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Self Care: At Home Manicure feat. Zoya Gelie-Cure

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* Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples provided by Zoya for review purposes. I would like to thank  Zoya for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information is courtesy of

For my latest self care post I to discuss at home manicures. You can't forget about caring for your nails! When I was in high school and during my freshman year of college, I used to love going to get my nails done at the nail salon. As I got older, I spent more time doing my own manicures at home. Today I will be sharing with you a new step system from Zoya Naked Manicure Gelie-Cure.


Zoya Remove Plus is an award wining, gentle, yet highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, nail prep and nail conditioner. Longer nail polish wear starts with Remove Plus. Now available in a 2oz travel size container!  


The Rescue Serum is the first and most important step of the Gelie-Cure System. The Serum is the ultimate treatment skin care for nails and cuticles. It revitalizes the nail by replenishing the sebum on the natural nail plate and fills the open spaces in the keratin fibers of the nail improving nail strength and flexibility. If your nails are perfect, it will help keep them looking and feeling that way. But if your nails are less than perfect, the Serum immediately starts working its magic helping to improve the look and feel of the nails.

It’s the first line of defense against potential damage from excessive moisture, dryness and brittleness. The Serum is the solution to nail damage from prolonged wear and removal of gel nail polish, acrylic nails, dips and other nail enhancements. The Rescue serum can also be used as a daily stand-alone cuticle treatment.

The Gelie-Cure Rescue Serum is a naturally derived combination of oils, nutrients and conditioners never before used in nail care treatment.  It is the first of its kind, nail treatment that allows you to paint directly over it without washing it off your nails or cuticles.

The Rescue Serum is designed to be worn as a cushion underneath the Gelie-Cure Repair Base Coat. Read the Gelie-Cure Rescue Serum Instructions and Usage Guide and see all the unique possibilities it holds for your nails and cuticles. Say goodbye to unsightly damaged nails forever!


The Gelie-Cure Repair Base Coat is a groundbreaking formula that is applied directly over the Gelie-Cure Rescue Serum. The Repair Base is able to adhere to the nail and uses a pinpoint locking mechanism to lock the Rescue Serum into the keratin of the nail.  The Repair Base contains invisible fillers strengthen the nail as well as smooth out nail ridges, flaking and separation. The Repair Base also contains optical diffusers that brighten the appearance of the nail for a healthier looking nail.

The Repair Base is the second step in the Gelie-Cure System and is designed to be applied directly over the Rescue Serum. The Gelie-Cure Repair Base is a “Big 10 Free” breathable formula, free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Some people who choose not to do the complete Gelie-Cure system opt for using the Rescue Serum and Repair base as stand-alone nail treatments.


The Gelie-Cure Naked Gelie is the first ever demi-gel multi-purpose clear gel coat. The Naked Gelie formula is ultra-light, self leveling and offers a high shine, flexible, fileable and damage free results. It’s designed to adhere directly to the Gelie-Cure Repair Base and Rescue Serum and removes in 2 minutes (we’re not kidding) without scraping, soaking in acetone, filing or pushing, simply using Zoya’s award winning Remove polish remover.

This product should only be used with the complete Gelie-Cure System and only within the Recommended Gelie-Cure Usage Guide.

The Naked Gelie formulas is self-leveling, cures in 1 minute with any of Naked Manicure LED lights.  Please note only Naked Manicure LED lights are guaranteed to work with 100% certainty.  This is due to the unique light cross-array that is not standard on many LED light brands.  It’s not about the power, it’s about the coverage. Until you perfect usage do not try with any other light brand. We’re not kidding!


The Clear shine is essential for use with the Naked Gelie. It’s a quick and simple wiping formula that removes and reside after curing and amps up the shine of the Naked Gelie layer. The Clear Shine formula can be used with any other brands of LED curing products.

The Gelie-Cure Pro LED Light comes with an adapter and different time settings ranging from 10 seconds to 90 seconds. I forgot to mention try not to get the Gelie-Cure Naked Gelie on the sides of your fingers because it can be a little difficult to remove. Try to get coat your nail thin as possible.

I chose the large Light, so I could get more of  an "at home nail salon manicure." You have to set your time on the back, but Once you place your hand inside the lamp it automatically lights up.

I cured my thumb by itself so I could lay my thumb flat under the lamp. I only used clear, but with this system you can use any color you want after you cure your nails. 

The finished result

The photo doesn't compare to how amazing my nails look. My nails look so healthy and shiny.  I've done plenty of home manicures, but by far this is my favorite. My nails look at feel like I went to a nail salon. Since most people are at home during this quarantine, you can still have beautiful nails done at home. I'm so proud of how my nails are growing  and becoming healthy again. I grew my nails long a few years ago, but they became brittle due to my severe iron deficiency anemia. Thank you Zoya for providing products to help treat my nails! 

I also wanted to mention, if you're in search of hand Sanitizer Zoya is selling it on their website

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Self Care: Pamper Routine

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*Disclaimer: This post contains products sponsored by Derma E. Thank you Derma E for sending over products for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own

Today I'm sharing my Self Care Pamper Routine, Quarantine Edition. Lately I've been sticking to showers, but I wanted to take a nice relaxing warm bath and full skincare routine.

To take a relaxing bath, I have to have a candle or candles burning. This time I also sprayed some of the mist into the air. The Aromatherapy Line at Bath & Body Works has a variety of scents. For today's scent I chose Love Rose & Vanilla. This scent is a perfect blend of rose and vanilla without being too floral. I added Cuccio Yogahhh Detox Bath to also help me relax.

No wine this time, but I did drink ice cold water. When I'm taking a warm bath I keep myself hydrated.

For the past week I've been having pain throughout my arm and knee. Come to find out that the pain I've been experiencing came from an old injury from when I had a bad fall in my room at college 10 years ago. I had pain from that fall off and on over the years, but this past week it got pretty bad. I'm just glad I'm able to move my arm again. My regular doctor was unavailable, so I had to verbally talk to the doctor on call due to social distancing. If you remember during the Summer of 2017 I mentioned that I had a back ache that left me bedridden for almost 3 weeks. This is that same type of issue, so warm baths/heat sources tend to help with managing the pain and discomfort.

After my bath I used my favorite Sleep Care Items from Bath & Body Works, Sleep Lavender + Vanilla. I reviewed these products in 2018. Lavender is supposed to be calming so lately I've been using these products throughout day, not just at night.  The Sleep Spray can be usee on your pillowcase, but the spray can also be used as a body mist. I use the spray more as a body mist.

I try to use unscented products to moisturize my elbows. Derma E's Eczema Relief Cream is my go to product for the eczema on my elbows. It's unscented, and helps reduce irritation. I don't have eczema too badly but, my eczema issues cause dryness and irritation.

Pamper Skincare Facial Routine feat. Derma E Skincare

After my bath I decided to do an at home facial routine. As always it's so important to cleanse your face before any skincare routine. 

I try do a face mask at least once at week. Can you really pamper yourself without a good face mask?! lol

I didn't want to over stimulate my face with this scrub since the Mask has an exfoliant, so I only used a small amount of this Purifying 2-In-1 Daily Detox Scrub. 

Up until a few years I didn't use toners that much, but now I try to use a toner twice a week, specifically this Essential Radiance Toner. 

I love how this Rose Quartz Face Roller glides across my face. I've used this roller with serums, but I like to use the roller with face oil. This Radiant Glow Face Oil truly lives up to its name, and it absorbs well into my skin without feeling greasy.

I've been working on my under eye area the past few weeks because I have dark circles. I know that I should get more sleep, but this eye Gel has been helping puffiness and keep under my eye hydrated.

Remember during this time, to pamper yourself. Self care is the best care :)

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Self Care: Current Morning Skincare Routine feat. Derma E

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* Disclaimer: This post contains PR Samples provided by Derma E for review purposes. I would like to thank Derma E for sending these products. All opinions are 100% my own. Product information, courtesy of

For today's self care post I'm sharing one of my current morning facial skincare routine featuring one of my favorite brands Derma E

I like to use this Vitamin C Micellar Cleanser Water in the morning. Since it's also hydrating, I've been using the Micellar Water to pre cleanse my face before I use a cleanser

I love using this cleanser and it smells so good! This cleasner helps wake my skin up in the morning.

Typically I use these hydro gel patches at night, but lately I've been using them in the morning. I may be in the house due to the stay at home order, but I try to keep up with my daily routine. In addition to the Brightening Cleanser, the patches help rejuvenate my under eye area.

I've been having insomnia off and on the past few weeks so I've started noticing the circles under my eyes are darker. Since I started using the hydro Gel Patches, the dark circles aren't as dark and the puffiness under my eyes have reduced as well. Skin Care Tip: I put The Hydro Gel Patches in the refrigerator, and cold patches feel so soothing under my eyes.

I haven't noticed wrinkles, but since I turned 34 in December, I've been taking more precautionary measures to prevent them. I started using this advanced Peptides & Collagen Moisturizer about 2 to 3 times a week on my face and neck.

I love that Derma E moisturizers don't feel greasy, and a little of the product goes a long way.

After I use the moisturizer, I apply a serum. Serums also help reduce wrinkles.

Did you know that beauty sponges can also be used for applying skincare products?

For the past few months I've been applying oils, moisturizers, and serums with beauty sponges from Derma E. The sponge doesn't absorb too much product and it helps apply skincare products effortlessly.  Skin Care Tip: If you use a beauty sponge to apply skincare products, make sure you clean them often to prevent bacteria.

Beauty tools such as this Gua Sha Tool, Jade Rollers, and Rose Quartz Rollers have become increasingly popular. This Gua Sha Tool is used to help ease tension, reduce puffiness and wrinkles. How beautiful is this stone?!

I just started using this Gua Sha Tool about a month ago. I don't use it everyday, but when I want a little extra pampering for my skin this is my go to tool. As you can see in my photo, I focus on the eye area since that's my trouble area with puffiness. 

Healthy skin is happy skin :)

Links mentioned in this post:

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Advanced Peptides and Collagen Serum

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