Saturday, July 11, 2020

PR Haul

Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This posts contains PR Samples from various brands. I want to thank each brand for sending over product(s) for review! All opinions are 100% my own.

Recently I received A good bit of pr samples :) I have new posts coming up with these new items. Today I'm going to the products

Eco Tools from Ulta 

Goodies from Eco Tools

Eco Tools has so many amazing products! Ive tried many of their affordable and great quality makeup brushes and skincare accessories. I exfoliate my skin, but I've never tried try brushing my skin. I've read up on the benefits of dry brushing skin, now I can try it out.

Original Beauty Box 

Last month I shared on my blog The Gift of Giving Back. I wanted to do something special for Nurses, so I did a giveaway. Thank you again Original Beauty Box for providing the mirror for my giveaway.

In addition to the giveaway I was also given a mirror and an Orginal Beauty Box.  This box will fit perfectly on the counter in my bathroom to help reorganize my skincare setup.

China Glaze

A few weeks ago China Glaze reached out to me to send me a nail polish care package. I've had a few China Glaze Nail Polishes, but not in these beautiful colors. That orange shade is a perfect Summer color!

Derma E

I shared this box and the next box from Derma E last month. 

Derma E 

You can check out the reviews HERE

Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel  

About a month I filled out a survey to be entered in a giveaway for a free Benefit Brow Product, and surprisingly I was one of the winners!! I mentioned this before, Benefit has some of the best brow products.

Benefit Cosmetics 

Here are a other products Benefit sent over. You can see the first products HERE. The Roller Lash Eyeliner is currently on of my favorite eyeliners.


This is my first time trying Pacifica products. This brand is popular at my local Target because there is usually a low stock or the products are completely sold out.

Pacifica sent over a variety of skin and makeup products for me to try. 


A box full of Bliss!

As many of you know I take my skincare routine very seriously. I've also started using more clean beauty brands, and Bliss is clean beauty brand. I've heard many positive reviews for Bliss, especially their cleansers and serums. 

YCC Agency for Pixi Beauty

Over the past 2 years I started using Pixi Beauty, so I was so happy to get this package in the mail! Pixi is known for their Glow Tonic and other skintreats, but the brand has pretty good makeup products too.

Stay tuned for upcoming makeup looks, and skincare routines!

GSQ by Glamsquad Exclusively at CVS

What cute hair accessories from GSQ by Glamsquad! I love the rhinestones on the hair clips and the gold half moon claw! I've never had a knotted Scarf Scrunchie, so I can't  wait to use for my hair. The scrunchie has a retro look that I like! 🧡 You can find these hair accessories at CVS and

GSQ by GLAMSQUAD Knotted Scarf Scrunchie $9.99

GSQ by GLAMSQUAD Rhinestone Hair Clips $7.99

GSQ by GLAMSQUAD Gold Half Moon Claw Clip $7.99

Dove from Target

A few days ago I opened my front door and saw this huge box from Target and inside were on of my favorite skincare products Dove.

In addition to skincare products, Dove also sent over a body lotion and their new hair care products. Like I mentioned I love Dove products, so I can't wait to try the new items and incorporate them into my skincare routine!

I want to thank all the brands once again for sending over all of these lovely items!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Collective Summer Haul 2020

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! Before I start today's post I want to thank everyone for all the love you showed me on my last post Fiery July! I started a collective back in May, and today I'm going to share the items. I'm not going to detail every item since a good bit of these products I've mentioned in past posts etc.

Essie Nail Polish can be a bit pricey, but I used my weekly CVS coupons and discounts to save money. I even got a nail polish for free!

I originally got this Sonia Kashuk Organizer for makeup brushes, but I'm thinking about using it for some of my makeup products.

Although, this  a great organizer for a lot of makeup brushes

I needed a few new hair accessories. I love the Cantu Detangle Comb and the shower caps work great to wear while deep conditioning my hair.

I absolutely love these Espadrilles sandals! They're so cute and comfy.  I purchased these on sale during Memorial Day (I think)

I also purchased a black pair. These shoes are perfect for Summer!

I actually purchased these shoes near the end of last Summer so I haven't worked them yet. These sandals are tie up the leg.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fiery July

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing a red eye makeup look. Sure I've done cranberry eye makeup looks in the past, but this is the first time I've done a true red eyeshadow look.

I was inspired to do this look because of the heat. Honestly I don't even like going outside for anything right now it's so hot lol. I've lived in South Carolina all my life, but I will never get used this heat and humidity. June was hot and July will probably feel like fire!

To create my eye makeup look I used Jaclyn Hill Volume II Palette. For my transition color I used perfectionist. Next I used empowered in my tear duct and half the lid. For the other half of my lid and outer v I used Livin My Best. To complete the eye makeup, I Crazy on top of the Outer V, and Livin My Best on my lower lash line.

I wanted to keep this red theme bright, so I used my cookie highlighter without blush. I think the golden highlighter pairs well with the red makeup and winged liner. I also used a Victoria's Secret Lipstick. I forgot the name, but I think VS discontinued their lipsticks.

WISHING EVERYONE A WONDERFUL JULY!! ❤ Also today is my best friend's birthday! Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Gift of Giving Back

Hello Everyone!

*Disclaimer: The mirrors provided in this giveaway are provided by

Giving back is one of the best feelings in the world to me.  I'm truly a believer in the saying it is better to give than to receive. For my upcoming 7th Blogiversary next month July 27th (a month from today!) I wanted to do something special for local healthcare workers, particularly nurses.

All my life I've seen my mom work in healthcare as a nurse, so I've seen up close how essential healthcare workers are to the community. I wanted to give back to three local nurses here in South Carolina.

This is one of the baskets I put together. During this pandemic I've been focusing on self care. I think self care is so important especially during this pandemic.

For the other two gifts I'm going to add 2 bath bombs to go along with each mirror. The black mirror shown is mine, but I wanted to show what the mirror looks like. Isn't it gorgeous?! Once I finish getting the items together I'm going to place them in cellophane with a bow.

I want to give a special thank you to Original Beauty Box for providing the mirrors that are included in the local giveaway.  I chose nurses for this giveaway, but I want to thank all the essential workers for all that you do!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Derma E Skincare Goodies

Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples provided by Derma E for review purposes. I would like to thank Derma E for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information, courtesy of

Good skincare starts with good skincare products! One of my favorite brands Derma E, sent over boxes full of skincare goodies!  

Once I turned 30, I started adding a few preventative Wrinkle Skincare Products during my skincare routine. I don't have wrinkles, but now that I'm 34, I take Anti Wrinkle Products more seriously.  I already the Moisturizer and the overinight peel. I can't wait to try Derma E's Anti Wrinkle products to help continue to prevent wrinkles!

Look at all these amazing skincare products! How cute are the headband, sticker, and peel on tattoo?! 
I'm still practicing social distancing and quarantining, but I can still have glowy skin that is healthy and hydrated. I can't wait to try the cleanser, sunscreen, mist, and night cream since I'm unfamiliar with those products.  It's still important to practice good skincare habits even if your not out and about. Since being inside the house more, I've been using Derma E 's Blue Light Shield Skincare products. Since I look at my laptop and phone more, it's important to keep  protected from looking at screens for long periods of time. 

I mentioned in one of my self care posts that I started using the Hydro Gel Patches. Some times I suffer from insomnia which can make me look tired under my eyes. These patches help so much with reducing puffiness under my eyes ans helps me look more refreshed on the nights I lose sleep. The dark circles under my eyes are clearing as well.

What are your favorite Derma E products? 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Purple Glitter Eye Makeup

Hello Everyone!

As you can tell by today's post, I'm sharing all things Purple Glam. I've been showing blue eye makeup looks, so today I wanted to switch things up with purple.

To create this makeup look I used my Chique pink glitter eye makeup brush 5-piece set and Chique eye kit 5-piece purple glitter eye makeup brush set. I love that I can use inexpensive quality brushes to create my makeup looks! I don't think these brushes are on the Chique Tools website, but you can check 5 Below.

 I was looking for a vibrant glittery purple shade, so I went with the Charles James Palette. Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear during the Summer. To create this eye makeup look I used the shadows Love That in the crease, on the lid, and outer v and a glitter shadow, Aristry on top of Love That on the lid. To finish my eye makeup look, I used a metal glitter (to create glitter eyeliner) form Urban Decay an a Tarte Mascara.

I've mentioned numerous times that using good quality brushes are important  elements when creating makeup looks. I love that these Chique Tools Brushes are very soft, and pick up product well. The eye brushes make blending Eyeshadows easy.

Lastly I used Benefit's Cookie Highlighter to get a Summer Glow, and I used Morphe Liquid Lipstick in Jealousy on my lips. To make my Liquid lipstick is applied, sometimes I use a lip brush to correct any mistakes  before it dries.

Happy First Day of Summer! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Spa Sciences First Impressions

Hello Everyone!

A few months ago I received a 50% off coupon on Spa Sciences Products. I've been curious about this brand for a while so I made a few purchases with my discount. *All product information can be found on

All the items came in the box neatly packaged 

Another photo of the box packaging. Spa Sciences also included bubble wrap to protect one of the items. 

Sonic Dermaplaning Device for Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal With 7 Weeks of Treatment Tips.

SIMA is a revolutionary, professional grade at-home dermaplaning device that is safe and hygienic. Inspired by professional dermaplaning, SIMA uses sonic technology to instantly remove peach fuzz, build-up, debris and dulling dead skin to reveal a completely rejuvenated and hair-free complexion. SIMA boosts the power of skincare products by erasing the barrier to penetration as well as creates a perfectly cleansed canvas for a more flawless makeup application. After a single treatment, you will experience a brighter, softer, smoother and more youthful looking complexion..

Use SIMA once a week to achieve professional-grade skin smoothing and hair removal results. SIMA is cost efficient, safe and effective for all skin types and tones.

I absolutely hate peach fuzz, but unfortunately I have peach fuzz around my chin area. I use Dermaplaning devices to help reduce peach fuzz. Sima has helped, but I did experience irritation the first few uses. I'm not surprised since I think my skin is sensitive to other Dermaplaning devices as well. I think this is a good alternative to going to a Spa, and less expensive. I actually purchased this product with the Target Beauty Essentials Post.

Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing System

NOVA is a waterproof, rechargeable sonic cleansing brush that features both sonic technology and patented antimicrobial protection to provide the highest level of daily cleansing and exfoliation. It effectively cleanses your skin 7 X better than manual cleansing, getting deep into the pores to eliminate dirt, oil, makeup and debris as well as dulling dead skin cells to give you a cleaner, smoother, softer and brighter complexion. With a perfectly cleansed canvas, serums, creams and moisturizers are better able to absorb to give you quicker and more effective results and makeup looks more flawless.

Younger looking, Radiant Skin Starts with Clean Skin!

Dermatologists agree that properly cleansing and exfoliating the skin is the most critically important step in any skincare routine if you really want a flawless, youthful and radiant complexion.

My Thoughts

I love my Clarisonic, but I've been looking for an alternative for a while. I'm a firm believer that good quality skincare products and accessories don't always have to be expensive. I've heard so many positive reviews for Nova that I wanted to give it a try.  I haven't used Nova yet, but I did test the brush on my face. The bristles are so soft. My hope is that this brush doesnt cause my face to break out like my Clarisonic does at times. I also like the sleek design of Nova it feels lightweight and comes with a base charger. 

Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush with MicroDust™ Technology

ECHO is an antimicrobial sonic makeup brush that allows you to blend and buff makeup like a Pro to achieve an airbrush-like finish. ECHO utilizes a breakthrough innovative Flaw-Fill makeup application technology called MicroDust™, which transforms both liquid and powder makeup into micro-sized particles during the application process. This interlocking pattern fills up facial flaws from the bottom up, diminishing the look of fine lines, enlarged pores, scars and uneven texture for a perfectly blended, streak-free, flawless-looking finish.

And the Antimicrobial LIFE® protection of the ECHO brush guards against 99%+ of bacteria that can grow on brush heads.

Apply and Blend Makeup Like a Pro!

My Thoughts 

I haven't tried Echo yet, but I have wanted to try this brush for the longest time. I can spend a lot of time blending stubborn foundations that are hard to blend with an ordinary brush. My hope is that I can spend less time blending with this brush especially on those days I'm in a hurry. I also wanted to try this brush to get more of an airbrush look with my foundation. I plan on creating a few makeup looks in the next few days, so I can write a review after a few uses.

Advanced Pedicure Foot Smoothing Tool

VIVA is a rechargeable skin smoothing devicethat targets rough and callused areas of skin on the feet to provide instantly softer, smoother and brighter skin. VIVA’s multi-disc system is a 2-in-1 at home solution that is designed to quickly buff away unwanted areas of rough skin and then polish for more touchable and more attractive feet.

VIVA can be used in place of professional pedicure treatments or used to extend the length between pedicures. The unique 360-degree rotating Treatment Head and ergonomically designed handle make VIVA a simple, painless and quick way to transform your feet and improve confidence in the comfort of your own home.

Instantly Improve Both The Look And Feel of Your Feet With VIVA!

My Thoughts 

Viva is favorite product at the moment from this haul. It's sandal season and cracked heels and/or rough feet are not cute lol. I take good care of my feet, but Viva helps me remove any rough spots on the bottom of my feet. My feet feel much softer after I started using Viva. The device is painless, but as suggested this device works better when you feet are dry. Viva is a must have for the warm months or for a self care foot routine.

Overall, I like the products that I've tried so far. I have high hopes for Nova and Echo Devices. I like that all the devices come with a charger cord and a year warranty.  (you do need to have a charger that plugs into the wall that is compatible with the cord i.e. smart phone wall charger) I have a few of  the eall chargers so it works out perfectly. I also like that even without the discount I used the products are affordable. I was even able to order the options of getting a free gift with some of the products (a replacement brush for Nova and a replacement pedi head for Viva). Like I mentioned I love good quality skincare products and accessories that are affordable.

Have you tried any Spa Sciences Devices. You can view their products on

PR Haul

Hello Everyone! * Disclaimer: This posts contains PR Samples from various brands. I want to thank each brand for sending over product...