Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Come Along with Me: Fall Edition

Hello Everyone!

Since this pandemic started I mentioned that I only go out when I have to. For the first time in months I actually went to a few non essential places. I went fairly early to avoid crowds. 

Yesterday started out cloudy, but mid afternoon the weather was warm and sunny. I guess South Carolina forgot it's Fall lol

A new Big Lots recently opened so my mom and I went to check it out.  This used to be a Bi-Lo Grocery Store.

I mainly went to browse around the new store and check out the Christmas Decor. Big Lots has a lot of pretty silver Christmas decor this year.

More Silver Christmas decor

This is more of the traditional Christmas decor and color in this aisle. 

This morning, like yesterday started off cloudy and 
Foggy. This isn't Lake Murray lol.

By mid morning the sun made an appearance. I really wish the Fall temperatures would return. It's been warm the past few days.

I forgot to take pictures in Dollar Tree since I went in to get a few more home essentials. 

Here's Lake Murray :)

I haven't had Jersey Mike's in a few months, so I had a sub for dinner. I actually had points I forgot about and got a free sub.

A few more home essentials I picked up. I didn't go to that many places since I'm still limiting going out. I had a nice time out and about. I saw people without masks on, please remember to wear your masks! 😷 

Updated Wednesday October 28, 2020

I waited a few days to check out Hobby Lobby because the store is always so crowded, but this morning I went when the store opened and the crowd wasn't too bad.


Homegoods is another store that is always crowded, just as I did with Hobby Lobby, I went when Homegoods opened. 

Homegoods had so many beautiful items in stock this morning. 

Homegoods Happy 😊 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Home Essentials

 Hello Everyone!

I mentioned a few months ago when the pandemic began that finding items in the store was challenging especially groceries. It's challenging finding some products, but I've been having more luck with finding home essentials. 

Before I start today's post I wanted to mention that I didn't know that Fed Ex delivered on Sunday. I received this PR Sample from Zoya for their Intriguing Collection: Holiday 2020.

Adulting is finding a new vacuum at a reasonable price and being happy about it lol.

I started taking the Hair, Nail, and Skin Gummies by Natures Bounty and I've seen positive results. I received a bottle from CVS, but once I finished those I caught a sale for the largest bottle. My nails are continuing to grow healthy.  I usually wear the disposable masks, so when CVS had more in stock I picked up a few more. Thankfully I've been able to find Toilet Paper and Paper Towels when I go out.

Adulting is also finding essentials you need in one trip and being happy about it lol.

A few years ago I purchased a set of these Cellar Ware dishes and I absolutely love them. I caught a good sale for this set. I just wish that I could've found another set of the appetizer plates.

Look familiar? As I mentioned these are the exact same dishes as the other set that I have. I also added a few single bowls.

My mom is so thoughtful she told me she saw this Time Magazine featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she thought I would love it since I admired her and her career. My mom knows me so well :) 

Last, but not least I can't post a home essentials post without candles and a wax warmer. I haven't purchased candles or wax warmers in a long time since I have a good bit from my candle stash. I'm actually just getting back into buying candles more. For the past few months I've been using wax warmers, but I did miss burning candles!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Zoya Intriguing Collection: Holiday 2020

 Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples provided by Zoya for review purposes. I would like to thank  Zoya for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information is courtesy of zoya.com

The holidays will be here before we know it, and today I wanted to share Zoya's Intriguing Collection: Holiday 2020. Zoya does an amazing job with their all their collections, but I love to see what colors they choose for the holidays.

Nico – Zoya in Nico can best be described as a celadon-toned pearl with a touch of silver shimmer blended in. 

Eunice – Zoya in Euince can best be described as a chartreuse metallic green.

Regina – Zoya in Regina can best be described as an alluring dark emerald green metallic.

Meredith – Zoya in Meredith can best be described as a twinkling midnight sapphire blue with an icy light blue shimmer.

Nisha – Zoya in Nisha can best be described as a deep royal blue-violet metallic.

Koley – Zoya in Koley can best be described as a ruby pink metallic.

Soko – Zoya in Soko can best be described as a wintery Poinsettia red cream.

Beverly – Zoya in Beverly can best be described as a dark purple-toned red cream.

Avi – Zoya in Avi can best be described as a smoky greige cream with a hint of red-brown.

Brett – Zoya in Brett can best be described as a deep charcoal indigo cream.

Isti – Zoya in Isti can best be described as a wintery steel blue, textured PixieDust with a pop of brilliant royal blue for added vibrancy.

Lottie – Zoya in Lottie can best be described as a soft champagne pearl with a hint of glistening shimmer blended in.

My Thoughts 

Zoya never disappoints me with their collections and the Intriguing Collection is gorgeous! The sparkling shades and cream colors are perfect for the holidays seasons. There are classic red and green shades with other shades of red and green that will go well the holiday season. I love how Zoya incorporates blue tones. I'm so happy that blue is getting noticed more for the holidays. I think blue is such a mysterious beautiful color!

All the colors are gorgeous, but I can't wait to wear Regina, Meredith, Koley, and Lottie. I must be ready for the holdiay season because I'm loving all things that sparkle right now! What are your favorite polishes from this collection? 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Fall Beauty Haul 2020

 Hello Everyone!

Today I bring you a new Fall Beauty Haul. If you've been a reader of my blog, then you know that I like to bargain shop. Let's be honest here, beauty products can be expensive, so discount help!

I've always taken my skincare routine seriously, but since this pandemic started I really try to focus on having more of a detailed routine using skincare devices. I haven't purchased much makeup (I use a lot of makeup I receive in PR), but I decided to pick up a few sale items. 

A few weeks ago Sedona Lace had a 60% sale on their brushes and I purchased a few. Since I've been creating more ombre lips, I needed to get a few new brushes.

I love that these brushes look so classy.

I just started using Spa Sciences products back in June and I'm obsessed! I had another coupon this time for 60% off. I love how the Isla feels on my face. You can chill or warm the removable globes.

I also purchased the Aero with that discount coupon. This device is used with adding serums on the metal plate. I agree with the claims, serums work better with this device rather than applying serums with my fingers.

Last year I tried the Face Tape Foundation for the first time and I loved it, but I picked up the wrong shade. The shade looked OK on me, but it made me look a little chalky. I did have a tan last Summer so that could have been the issue as well. I decided to get a deeper than foundation and this one matches more of my skin tone. A few weeks ago Tarte had a sale for their birthday and this foundation was half off with free shipping!

I was torn about getting this palette. The colors are pretty, but the packaging is gorgeous! This reminds of the when UD used to relase the Vice Palettes (I wish UD would bring those back!)

This palette screams holiday eye looks. I haven't used it yet, but I definitely can see me using this for upcoming holiday makeup looks and tutorials. Did you know that you now use your Sephora points to get cash off your purchase? I think it starts with 500 points equal $10 off you purchase. I used my points and the free shipping code.

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