Sunday, October 22, 2023

Fall 2023 Manicure Inspirations

 Hello Everyone, 

Disclaimer: These products were pr gifted  by various nail polish brands . Thank you so much for sending these products over! All opinions are 100% my own.

Fall is in full effect and today I'm going to share a few of my recent manicures. I love this time of year so much because of all the vampy colors of the season.

China Glaze Serpentine Collection: Halloween 2023

I'm not a fan of snakes at all, actually I'm terrified of all of them to be honest. The colors in the collection are gorgeous.

China Glaze Gold Hearted and Caution Might Bite

Morgan Taylor Change of Pace: Fall 2023 Collection 

I was introduced to Morgan Taylor through PR last year and I've been a fan ever since. Look at all these gorgeous Fall inspired colors!

Morgan Taylor Stay off the Trail and All Good in the Woods

Zoya Enamored Collection: Fall 2023

Is it really Fall without a collection from Zoya? Over the years I can't think of a Zoya collection that I haven't liked. Their polish theme hit the mark and go great with each season. I have to admit I look forward to the Fall Collection each year.

Zoya Pamela and Twinklette 

Zoya Enamored Collection: Fall 2023

I love that Zoya included sparkle polishes for their Fall Collection this year. I can wear these polishes over a solid color or alone on my my nails.

Zoya Murphy 

Kiss Salon Acrylic Natural Long Nails

When I use fake nails I've been using these nails Long Acrylic nails by Kiss. If you use your rewards at CVS, you can get a pack of these at really amazing price. I think I paid maybe $1.50 each for a few packs if these back in the Spring.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Fall 2023 PR Haul

 Hello Everyone!

Disclaimer: These products were pr gifted and gifted by various brands. Thank you so much for sending these products over! All opinions are 100% my own.

I know the last few posts have been about my health and overall life updates, but today I want to share a few of the recent products I received. I received some of these products when I was in the hosptial and others once I was home.

This collection was released back in July and Pacifica was kind enough to send over the collection. 

Pacifica Glow Baby Collection

Near the end of September I was invited to attend a Zoom meeting introducing some of the additions to the New Glow Skincare Collection. Pacifica also sent over the collection! I love using these products so far and they smell so good!

Derma E 

Pixi Beauty 


When I was in the hosptial the first time during the end of August beginning of September, Bliss sent over a get well package full of skincare goodies. How thoughtful and kind of them!

Morgan Taylor Change of Pace Fall Collection: Fall 2023

Zoya Enamored Collection: Fall 2023

Tarte Cosmetics 

Tarte sent over this bag of Goodies. I thought it was so sweet of them to send me a teacher tote since I work with children. 

2023 Holiday Gift Sets

Urban Decay Cosmetics

Wow what an amazing gift from Urban Decay! 

Sunday, October 15, 2023


 Hello Everyone!

Some of you may have wondered with everything I've experienced the past few months have I pursued therapy. The answer is yes. I  like to think of myself as a woman of God and I pray constantly and keep faith even when I feel lost. In addition to my faith I also feel that therapy helps me cope. Over the years therapy, has helped me put things in perspective in my life. This time I think I do have a lot of work to do in trying to balance my life and cope with my thoughts and feelings.

One thing I realized is when to know to walk away. I mentioned I recently started a new job a few months ago, but Friday I officially resigned. To make a long story short, no job is worth being mistreated, taken advantage, and making my health a last priority. I was telling my therapist that I felt free when I quit. 

My therapist gave me insight on struggling with ruminating thoughts...I thought I'd share it with you all incase you struggle with the same issue. now that my brain is In a safe space. It's like Alexa...when she says to much and you would say Alexa stop, the same applies with my thoughts. I never thought about it like that, but it makes a lot sense.

Monday is a clean slate, I have a new job. Still doing what I love. I'll post more about that in an upcoming post. I'm looking forward to this new opportunity.  

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