you select? Don't forget to check out my friend Ashley's post to see what Fall candles she selected. You can check out her blog

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Hello Fall FOTD

Hello Everyone!

I originally didn't think I would have time to post a Fall Makeup look, but I felt I couldn't celebrate Fall Week on my blog if I didn't include a makeup look! For today's FOTD I created this Smokey Navy Blue and Purple Eyeshadow Look. I even used blush for this look!

Products Used


- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
- BH Cosmetics 28 Color Smokey Eye Edition

1. Transition color: 2nd row 2nd shade
2.  All over the lid: 2nd row 3rd shade
3. Crease and Outer V: 3rd row: 

* Face *

- Cetaphil DermaControl Oil  Moisturizer (for primer)

- Fashion Fair Loose Powder (Amber)

- Fashion Fair Fast Finish. Foundation Stick (Butterscotch/Caramel)

- BH Cosmetics Iris Blush Duo  (Darker Shade)

* Lips *

- MAC Pure Heroine Lipstick (LE)

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Love Fall Tag!

Hello Everyone!

My friends Ashley and Margo tagged me for the I Love Fall Tag. Thanks for tagging me ladies! Here are my responses. Two posts for Sunday?! Yes, that's right! To start off Fall week on my blog, I thought I would post two posts for today! You can check out my DIY Macaron and Lipstick Egg Lip Gloss Tutorial HERE

What is your favourite fall month?

What did you dress as for Halloween last year?
I didn't dress up last year

What is your favourite fall food?
Sweet potato pie

Do you have any fall traditions?
The only tradition I can think of is preparing a menu for Thanksgiving dinner

Do you have any Halloween traditions?
I usually watch scary movies on TV.

What music do you like to listen to during fall?
I listen to all kinds of music during all seasons of the year

What is your favourite fall outfit?
Leggings, Sweater, and Boots

Favorite scary movie?
I cant think of one at the moment lol

S’mores or pumpkin pie?

Hot chocolate or warm apple cider?
Hot Chocolate!

Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

What is the best thing about your town during fall?
The fair I guess even though I haven't been in years.

Tea or coffee?

Cats or bats?
Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns?
I have never carved a jack-o-lanterns.

Do you enjoy visiting graveyards?
Absolutely NOT!

What is your favourite fall memory?
Going to the fair as a child

Gloves or mittens?

Do you enjoy the other seasons?

How do you plan to spend this Halloween?
I don't know. I'll probably just watch scary movies on TV.

In ONE sentence… WHY do you love fall so much?
The weather is cooler!

What is your favourite fall makeup look?
Neutral eyeshadow and dark lipstick or Dark eyeshadow and neutral lipstick

What is your favourite fall candle scent?
Right now, it's Farmstand Apple from Bath and Body Works

Do you enjoy cold weather?
I enjoy cooler weather not really cold weather.

What is your least favourite thing about fall?
Anything Pumpkin!

What is your favourite Halloween candy?
I don't really have one.

What is one thing you’d love to try during fall, but haven’t yet?

Apple Picking. I heard that it's really fun.

I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!

Here's the link once again to my Macaron and Lipstick Egg DIY Lip Gloss Tutorial

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All In Packaging: Macaron and Lipstick Egg DIY Lip Gloss and Review

Hello Everyone!

* These products were sent to me by All in Packaging for testing and review purposes. All opinions are 100 % my own.


Lipstick Egg
*The bottom half of the lipstick egg is fixed

Welcome to Fall Week on my Blog! Today I thought I would start with my reviews on these lipstick eggs and macarons. As the cooler weather approaches hydrated lips are lips are so important! Before, I write my review for these products, I'm going to share two easy DIY lip gloss recipes!

1. Macaron: Eyeshadow Lip Gloss 

You'll Need:

- 1 tablespoon Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
- Drop of honey
- Eyeshadow
- Bowl
- Spoon
- Macaron Container


1. Melt Vaseline or petroleum jelly and honey in a bowl for 20 or 30 seconds in microwave.

2. Add a eyeshadow to add tint to your mixture

3. Stir until ingredients are well blended.

4. Put lip gloss into macaron container and place into the freezer for 30 to 45 minutes. I left my macaron uncovered.

5. Remove

2. Lipstick Egg: Honey Lip Gloss

You'll Need:

- 1/2 tablespoon honey
- 1/2 tablespoon Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly
- Bowl

1. Place honey and Vaseline or petroleum jelly in a bowl. Mix well.

2. Melt the ingredients in the microwave for 20 to 25 seconds. Remove and Stir.

3. Pour ingredients into the top half of the lipstick egg and place into the freezer for 2 hours. I found leaving the vaseline mixture in the freezer a little longer helps mold it better.

4. Remove from freezer. You may have to adjust the mold into an egg shape on top of the fixed egg on the bottom.

My Thoughts

I think that the macarons and lipstick eggs are so cute! Both containers are durable and make lip care DIY projects easy to complete. The only thing I wished is that the lip egg wasn't fixed, I guess it wasn't too much of an issue since I was able to mold the vaseline into an egg shape easily. I didn't have any beeswax on hand, but I thought the Vaseline worked well without making a mess. Whenever I purchase some beeswax, I'm going to try and do another DIY lip gloss tutorial. I typically dont use vaseline, except to moisturize my lips at night before I go to bed during the colder months. The macarons and lipstick eggs also make great DIY Gifts!

For my international readers in the United Kingdom you can check out their website at Even though this company doesn't ship to United States you can still browse the site.

Today I decided to two posts to start off Fall week on my blog! Here is the link to my I Love Fall Tag!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pilar in the Pantry: Homemade Crock Pot Lasagna/ Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!!

Hello Everyone!

For today's Pilar in the Pantry recipe, I present to you my Homemade Crock Pot Lasagna. This is another meal that I make that tends to go quickly so I usually make extra. This lasagna meal is very special because I made this for my best friend's birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You'll see the pictures from his birthday celebration yesterday near the end of the post. This post is picture heavy!

*If you don't want to make this much, cut the ingredients in half.


For Meat Sauce:

- 2 lb ground beef
* seasonings of your choice add to the ground beef

- 67 ounce jar of Prego Traditional Spaghetti Sauce

Other Ingredients:

- 24 oz Breakstone 4% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese

- 8 oz Breakstone 4% Milkfat Small Curd Cottage Cheese

- (2) 8 ounce Shredded Mozzarella Cheese * I just purchased a large bag of cheese to have

- (2) 8 ounce Shredded Mild Cheese * I just purchased a large bag of cheese to have

- 1 package of Muellers Lasagna * I purchased 2 just to have to have an extra box around

Other Things You'll need:

- Crock Pot
- Frying pan or large pot

-  Large spoon

- Large dipping spoon (to place spaghetti sauce in crock pot)

- Bowl with lid

- Pam Non Stick Original Cooking Spray

Preparation and Cooking Directions:

Side Note: No need to cook the lasagna noodles. They will cook in the Crock Pot

1. Mix all the shredded mild and over half the shredded mozzarella together in a bowl and set aside.

2. Brown ground beef in a frying pan or large pot, season meat with the seasonings of your choice. Cook on medium high minutes until meat is no longer pink. Drain. Stir in spaghetti sauce. Cover with lid, let simmer, and remove from heat

3. Spray the bottom and sides of the Crock Pot lightly with Pam Non Stick Original Cooking Spray.

4. Put a thin layer of meat in the bottom of the crockpot then start laying meat

5. Layer uncooked lasagna noodles, I broke some of the lasagna noodles in half so they would fit properly in the crock pot

6. 1st layer cottage cheese or ricotta and the add shredded cheeses mixture

7. Repeat meat, noodles, cottage cheese, and shredded cheeses layer pattern until you almost reach the top. Your top layer should have lasagna noodles

8. Turn the Crock Pot on High for about 4 hours and cover with lid. This is a trial and error type situation. Depending on your crock pot you may have to adjust the time. This was my first time making a Lasagna in my new crock pot I got a few months ago, but If you have a CROCK POT The Original Slow Cooker the directions I provided should work well for you. For your convenience I provided  the time of when I started cooking to the final product etc.

(Start time 5:00 pm)

9. About 3 hours into cooking your lasagna, turn your dial on low. Remember to periodically check your lasagna so you won't undercook it or burn it (Time: 7:00 pm)

10. About 30 minutes before your Lasagna is done cooking sprinkle the rest of the mozzarella cheese on top and cover with lid.  (Time: 8:30 pm)

10. Your lasagna should be done once the cheese starts melted. Take a fork and check to see if your noodles on the are tender. Turn off your crock pot and let cool. Then serve your meal.

(End Time: 9: 00 pm)

Don't forget the Texas Toast!

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!!

Now to best part of the post! My best friend's birthday! Yesterday was my best friend's birthday (Sept 23rd), so as a surprise I decided to cook him a dinner and make a dessert tray just for him!

The Birthday Boy!!!

He had no idea that I was making the dessert tray filled with brownies, M&M's chocolate chip cookies, and one of his favorite candies Rolos. He was happy for the gift!

Happy Birthday!

 It was wonderful spending time with him! I love this guy so much and !!! <3

A better view of the dessert tray and the card I gave him.

Inside the dessert tray. They're actually two bowls of cookies, and I stacked some of brownies of top of each other. Since his favorite color is blue I decided to used blue M&M's in the cookies.

Here are a few random pics I took while I was preparing to bake

On to the baking!

Prepping the cookies to bake

I went back and added more blue M&M's to the cookies

Brownie batter!

Individually wrapped brownies

Since he got off work later, I didn't post any pictures earlier in the day yesterday like I normally would. That could have ruin the surprised if he saw the pics online before I saw him lol. I'm glad he enjoyed his birthday dinner and birthday treats!

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Hello Everyone! As some of you may know, I have depression and anxiety. Back in April, I started to notice that my mental health issues...