Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tousled Hair and Berry Lips

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Today I thought I would do a different kind of post. No makeup except lipstick and tousled hair. As much as I love makeup, but I don't wear it all the time. I like to let my skin breathe and sometimes I just don't feel like putting any makeup on. Sometimes I want to feel free with my hair. Finger comb my hair and go. Don't get me wrong I don't make not combing my hair or not doing something to my hair in general a habit lol. So today I present to you tousled hair and berry lips. I'm not wearing makeup for today's look except for lipstick. Side note you may even notice the small breakout I have on the side of my cheek. These are selfies that I took back in November 2015.

* Lipstick Used *

- MAC's Rebel Lipstick 

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Depression Awareness: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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Since I received a lot of positive feedback on my Depression Awareness Series I started last year, I thought it would be a good idea to continue  to write a few of these posts this year as well. If you read my first Depression Awareness post last year (see my links at the end of the post) you may remember that I shared with my personal experiences with Clinical Depression. Today I wanted share some information about a condition that is closely related to depression that is called Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD.

Here is some information that I gathered from about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

What is Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you're like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Less often, SAD causes depression in the spring or early summer.

Treatment for SAD may include light therapy (phototherapy), psychotherapy and medications.
Don't brush off that yearly feeling as simply a case of the "winter blues" or a seasonal funk that you have to tough out on your own. Take steps to keep your mood and motivation steady throughout the year.


In most cases, seasonal affective disorder symptoms appear during late fall or early winter and go away during the sunnier days of spring and summer. However, some people with the opposite pattern have symptoms that begin in spring or summer. In either case, symptoms may start out mild and become more severe as the season progresses.

Fall and Winter SAD

Symptoms specific to winter-onset SAD, sometimes called winter depression, may include:
  • Irritability
  • Tiredness or low energy
  • Problems getting along with other people
  • Hypersensitivity to rejection
  • Heavy, "leaden" feeling in the arms or legs
  • Oversleeping
  • Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates
  • Weight gain

Treatments and Medication

Treatment for seasonal affective disorder may include light therapy, medications and psychotherapy. If you have bipolar disorder, tell your doctor — this is critical to know when prescribing light therapy or an antidepressant. Both treatments can potentially trigger a manic episode.

- Light therapy

In light therapy, also called phototherapy, you sit a few feet from a special light therapy box so that you're exposed to bright light. Light therapy mimics natural outdoor light and appears to cause a change in brain chemicals linked to mood.
Light therapy is one of the first line treatments for fall-onset SAD. It generally starts working in a few days to two weeks and causes few side effects. Research on light therapy is limited, but it appears to be effective for most people in relieving SAD symptoms.
Before you purchase a light therapy box, talk with your doctor about the best one for you, and familiarize yourself with the variety of features and options so that you buy a high-quality product that's safe and effective.

- Medications

Some people with SAD benefit from antidepressant treatment, especially if symptoms are severe.
An extended-release version of the antidepressant bupropion (Wellbutrin XL, Aplenzin) may help prevent depressive episodes in people with a history of SAD. Other antidepressants also may commonly be used to treat SAD.
Your doctor may recommend starting treatment with an antidepressant before your symptoms typically begin each year. He or she may also recommend that you continue to take the antidepressant beyond the time your symptoms normally go away.
Keep in mind that it may take several weeks to notice full benefits from an antidepressant. In addition, you may have to try different medications before you find one that works well for you and has the fewest side effects.

- Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is another option to treat SAD. Psychotherapy can help you:
  • Identify and change negative thoughts and behaviors that may be making you feel worse
  • Learn healthy ways to cope with SAD
  • Learn how to manage stress

I don't suffer from SAD, but just like any other mental health issue this is a real condition. I can imagine how SAD could alter someone mood especially if you have already have a pre-existing depression condition and living in an environment where the sun isn't doesn't shine very often etc. I know there are more risk factors and causes for SAD, but I can see why light therapy is an important factor to decrease SAD symptoms.  I'm not a health professional, but if you think you or anyone you is experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, please see a physician.

If you would like to read more about Seasonal Affective Disorder here is the link once again

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October is Depression Awareness Month (October 2015)

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Storage Ideas for Empty Candle Jars

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I wanted to write a post today on some handy idea for storage in empty candle jars. Most of my empty candle jars are from Bath and Body Works, but I have a few from Yankee Candle. I didn't decorate the jars, for this post I kept the jars plain, but later in the post I'll show examples of how I decorated the jars with Mod Podge and Glitter along with my DIY link.

1. Candy Jar Storage

These  Yankee Candle empty candle jars make great candy jars! 

3. Crochet Needles and Tapestry Needles Storage

This is a great idea for crafters! Crochet hooks and tapestry needles fit perfectly in this jar! I'm unsure if knitting needles will fit with the top on. If the needles don't fit, you could always leave the top off!

2. Lipstick Eggs and Macaron Storage

Looking for a way to store you EOS lipbalms, Lipstick Eggs, and Macarons? Here you go! As you can see everything fits so neatly inside! This also looks cute on a vanity in your makeup collection!

4. Makeup Brushes/Beauty Storage

I shared my DIY tutorial on how to make these glitter makeup brush holders etc. last year. Here the link to my DIY Glitter Makeup Brush Holders.

How do you use your empty candle jars?

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winter Makeup Essentials

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Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite Winter makeup essentials . I didn't include nail polish in this post since I haven't really polished my nails lately. 

Eyeshadow Palettes

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette
BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette

During the Winter I like to lighten my makeup up a bit with neutrals, and rose gold shades. These eyeshadow palettes are perfect for trying to achieve those type of eye makeup looks.

Blush and Bronzer

BH Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette
Maybelline Fit Me Blush
Victoria's Secret Bronzer in Goddess (Medium)

I like to wear dusty rose shades on my cheeks during this time of year. I like to wear bronzer because helps give my skin color against some the harsh Winter air that sometimes make me look pale if were powder lol.

MAC Lipsticks
Crème Cup
Ruby Woo

Revlon and NYX Lipstick

Revlon Berry in Smoothie
Revlon Crème in Brulee
NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops

During the Winter I also like to lighten my lipsticks to more nude shades, but I also have to add pops of color too!

What are some of your Winter makeup essentials?

I've been taking some personal time off blogger, but I'm currently catching on blog reading, responding, and commenting! I hope everyone has been doing well!

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pilar in the Pantry: Super Bowl 50 Game Day Food

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As you know the Superbowl was last night. I'm not really a fan of football, but I did watch this year since it was Super Bowl 50. I had to show my support for the Denver Broncos and of course Peyton Manning! CONGRATS BRONCOS!! I usually make some game day food every year for the occasion. I didn't have a party or anything I just love to cook lol and I gave out a few plates. The food I made this year is almost similar to the food I made for New Year's Eve! Here's what I made this year.

Prep Work for Food

The Finished Products 

Homemade Meatballs 

Hillshire Lil Smokies with BBQ Sauce 

Homemade Devil Eggs

Chips and Dip


Tropicana Fruit Punch was the drink of choice and there were some Kit Kats in the pantry. I didn't eat any though since I was still full from the food earlier lol

What did you eat for Superbowl Sunday? Did your team win? 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review/FOTD

Hello Everyone!

It's no secret that I love Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I have their other palettes, but I held off as long as I could to add this to my collect since I've heard so many mixed reviews about this Naked Smoky Palette. I got this palette as birthday gift from my best friend, and I wanted to see what this palette was all about. 

Swatches (I did NOT use any primer for the swatches)

Without Flash 

With Flash

Double Ended Brush


Products Used 

* Eyes *

- MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre 
- Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

- Whiskey as a transition color in the Crease
- Dagger in the Tear Duct and half of the Lid 
- Black Market on the other half of the Lid and Outer V
- Blend Black Market on top of the lid

- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, Lots of Lashes in Blackest Black 

* Face *

- Fashion Fair Fast Finish Foundation Stick in Butterscotch/Caramel

- Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Medium

- Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder: Soft Honey 315

- BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duo in Iris (Darker Shade)

* Lips *

- NYX Lip Pencil in Currant

- Milani Lipstick in Black Cherry

My Thoughts

I'm glad that I wanted this as birthday gift because honestly I think this palette is amazing and the shadows are gorgeous! In this palette there are matte, shimmer, and metallic shadows. I can truly say that the Naked Smoky is different than the other Naked Palettes, hence the name Smoky. One complaint I noticed that's associated with this palette is lack of pigmentation, but I found this palette very pigmented. I did notice that compared to the other Naked Palettes, this palette does have a tendency to fade throughout the day. Blending was another issue I was concerned about, but I didn't have any issues with blending either. I love how the fallout in this palette is very minimal! The brush that came in the palette is also really nice. I've used the brush once, but applying the eyeshadow was simple, and the brush picks up color well!

I was discussing with my friend Ashley about blending issues we've seen and heard around social media. We came up with the theory that if you have a clean blending brush, it may make blending the eyeshadow easier. It's funny because I happened to have just washed my makeup brushes a day before I used this palette lol. Maybe washing my brushes made all the difference! Another tip Ashley  suggested to me included wetting your makeup brush to apply the eyeshadows if you want the colors to pop, especially the metallic colors. I'm going create a metallic FOTD using that tip in a future post! Overall I think that this is a great palette, and I give the Naked Smoky two thumbs up!

Do you own tbe Naked Smoky Palette? If so what are your thoughts?

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