Friday, May 1, 2015

Allergy and Sinus Tips

Hello Everyone!


As much as I love Spring, I absolutely HATE my seasonal allergy and sinus problems. I actually suffer from allergy and sinus problems throughout the whole year (I've had these issues since I was a baby), but like some people the warmer months are terrible for my health. Here are a few tips that help me cope.

1. Shower

Taking a shower has to be my favorite part of the day. During this time of year it's so important to stay clean especially with all the pollen outside. I always take a shower in the morning and in the evening.

2. Medication

I usually start taking medication early. Unless I have to go to the doctor for medication. Here a few over the counter medications I take:

- Benadryl
- Zyrtec
- Mucinex (for allergies)
- Chlorseptic Drops or Chlorseptic Spray (I usually get throat aches when I have allergy and sinus issues)

These medications help with reducing my allergy and sinus symptoms. Please read all directions carefully before taking any medications. You may want to consult with your doctor as well.

3. Wash my hair

Since your hair is most likely going to be exposed while your outdoors, keeping your hair clean is also important. I normally wash my hair once a week anyway, but during the Spring and Summer, I try to wash my hair twice a week.

4. Wash bed linen and clothes regularly

Once again two other elements you should keep clean. Some people don't realize that you can bring pollen into your home just by the clothes you wear hence then sitting on your bed etc. Keeping your clothes and bed linen can make a huge difference.

5. Stay Indoors

Ok I know I can't stay indoors like a hermit lol, but I try to stay inside when pollen is bad outside. However I usually have to take medication before I leave the house.

6. Drink Water

Staying hydrated is so important during allergy season. This is never an issue for me since I drink a lot of water anyway.

7. Stay in a cool environment

Allergies, sinuses, and humidity don't mix well together so try to stay cool.

8. Wear No Makeup or Minimal Makeup

This time of year also makes me sad lol because I wear minimal to no makeup. Since it's so hot and humid in the South, wearing makeup tends to make me feel hotter. Sometimes I have breakouts due to allergies wearing makeup will only make it worse, so I just skip wearing it. I guess I don't mind that too much since I don't wear makeup everyday especially during hot weather.

9. Go to the doctor

If you have terrible sinus and allergy issues like I have, you may have to go to the doctor if over the counter medications don't work. I've been to the doctor numerous times over the years because my allergy and sinus issues became out of control. I actually may need to take a trip soon. Unfortunately, I've been sick for weeks now :(

I hope that these tips help you find relief if you suffer from allergy and sinus issues! I'm by no means a medical professional, these are just things that I do that help me feel better.


FelyM said...

thanks for sharing

Jackie Harrison said...

Great tips. Have a lovely weekend.

Marie said...

Great tips! Allergies can be the worst! I'm always taking Benadryl lol!

Unknown said...

Great post Pilar! You know I got bad sinus issues too. Everytime I went to the doctor, the medicine didn't help me. I actually have been taking benedrly and its really helped dry my sinuses up, but doesn't fix my sinus headache and I'm a totalh zombie after I take it.
Ive been using peppermint essential oil and it's helping too!

Shireen L. Platt said...

OMG! I can totally relate to this! On Tuesday night, I had a massive hives breakout after having dinner. I had no idea what happened and it was the first time I am experiencing it. Doctors advised me to take Benadryl and it lasted until today. It mostly faded by this noon but it was scary!

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

Margo @ PrettyPanda said...

Great post Pilar!! I have actually had horrible allergies and sinuses my whole life! I actually had surgery to clean out my sinus cavities (gross, I know) but since then (7 years ago) I'm not sick all the time (maybe twice a year instead of once a month). May be something you want to look into!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Excellent advice! I have Zyrtec handy if I need it. I also have a dehumidifier. All of this helps.

Pilar said...


Pilar said...

Thanks! Same to you!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Benadryl is usually medication I take daily!

Pilar said...

Thanks! Benadryl works well for me too when it comes to drying my sinuses. Benadryl doesn't do much for my sinus headaches either. I would have never thought to use peppermint oil. I need to look into that! Thanks for sharing that tip Ashley!

Pilar said...

Oh no Shireen! I`m glad you`re ok now! That does sound scary! I`ve broken out in hives as well usually from stress or allergies. Benadryl usually clears it right up.

Pilar said...

Thanks! That's great your allergy problems have subsided! That does sound like something I need to look into especially if it will help reduce sinus and allergy issues. I suffered from these issues since I was a baby! Thanks for the tip Margo!

Kristen Alpert said...

Good tips. I take medication and do some of the other tips you gave. I to love spring but not the allergies that comes with.

Pilar said...

Thanks! I haven't used a dehumidifier, but I hear they work well for people who suffer from allergy and sinus issues!

Pilar said...

I have to take medication because my allergies and sinuses are so bad. I can't fully enjoy the Spring because of all the issues that come with this season.

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