Saturday, December 25, 2021

Happy Birthday to Me!/Merry Christmas!

 Happy Birthday to Me!!

My birthday is almost over, and I had an amazing day. I'm truly having a wonderful 36th birthday celebrating Christ, feeling blessed to see another birthday, and spending time with loved ones. I am truly grateful. I want to also thank those who sent me dms, comments, etc on here and Instagram I woke up this morning with a full and grateful heart. You all really know how to make a girl feel special.

 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so calm and peaceful. I love looking at the Christmas lights on the tree.

Merry Christmas 

Christmas Gifts 2021

These were my Christmas gifts. I've been asked a lot in my life how do I celebrate my birthday on Christmas. I usually get Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. It's not really double gifts It's more of separate gifts.

Birthday Gifts 2021

Birthday candles, my snowflake globe candle holder, and another beautiful Starbucks Tumbler for my birthday.

This is 36, and I'm blessed to see another year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!




Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Magical Moments

 Hello Everyone!

There's magical moments with a snowflake water globe. This is an early birthday present ❄

It's almost Christmas/My Birthday! Today I hope that you remember the magical moments of the holidays.

There's magical moments drinking a cup of hot cocoa 

There's magical moments during a Zoom Coco Bomb Making Class with DERMA E (even though I had to miss it)

There's magical moments when you make your own Winter Wonderland. 

There's magical moments when you Dazzle with Zoya Holiday 2021 Collection. 

There's magical moments during Christmas time. There's magical moments to be enjoyed in life. May this holiday season brings you joy and blessings. My birthday is on Christmas Day, so I'll probably post the next week. 

Friday, December 17, 2021

Bath & Body Works Holiday Haul

 Hello Everyone!

Since my birthday is next Saturday, I wanted to use a few giftcards I had for early birthday gifts to do a little shopping and exchanging.

Last weekend Bath & Body Works had their body care sale for $5.95. Some of these were exchanges. If you like Honolulu Sun, Frosted Coconut Snowball is basically the Winter version of that scent.

By now most of you know I love candles, but I don't love how Bath & Body Works is constantly going up on their candles and not providing coupons like they used to send out. Candle Day this year the prices were $10.25! Seriously?...Bath & Body Works please do better.

Since I'm not a fan of the increase in prices, I mainly exchange candles that are in my stash that I'm not using etc. Christmas candles are my favorite types of candles.

Happy HAULidays 😊 🎄

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Deck the Halls

 Hello Everyone!

I originally wanted to publish this post on December 1st, but I didn't finish putting up the Christmas Tree until last week. Yes you read that right, last week lol. 

Last year for the first time I put up the tree before Thanksgiving, actually I had the tree up on November 8th. This year as I mentioned the tree went up the first week of December. I think my lack of energy has been coming from sinus issues due to the weather constantly changing, and having anemia issues. Nonetheless, I got things done.

The tree, ornaments, and decorations are the same from last year as well. I went for a silver, clear, and white theme. I think these colors look so well together especially when the tree is lit.

The Christmas Snow Village

Since it rarely snows in South Carolina, I wanted to do another Christmas Snow Village on the glass table. I can't recall ever having a white Christmas, but I think snow at Christmas time looks so pretty. I remember one year it snowed the night after my birthday, but not actually on Christmas lol. When I want to be reminded of snow I look at my Christmas Snow Village.

This is the Christmas Snow Village for now, but I was thinking about rearranging some of the items around. 

All the Christmas Lights

Now that I've decorated for Christmas, I like to look at all the Christmas lights. I love watching Home Alone 2 Lost in New York.

Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam 3 Wick Candle

Over the years I've grown to love Fresh Balsam. This used to be a candle I couldn't stand to smell. When I'm decorating for Christmas this is my go to candle. Since I can't have a real tree because of my allergies, this candle is the next best thing. Are you finished decking the halls?

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Christmas with Clinique 2021

 Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples provided by Clinique for review purposes. I would like to thank  the Clinique Representative for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information is courtesy of

Over the years I've shared many products from Clinique on my blog and Instagram. Clinique is also one of my favorite makeup and skincare brands. I like that their products work well for my skin and Clinique has reasonably priced items.

Clinique has so many beautiful shades of lipsticks, and cheek pop blushes. I also like their eyeliners, lip liners, and mascara.  You never can go wrong with red lips for the holiday season!

Black Honey was a viral sensation on TikTok this year, and it constantly sold out. Did you this color has been around since the 1970's? It's such a beautiful color.

I've never tried a Clinique palette before, but I love how this Eyeshadow palette has neutral tones that are everyday wearable colors.

This is one of the best facial soaps that I've ever used. I've been using this soap for years and it so gentle, but effective on my skin. 

In my opinion to have flawless makeup you should have a skincare routine. Using a good cleanser helps decrease oil and bacteria. I usually have combination skin, but I actually have all the Clarifying Lotions. I love using this Dry Combination during the Winter months. It helps my prevents my skin from becoming dry.

I started using this foundation about 3 years ago and I never looked back lol. I love foundations that work both as a foundation + concealer. 

Clinique replaced the 72H Moisture Surge with the 100H Moisture Surge. I loved the old formula, so I have high hopes for the new one as well. 100H's, pretty impressive!

I've used Clinique's Take the Day Off Makeup Remover, but this is my time using the Take the Day off Cleansing Balm. I've been using this balm for a few days and it removes my make effortlessly. I like balms, but some leave my skin feeling super greasy, but not this one. 

Some of these products are included in Clinique Holiday Gift Sets that Can be found at Macy's and, and if you make a purchase on be sure to use the Discount code: CLINIQUE-20-K-3PA8R9 for 25% off!


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Homemade Christmas Pound Cake

 Hello Everyone!

I'm a little behind on Christmas posts, but bear with me lol. However, today I want to share my first Christmas post, Homemade Christmas Poundcake.

Let's be honest poundcake is good anytime of the year, but it's something about a poundcake at Christmas that has always been special to me. Maybe it's because I love poundcake specifically when my mom makes it or maybe it reminds me of my childhood. On Christmas Eve my mom and I would put a slice of poundcake and a Pepsi on the table for Santa when I was a little girl. You guessed it my mom likes her homemade poundcake with Pepsi lol.

Last year I wanted a chocolate frosted poundcake. When my mom took the cake out of the oven I immediately forgot about the chocolate frosting and had regular poundcake. 

The aroma of buttery sweet batter fills the house. 

Fresh out of the oven

Poundcake perfection 👌 

My mom has been making homemade poundcake since she was a teenager and over the years she has made so many poundcakes. She gives them as gifts and she sells them as well. What a wonderful way to give Christmas Cheer.

What is/are your favorite Christmas treat(s)?

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thoughtful Thanksgiving

 Hello Everyone!

It's almost Turkey Day! Well at my house we're skipping the turkey breast again this year and having ham.

For the last 10 years or so I've helped my mom prepare Thanksgiving Dinner. Even before then I always helped my mom. I remember being a little girl and I would always want to help her so she would give me tasks such as writing her Thanksgiving grocery list, going shopping with her, and setting the table. It used to be so much fun for me lol. I was helping my mom even if I wasn't actually cooking. I felt so responsible 🙂

Now that I'm grown I truly see all that goes into preparing for Thanksgiving. Even if we're having a small gathering, there's still a lot that goes into preparing for Thanksgiving. 

Since this is the season to give, I thought it would be a good idea to give the Thanksgiving host a thoughtful pre gift to help prepare. This Thanksgiving as you give thanks, don't forget the person (people) that prepared your meal. Like I said it can takes a lot to prepare for Thanksgiving. Time, patience, energy, focus is needed to get through the holidays in general. I came up with a breakfast basket idea you can give someone in advance to help them get ready for the big day! 

It doesn't have to be costly, just a few items to say I'm thinking about you and thank you. I know me personally last year I drove to 3 different Mc Donald's on Thanksgiving morning in search of coffee. This year I'm skipping a coffee search and making a cup at home! Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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