Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Naked Face Campaign

Hey Everyone! !

Today's blog is a tag repost campaign by rachelgourley  I'm glad to contribute to this because self confidence and acceptance is so important :) check it out!

This is a bit of a different post... this post is to show everyone who follows or looks at my blog that - I'm not perfect - no one's perfect. Everyone is different and everyone has their own insecurities and things that they may not like about themselves - but there is no harm in embracing them and saying "yes I have these but do you know what? I'm me and I'm beautiful" because at the end of the day, are who you are and you look the way you look. There is no shame in not being the typical size 8 the majority of girls and women dream of being, there's nothing wrong with having freckles - 70 odd % of men like freckles! There's nothing wrong being pale - most people relate pale skin to purity -so embrace it!
So many girls, women, boys, and men go to extreme measures because they aren't happy with how they look and the amount of pressure that is put on them is shocking! Magazines, TV shows - even through their own friends and family and lets not forget social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
With that being said - I'm in no way perfect, there are some things I like about myself and some things I don't - so what I have decided to do - which is kind of similar to the tag that was going around Youtube for a while - my perfect imperfections

- here's what you do

1. I'm going to list 3 things I like and don't like about myself and explain why
2. I'll then post a picture of my "naked face"
3. I'm then going to tag some people to do it themselves to help spread the word!

Three Things I Like About Myself

1. My Smile- I've had so many people tell me that I have a smile that can light up a room

2. My Body Type- I like that Im curvy and proportioned.

3. My Skin- My complexion is toned and I keep it hydrated and moisturized.

Three Things I Dislike About Myself

1. My Hair: Even though its thick, its very frizzy and can be unmanageable when its humid outside

2. My Height: I wish I was a little taller than 5.5 ½

3. My Arms: I want them to be more toned and a little less chunky lol

Here you go my naked face! (Its always good to have self confidence even when battling a summer cold and allergies lol)


I'd like to tag ...
And everyone else who wants to participate :)...No Pressure to do this

Pass it on and share the word :)


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Raineys Crochet said...

You are truly beautiful girl! I just did this one too! xxx

Pilar said...

Thank you! I was glad to do this because like I mentioned, self acceptance is so important! I'll go check your repost too

Rachel Gourley said...

Loved reading this thank you for doing it! :)
Rachel x

Catriona said...

I've done it :)

Pilar said...

Thanks! And you're welocme, I was glad to participate!

Pilar said...

That's great! I'll go take a look

Kristen said...

thank you for doing this blog to show that people are normal and beautiful no matter what they look like and that everyone is human. I wish I had your body because I look like a pumpkin. I wish I had curves. my hair is just like yours. even if a sweat just a little it frizzes out. I agree I wish I was more toned then I am. but I am happy with the way I am because I don't care what others think. I am not going to kill myself, so others think I am beautiful it starts with you.

Pilar said...

You're welcome! The credit goes to Rachel, the originator of the post :) I just reposted for a great campaign! I think as people in general, we sometimes wish we look liked someone else, or have their body type etc. In reality, we're all originally unique in our own way :)

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