Monday, September 17, 2018

Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul 2018

Hello Everyone!

Before I start today's post, I want to thank everyone that checked on me and sent messages etc. during Hurricane Florence this past weekend. I appreciate your kind words and prayers.  I still have a sinus infection, but I'm starting to feel better. Let us not forget those affected by Hurricane Florence and those who lost their lives. God Bless everyone!

Today I bring you my Bath & Body Works Fall Haul 2018. I was going to wait a few more day until Fall, but I plan on composing other posts that will probably feature the products in this post. Let's get started! *All product information is courtesy of


Whipped Buttercream, Madagascar Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Freshly Baked Cupcake

My Thoughts 

This candle smells more sweet than pumpkin spice. It has a light vanilla scent, but it smells very nice. The pumpkin spice is noticeable on a cold sniff, but it's not overpowering. I hope this candle throws well!

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow: 


Creamy Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Homemade Marshmallow, Drizzled Caramel

My Thoughts 

If you're not a fan of pumpkin scents, you may want to try this candle. There are hints of pumpkin spice, but the vanilla dominates the candle. I can smell the marshmallows, but the caramel is very faint. It's almost non existent. This reminds me of a vanilla cake with spice. It's a strong scent on a cold sniff, so I have high hopes of this candle will have a strong throw.

Hot Cocoa & Cream: 


Decadent Milk Chocolate, Fresh Steamed Milk, Mini Marshmallows

My Thoughts 

Is it me or does this candle fragrance changes every year? I first bought this candle in 2016 from the holiday collection. It's supposed to smell like hot chocolate. It used to smell like swiss miss hot chocolate, but now it smells more of a tootsie roll scent with cocoa powder. I'm hoping this candle will throw more of a Swiss Miss scent. 


Golden Honeycrisp, Apple Blossom, Fresh Sugarcane with Essential Oils

My Thoughts 

I was hoping that this was a repackage of Farmestand Apple, American Apple etc, but the scent is slightly different. This candle smells of more of a perfumed apple scent, not a sweet crisp apple. Many people say this is a repackage, but I don't smell it. I even asked my favorite sales rep at Bath & Body Works, and she said it wasn't a repackage. 


Red Delicious Apple, Fall Pumpkin, Fresh Ground Cinnamon, Clove Buds

My Thoughts

This candle is a perfect blend of pumpkin and apple with cinnamon and clove This candle is more of a spice scent. When burning, the candle fills up a room quickly and the scent lingers for hours.  This candle is everything I'd hoped it would be!

Glitter Magnetic Pumpkins, Glitter Magnetic Leaves, and Wood Crate

How beautiful are these pumpkins and leaves? I had to have them for my Fall decor! I picked up 4 crates as well. The crates make great freebie items! 

Glitter Magnetic Leaves and  Leaf Candle Holder 

I really love the Fall candle accessories this year! I love the sparkle and glitter of the items!

Happy Fall candle burning! What are you favorite Bath & Body Works favorite candle scents?

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BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette Tutorial

Hurricane Preparations 2018

Update: Hurricane Florence

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Update: Hurricane Florence

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone an update about Hurricane Florence. The past few days have been crazy! I've been sick from this sinus infection, running last minute errands, washing clothes, and packing. As you can see I've been pretty busy! If you follow me on IG, you proably already saw most of the pictures and info I shared. Since my area is prone to power outages and flooding, I decided to go with my mom to her job where they have generators. Here's my Hurricane Preparations 2018 post.

Wednesday September 12th 2018

This Walmart and other Wal-Mart's in my city were pretty crowded. Isn't it kind of hard to believe a hurricane was nearing? The weather was so beautiful Wednesday!

Since the stores were selling out of food consistently and we didn't want to eat the Hurricane snacks since they're for the hurrricane, we made a trip to Chick-Fil-A a for lunch.


I started packing on Wednesday night. This was my first update on instagram on Wednesday night. 

UPDATE: Hey Dolls, (September 12th

First I want to say thank you for everyone's thoughts and prayers. I truly appreciate your kind words, dms etc. I live in South Carolina and I'm used to the Hurricane preparations. Being a 2015 flood victim this storm does have me worried because they're saying the flooding can be worse and we may get a direct hit from Hurricane Florence. I'm praying for the best and if you're in an area that is being evacuated please leave. There is still time to evacuate the South Carolina coast, and lane reversals are still in effect until tomorrow. It's better to be safe than sorry. I live in an area that doesn't have to be evacuated, but is prone to power outages and flooding. I will be going with my mom to her job since they have generators. As you can see I've started packing to leave tomorrow. I currently have a sinus infection so I'm not feeling all that well, but thank you as for those who asked how I was feeling. Once again please be safe and God bless. I will try to keep you all updated during the next few days. Talk with you all soon! 

Thursday, September 13th 2018

All packed up and headed out to my mom's job.

We'll get gas whenever we leave my mom's job because the local gas stations were currently out of gas

The bridge before we got on the interstate. As you can see the other lane was crowded from lingering 5 o clock traffic and from the out of towners.

Very cloudy and humid

Sunday September 16th, 2018

On the way home this morning

Last night we were told my mom and her other coworkers could go home since the hurricane started to pass and the road was safe to drive on. Thank you to the administration and staff at my mom's job for their kindess and hospitality during the stay. 

We decided to run in Target this morning since it's close to my mom's job. It was just nice to get out from being stuck inside the last few days. When we got back home we did find out the lights went out a few times. It's been raining steadily and heavy at times. There were also some trees and branches down as well. I heard on the local news last night we could be dealing with issues from this storm for days. I'm praying there won't be any flooding or other issues. I'm glad to be back home. If there are anymore updates I'll write another post. Thanks again to everyone that checked on me. Stay Safe!

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BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette Tutorial

Hurricane Preparations 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hurricane Preparations 2018

Hello Everyone!

I'm glad I went grocery shopping on Monday. A lot of stores were out of stock of items.

If you've been watching the news and the weather channel, you've heard about Hurricane Florence and the impact it can have on the Carolinas. As some of you may know, I live in South Carolina.. which is a hurricane prone state and the governor declared a state of emergency over the weekend as a precaution.

Steady traffic from people out of town

I don't live near the coast, but hurricanes are still frightening. Over the years I noticed my area gets a lot of rain, wind, and some power outages. My prayer is this storm won't be too bad. I heard on the news yesterday that evacuations from the coast started lane reversals at noon. Most people who have to evacuate from the coast, come near my area.

The interstate was backed up

For everyone who has to evacuate etc, please be safe on the road, and please be safe in general. In addition to preparing for Hurricane Florence, I currently have a sinus infection.

Image Courtesy of The Weather Channel

Hopefully this storm will weaken and won't cause too much damage. I'm unsure if I'll be posting the rest of the week since I'm supposed to be resting, and as I mentioned there could be a power outage.

Today is September 11th, a day that changed history. Let us never forget those who lost their lives, the survivors, and first responders on that tragic day 17 years ago.

Talk with you all soon!

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BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette Tutorial

Saturday, September 8, 2018

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette is one eyeshadow palette that I've wanted to have in my collection for a long time. If you shop online you know that some of BH Cosmetics popular palettes tend to sell out fast.

Well the Galaxy Chic Palette is no exception. It's been around for a few years, but I finally was able to order this palette a few months ago when it was in stock and on sale.

For this eye makeup look I used Coment on the lid and Pluto on the outer V and inside the crease. Blending is key with eye makeup, but these two colors blend well together. 

 I used NYX Jumbo EyeshadowPencil in Milk. For my transition color, I used Tigi Cosmetics True Natural High Density Single Eyeshadow. I used Comet on part of my lower lash.

Aside from my eye makeup, I wanted to focus on my highlighter. Summer and highlighter are a pair meant for each other!

I see why this palette is so popular! It's out of the this world lol! Seriously I love the buttery texture of the shadows and their is minimal to moderate fallout.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Coconut Lime Eye Makeup

Hello Everyone!

This Coconut Lime Eye Makeup look is one of my latest makeup looks. I really love green eyeshadow, but it's not a color I go for too often. Since it's Summer, I thought the bright green mixed with bright yellow would make a great combination.

 I used NYX Eyeshadow Base in White for my primer. I've said this before, and I'll say it again this base works so well to make eyeshadow pop, especially bright colors! For my transition color, I used Tigi Cosmetics True Natural High Density Single Eyeshadow

Since this is a coconut lime inspired look, I focused on using bright green in the tear duct and part of the lid. For the other part of my lid, I used bright yellow and I went back in the bright green eyeshadow to use on my outer v

To finish this look I added a wing liner.  I love adding a wing to my eye makeup. It really makes it stand out!

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

FabFitFun Fall 2018

Hello Everyone!

* Disclaimer: I've partnered with fabfitfun. I want to thank FabFitFun for sending this box for review. All opinions are 100% my own. Information is courtesy of

Happy first day of September! September means Fall is just around the corner! Today I will be sharing my thoughts on FabFitFun's 2018 Fall Box!

Product Information

Each FabFitFun box retails for $49.99 seasonally.  This box values $353.94.

FabFitFun Magazine 

In every FFF Box you will receive a magazine that gives you a description of all the products, tips, recipes etc.

Descriptions of items inside the box

The Watch List

This is a great article on how to show gratitude. Remember, kindness is always free :)

All Subscribers will receive the following in their Fall 2018 Box:

Original Beautyblender – Retail Value $20.00

I'm so excited about receiving this Beauty Blender in this Fall Box! The Beauty Blender is a Holy grail product for so many beauty influencers and makeup lovers. I can't wait to finally try this in applying my foundation!

GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet (Set of 2) – Retail Value $18.00 

I've really been into sheet masks within in the past year and GLAMGlOW has been on my list of skincare products to add to my routine.

Skin & Co Roma Blue in Capri Shower Gel – Retail Value $22.00

This shower gel has a very fresh scent (Wild Sage and Lemon). In my opinion this could be a unisex scent. It's not too feminine, and it's not masculine. I like that this shower gel can also be used as a bubble bath.

Simply Whimsical Tea Towels – Value $14.99

These tea towels are so cute, and these will go well in the kitchen. I'll probably use these tea towels during Thanksgiving or Christmas. I wasn't expecting tea towels, but FFF defintely keeps the items versatile in their seasonal boxes.

 Luna Rica Cashew Butter Filled Fruit & Nut Bar in Salted Caramel Nut  

Sponsored Item: Subscribers will also receive this bonus item.

I've heard of Luna Rica Bars, but I've never tried one. I'll likely give this away since I have an allergy to certain nuts. This bar looks like it would've been a good snack though!

FabFitFun now lets you customize some of the items in your box. These are my customized items. 

Cylo Cobra Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds – Retail Value $40.00

Subscribers can chose this bluetooth headphone set (I have the black headphone set, but it also comes in white) OR an umbrella that comes in two prints.

I feel like you can never have too many pairs of headphones, and I'm always listening to music! As I mentioned, this is also a Bluetooth headphone set.

Alfred French Press – Retail Value $22.00

Subscribers can chose this french press OR...a teapot

I don't own anything like this product, so I'm fairly new to using a French Press Coffee Maker. The French Press is made of glass and metal. The glass removes from the metal base to make for easy cleaning. 

Vince Camuto Luck Tote – Retail Value $128.00

Subscribers can chose this tote (I have the black tote, but it also comes in Red Desert)...OR a Crown Brush Set. 

I'm an avid collector and user of tote bags, and this tote is going to go well in my collection. The sleek design is very stylish, and the tote feels durable.

If you're a select member, which means you can pick exactly what you. You have to upgrade to a annual plan. Here are the select members items.

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom – Retail Value $49.00

This is a cream that I find interesting. The hot and humid weather has made my skin so dry this Summer.  I've been using different products to restore moisture. After reading information about this cream, I think it will be a good choice to add to my skincare routine. 

Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh Detox Bath
 – Retail Value $39.95

I love taking baths, so I can't wait to try this product! I've heard that detoxing baths are soothing and relaxing!

Overall I really love the selection of items this year's Fall Box! There are a good bit of skincare products in this box that I can't wait to try since skincare is an essential element in my beauty routine. Each FabFitFun box retails for $49.99 seasonally. This box values $353.94. I think for only $49.99 for all these products is an amazing bargain!

These boxes tend to sell out fast, so I'm unsure if the Fall Box is still available (check the website).
 As I mentioned earlier these boxes are sold every season, so you can have other opportunities to purchase a box.

As a gift to my followers and readers FFF gave me a discount code: PILAR to receive $10 off of your first box. You're first box will only be $39.99! For purchase FabFitFun Boxes and information visit their website

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend/Labor Day!

Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul 2018

Hello Everyone! Before I start today's post, I want to thank everyone that checked on me and sent messages etc. during Hurricane Fl...